December 30, 2009

Beloved sister and brother are in the group of genius and smart

First of all, i'll start with the younger one which is my brother, Ahmad Fariq Irfan. I know it's late to say this or make it as a post in this lil' diary but people said 'better late than never'. So, here i am writing a post to congratulate the 'annoyed ones' a BIG congratulation for his achievement in getting 5A's in UPSR and not forgetting the fact that he will leave the house soon for a boarding school(SBPI Rawang). I know it is located near my house but still, it will affect the enviroment and reduce the sound pollution in the house.

Kakak will always be missing your garau voice and annoyance behaviour

As an end of this, i would like to congratulate the other sibling which is my baby sister, Nur Fadzleen Izyana where by she had scored 8A's in PMR and congratulations for her school (Sekolah Seri Puteri) because listed as the 1st SBP for PMR 2009.

Kakak will always pray for your success, gedik!

So, CONGRATULATIONS once again u both. I know you guys are the best in everything and kakak will always pray for your success in everyday doing without miss. Both of u promise to take care of yourself in boarding school especially Fariq. Be strong and iloveu.

December 20, 2009

When i turned to be a lazy person...

Ok. Malas nak cerita lebih. Take a look of these pictures where i took it using the webcam at IOI Resort, Putrajaya with the siblings while the parents were busy with their business meeting.

I know it sucks but who cares, i love it when it comes to my siblings. I've lot more pictures in the camera but i'll upload it later. MAYBE, if only if i'm not lazy. Now, i'm so tired and have to start packing the clothes for Terengganu trip. AGAIN! Gosh! Hate it when it comes to pack things.

December 16, 2009


I decided to change all my email to new one since the old one sounds so childish to my hearing system or even when i looked at it. So yeah, welcome the new one. Here are my new email.

Yahoo Messanger :

Windows Live Messanger :

and my gmail is still the same like before

So, people who i know and know me especially to my friends and families, feel free to add my new email to ur YM and MSN list. Thank you.

November 8, 2009



Yeah! It left me about a week more to make a fully preparation for that BIG day. And yes i'm scared enough for being not prepared untill at this critical time.

Bahasa Melayu
Pendidikan Islam
Prinsip Perakaunan
Additional Mathematics
Tassawur Islam

There are 10 of them and am i ready to face it? I better do or else i'm gonna die right there. Oh wait, not die but almost die. Heck! Pray for me, people! Allah, please guide me. I'm begging.

October 27, 2009

So Much Of Shitto!

OMO! I was so thrilled when knows that Lee Min Ho was in Malaysia on the 25th of October at Sg. Wang for Etude House lauched and not forgetting autograph session but it was so sickening when knows the fact that i can't make it myself to meet his cute face there. Such an opportunity been wasted just like that. GOD! SEDIH!

Sudah! Nak merajuk! Shitto!

p/s: tak sedar diri aku ni nak SPM berapa hari lagi. Grr! Wish me lots of luck! :D

October 15, 2009


Again, i come with a video and the video might put an annoying face to others who can't bare it. So, please stay out and thank you.

Isn't this SHINee?
But why it is here?
This is their new album, isn't it?
OMG! Yes, it is. This is SHINee and this is their new album that will release out soon.
Once again with my OMG! exciting, they are coming back for comeback stage. I'm happy for that and as ussual can't wait for the real MV.
Their teaser video is so much more encouraging yet massive changes with new styles and again can't wait for the real one.

p/s: I'm hoping to get this album but do not know how to get it as SHINee album is hard to get in Malaysia. A lil' help, anyone?

October 12, 2009

A Joy Before The War

Yesterday night i had organised a small yet so uproar BBQ party at my house gathered with my girlfriends consists of Yong, Najwa, Edlina, Faizah and Nabilah. The so called party was started at 7.30pm till sharp 11.00pm. It was hectic but ended up with a blast after all. Everyone were enjoyed at the moment untill 11.00pm reached the clock and every mind kept back on the track thinked cautiously about the war that coming nearer day by day.

p/s: theres a lot of pictures but malas aku nak upload lebih - lebih. ;)

October 8, 2009

Specially Dedicated


I would like to wish u a biggest GOOD LUCK for your PMR. Eventhough today is ur second day of PMR examination and i'm sorry for the late wish but still i've wished u through the phone. I believe in u and i know u can do it. U are the genious among all! Haha.

Uh oh, not forgetting to wish GOOD LUCK to my beloved cousins which are Syafiq, Azril, Atiqah and Ijat who also currently fighting along with my sister in PMR.




October 1, 2009

I just realised...

Partially, i'm not matured yet.

Eventhough i'm in the age of SEVENTEEN, it does not mean that it's a must for me to be fully matured. It takes time to go to that stage where we call adult. I'll be there one day. Just wait and don't push.

p/s: Today, someone makes me realised of this and thank you so much for realising me.

September 27, 2009

Some Sort

Ok. Lets begin with the wish of SELAMAT HARI RAYA MAAF ZAHIR DAN BATIN. I've a lot to spread out but in the same time the feeling of lazy get things over it. That shows me, right? Ok. I'll spread out bit by bit but of course not all of it will be taken out here.

1. My Raya celebration was super great eventhough there is no nenek for this year but still families gathering can get over it and made the day turns wild with only the crowds of the families as if u know how many of they are in my families. Then, u'll be so much suprise and understand what i'm trying to say.

2. Duit Raya? Ok, here comes the dissapointment. Argh! I'm seventeen and by realising that i know i'm getting old to receive that so called duit raya. I still receives duit raya from my aunts, uncle and even my cousins itselves but not from others who thinks i'm a university student. *sigh*

3. Went to Abang Jat's(cousin) wedding in Perak. OMG! Seriously, Kak Nani as she is his wife is BEAUTIFUL. They suits together.

4. Second day of raya i've headed back to Rawang. This is my first time in my seventeen years life in this world be back home on the second day of raya. How cool was that? Grr!

5. Belum sempat raya to any of my friends and even my relatives houses due to the people that kept coming to my house for raya. Non stop. So, maybe later.

There's lot more to say but not now. I've to help the mother in the kitchen. Anak Dara la katakan. Heck!

September 14, 2009


Finally after long of waited and impatient feeling, now here it comes.

It's superbly awesome for the Korean members and Canadian member to sing in Chinese.
I just lalalove the beat and their hot moves.
Aww, again melt with Donghae cuteness as in the same time with his hotness.


Faster release it out.

September 11, 2009


Adore with the decoration.

September 7, 2009

Nerve wrecking


Less than 8 hours from now. I'm done with revison but still i don't have the gut to face the exam tomorrow. Account is still going to be ACCOUNT for me as if u know what i mean. I'll always pray to God for my best. Amin.

p/s: Saturday comes fast!


Well, nowadays i seems to be more sceptical in living my daily life and i should not mention the reasons out right here. There's a lot to be told and to be kept in as well. So does this situation that i had to get through. I just can said that nowadays i'm easily get distracted by the surroundings around me or is it just my lady's hormone that embroidered it all? It does not matter to me though. I'm some kind with a tons of characters that love to change to a better person that i ever had to be back then. What do u think? I think it was a way fun while improving myself as an individual itself.

Uh oh, i have a new hobby now which is it will some kind cost some paid. I'm having fun with browsing through the online boutique. Superbly fun, i tell u. Seriously, no lies. Ok! I know! It can be said that all of my hobbies cost some paid especially spent a lot of money for KPOP things. As for me, it is way thousands worth. So, just let me be with my own perspective way.

In still with the current mode which is the trial exams mode still switch on in the air of my lung and react as the blood that pump in my heart. Unfortunately, it does not help much in my respiratory system but worsen everything in my anatomy. Oh God, help me to get through it with calm and followed by ease. Cepatlah habis! Nanti SPM pula datang menghantui diri ini. Grr!

Early bird

The clock shows 2.49 a.m. and yet i'm still lying down on the bed with laptop infront of me. I should be in my sweet dream right now but it turns out to be the other way as my eyes can't sleep. To be honest, i'm tired due to my hectic journey from Malacca to Kuala Lumpur with boredom accompanied me along the trip back then. Since i can't get to sleep, i decided to change a little deco for my blog. I know! If i can't sleep, i should grab this oppurtunity to study for my trial exam which is still frighten me much but i just can't get my eyes at this hour to the lovely tons of book. So, please give me space out of that for awhile.

Ok. i better stop here for now. I've to get some sleep before sahur wakes me up.

August 29, 2009

TERUJA balik!

Okey, since dah lama tak update my blog or should i said dah lama tak surf the net due to my trial exam yang masih tak habis lagi ni and now when my eyes on the laptop, all of sudden jadi TERUJA like Woah! All because of my crazyness towards my beloved Lee Min Ho, Lee Dong Hae, Kim Jong Hyun and Lee Dong Wook.

Enough said!

August 16, 2009


Yeah! I'm thinking to make it private. I mean my blog. Might be just a few known people will be invite in as there're some kind of effect by letting the strangers to read all written in here. I need a PRIVACY afterall, i guess. I'll think about it back more carefully. Now busy with this big preparation which is my trial that will come to me less than 24 hours more. *sweat*

August 1, 2009


Start with Hola! It takes such a long time for me to drop by in my own blog. Now i'm back. Okay, i've a lot of stories to tell but i've no time for this time being. So, maybe i'll write later after SPM i guess. Speaking of this devilish matter(SPM), i was so suprised after being informed by our teachers that our trial SPM will be on this 17th of August instead of 1st of September. I was shocked by the news given. Oh boy! I'm scared much.

17th of AUGUST !

Two weeks more to go from now and yet the syllabus is still going on. wtf?! Okay, i have to stay calm and continue with my study like i ussually did. Go go Chaiyok! (Pray for me)


July 10, 2009


Not much but hey! Papa said take it as a positive way. What i tried to convey here is i'm going to motivational talk tomorrow people. Somewhere around Kuala Lumpur for two days without overnight. So yeah, that was it about. Heck! I know, bothering much right? Haha. But who cares, it's my right to write it down here.

So, wish me a good day for these two days then. Hope it will be interesting to attend for.Oh boy, gonna catch my bed now. Keep on yawning every minutes. Good night!

P/s: new friends i guess. As if i want it but don't think so. Just might be new changes to come. ;)

July 4, 2009

Not to my expectation

Just went back from school carnival and dissapointed with it. It was too lame for a school carnival that supposed to be fun and exciting but it turned out to the other way which makes me bored. Seriously, i did not know how to spent my RM10 coupon untill i decided to spend it to my friends. So generous of me. The theme of the school carnival this year is ' Sukan Rakyat'. Honestly, i just do not know how to appriciate this type of theme. It's just can't get along with me. I can't suited myself in the theme given either. So, understand me well, u will know. Last year carnival is way better than this one.

Okay. School carnival end. All the activities had reached to the end. Now, start to be serious back on the track. I mean preparation to SPM. Be more serious in studies and less playful. That is what i will try to do. Insyaallah.

June 27, 2009


Oh boy! I'm so much more into my page song. As the tittle says, it is addictive much. Can't resist it though. I'm all about korean and currently go wild for the name of Lee Min Ho and cutest boy band, SHINee. Seriously, no cure for these wildness. Just let it be through the flow.

Actually, there are more Korean Boyband i'm looking forward to but this is the one i like the most. Young in age, cutest in face, energetic and sharp in dance floor(stage), melodious in voice, spontaneous in characther. I dont' ask more.

June 10, 2009


In a messed of unimportant stuff.
Lying on the bulky yet comfortable sofa and contemplating on what might happen next.
Meanwhile, procrastinating others in a tray of waiting.
Yeah. That shows it all. I mean that shows me a lot.
Currently, it is.

June 9, 2009

Engineers Needed

Scientists study the world as it is; engineers create the world that has never been.-Theodore von Kármán-

I love this one. I love how it sounds and i can't live in denial by saying the quote is not true. It is true. Engineers out there, congrats with all you have done till now and keep invent it untill the end. Wait a minute! untill the end? No! There is no end for inventing the world. In inventing the world, need a lot of energy from other parties. Pursue in engineering anyone? Help in creating the world. Grr! (even me, myself did not have any fixed ambition yet but annoyed people with this one)

P/s: FYI, bored and in the mood of writing. So, understand me.

Turn Me Up

Fascinated with their good looking faces.Erk! I mean with their smooth and energetic way of dance steps. That is what i'm trying to say at first actually. Haha. They are good in singing and even dancing. They make me wanna dance on the dance floor! Great boyband with cute faces and young age though. The youngest among all comes with the age of 16 (Tae Min). Young, right?
So yeah, lets get down to the dance floor!

June 8, 2009

Sort of

The tittle got nothing to do with my writing this time. Again, trying hard in playing with words that i ussually did to almost everybody. OMG! Holidays are going to be end like six days more and my add maths project still not done yet. See?! I'm such a playful type of girl. Ok. I'll make it done by tommorow. Insyaallah.

Lately, i'm having a strong zest than ussual in Korean dramas, movies and songs. Yesterday i simply spend Rm200 just for a box of Korean drama and a CD of Korean songs for fullfill my enjoyment and excitement. It might sounds a waste for some people but not for me. Seriously, it just make adrenaline go wild through my veins. This is not my first time in spending money for these Korean things. I do have a lot personal collection of Korean drama and songs in my cabinet. So, it is not a big suprise, right people? Yeah, right.

Oh yeah, i've just recently got back from my holiday trip at A'Famosa with my family and auntie and cousins! It was extremely fun, enjoyable and memorable. I just love holiday trip. It helps a lot in cleaning my mind that have been poluted by my own enviroment. I feel fresh now. Hee.Trust me. I spend a lot of my time with my family, cousins, uncles and aunts during these holidays by always lepak-ing during night time at The Curve untill midnight. Such a happy moment for me, though. Might be people will ask why a simple thing like that become a happy momment for me? It is because i ussually spend my time with them years back ago but when comes 2009, the-ussually spend time-activity becomes slower day by day due to the busy that all of us face. So yeah, thats why it is. I mean a happy moment. Precious!

Okey. I better end it now. Someone is waiting for me downstairs. So, thats it for now. Will update it later.

June 7, 2009

Awesome Holiday Trip

Just came back from holiday trip and i'm so not in the mood of sharing it. FULLSTOP!


May 26, 2009

An Award

Award rules :
1. Insert this badge or the pic above to inform u have been awarded.
2. Make sure u take the pic n said it is from.
3. You should tell 10 facts or hobbies about yourself.
4. You should choose 5 other bloggers (easier the ones who follow you) and tell their names in your blog
5. Dont forget to go to their blog and tell them they have been tagged !!!

Awarded by:
Sis Fara
(A load of thanx kak Fara for the award and sorry sgt sbb lmbt post this thing.)

10 facts or hobbies of mine:
1. Hard to be predicted by others.
2. Such a die-hard-fan something related to Korea or easy to be said such a Korean Maniac.
3. Shopping is my thing.
4. A rebell
5. Over-sensitive explains all
6. Hard to express feelings in the shape of words.
7. Easy get influenced by english romance novels.
8. A good daydreamer
9. Hard to trust people
10. Spoiled.

Dengan rasa berbesar hati, aku tag:

Kena tag jugak ke? Wajib eh? kinda malas. Nnt-nnt la eh. ;)

May 8, 2009


Time really flies! Next week on the tuesday will be my mid year exams. It will start with Chemistry paper 3 and Physics paper 3. Such a good opening ay? This time it will takes about three weeks long. Oh boy, such a nerve wrecking. All the topics are not fully covered yet. Especially, Chemistry. How am i going to overcome it? Gosh! Mid year exams is like 3 days to go and i can say all these. Kinda bullshit though. Sheesh! I'm scared. So, from now onwards i'll be accompanying by butterflies in my tummy.

I just want to make Papa and Mummy proud of me. I want to be a good example to my sister and brothers. I want to show myself that i can do it. I don't want people to look down on me. I want everything. Everything that suppose to be good thing. But how?! What a typical me huh? Ok. Lets pray to God for the successful in life.

May my prayers and my (parents's) will be heard and not forgetting my effort be blessed by the Almighty. Insyaallah. I must have a strong determination to proceed anything in my life with success including this one (exams).

May 1, 2009

So Little Time

And loads to study. Yet still have the time to sit infront of the laptop and blogging. What a waste, right? But what to do, nafsu terlampau kuat kot. I just can't handle it. So, after this i'll continue my study session back with chemistry. Is it sounds like a promise? Hurm, i guess it is.

Well, today is holiday for those who are workaholic. Happy holiday to all including mummy and papa which they are now in Malacca with Fadin, my youngest brother visiting my grandparents. So yeah, i'm now with my younger sister and brother at my lovely house yang kononnya nak study kat rumah. But hey! I study okay! After this, i'll be continuing back my study.

Seriously, i need to end it now. I'm lack of idea to write here. Such a lame. Till here, fellas!

April 27, 2009

Here Come Again

Isn't he just too cute and adorable?

And oh yeah! Bear in mind, i'll always can't endure with this one in any matter. How can i stop abruptly to be such a die hard fan of Korean Entertainment with existence of this cute and adorable guy in town? It's so not gonna happen. Just wondering, Korean guys somehow are cute and adorable as well, i do not mean all of them but most of them are. The question is now why Korean guys are like hell cute? Not forgetting Korean ladies too. Duh! It does not matter anyway. I'm just a person who craze about anything related to Korea.

So, here peeps, i won't brief more longer. It was just some kind of scribbled on a paper about something excited which absolutely can turn me up in anytime.

April 24, 2009

What A Messed?

It's really been awhile since my last post. I'm so busy with my own stuff. I've many things to handle and think of. Mid year exams is coming, preparation did not done yet. How am i going to answer the papers with full of gesture? It left me no time to fully prepare with this. I'm so gonna kill my bad bad attidude. I really need the 'Anjakan Paradigma' to come in me. So yeah, i'll be fighting with myself to study more harder than now. The rest i'll leave it to Him.

This week? Nothing interesting but terrible. My immune system is so weak this days even the doctors itself said that. Hear me! Doctors! Seems from now onwards i've to swallow a lot of vitamins i guess. Pathethic ey? But what to do? Thats life, right?

Seriously, i want my two most important friends now which are, Najwa and Yong. I miss their annoyance. Forever they will be. I miss their laughing machine, non-stop they laughed without reasons. I miss gossiping with them. Sometimes they will be super excited to share it with me. I miss having Yong Sofea to worry and be concern about, she'll always be my cutest teddy-look-a-like's friend. I miss Najwa's habit which is she love to 'melatah' at time. Lately, she seems not to be my friend but my baby friend. How cute they are to me ay?

Might be people wonder why did i said all this exactly like i'm far from them. So NOT! Its all due to my absence continuosly for three days. Dont ask me why? You, yourself know why. So, thats the reason why i misses all that in a time.

Ok. Enough of writting. I'm going to catch up with my Papa at the back of my house. Ciao folk!

April 11, 2009

New Gadget

Its been awhile since my last post. I've a lot of stories but unfortunately, i'm too lazy to write about those stories. So, just forget about it.

Oh yeah, i just recently got a birthday present from mummy. It is a new gadget and i'm absolutely love it. It was an IPod Touch! Like ohmygod! I was totally amazed with that thing and obsessed too. First impression was WOW! but the way to handle it some kind of hard for the first time. Despite of hard hadling it, still it was a must thing to have one. Really fun though.

I'm still new in this thing. Still explore and explore and keep exploring. So, say hello to my new IPod Touch.

I guess thats all for now. Enough of writting. I'm getting bored to write. Till then, fellow!

April 1, 2009

Officially SEVENTEEN

The tittle says it all. I am now legally SEVENTEEN magazine readers with no worries like before as before this i was like 'pendatang haram' for this magazine. I know, i'm getting old. Just shut up! I realise it myself. So yeah,


P/S; Somehow, it kinda sweet u know. ;)

March 19, 2009


Hey everyone! How was ur day? i mean ur half day. My day was great since morning till now. What will happen afterwards, i did not know and i don't think that i've to know untill i get through it by myself. Is it sounds serious? If it is so, please don't be. I just playing with words. Haha. I'm starting to be playful now i guess. So, come and join me. U won't be regret kot. Haha. Might be someone will say "OMG! Is fateen fine today? She seems different from ussual.". The answer will be absolutely YES! I'm feeling great with no reasons. So, please do not ask for more. I'm tired in aswering questions. If by aswering ur questions bring me to a lot of cash then, kindly ask me for further. I'll reply it with good and worth respond. Haha. Ok. Shattap! Craps start to bonding with me.

Uh oh, yesterday night i signed in to myspace and suddenly became so rajin. Then, seems my dilingence is so high, i decided to change my Myspace profile to the-not so-new 2.0 profile. Yeah, such a lame, right? Orang lain dah berabad tukar, skrg bru nak kecoh yg i pon dah tukar kan. Ok. Actually, i seldom sign in to my Myspace account which is i feel it getting bored day by day. I'm more to facebook now. Back to the changing layout thingy, i changed it. Guess what? I love it! Eventhough the shape of the column is soo quite lame with the square box every column but still i like it. Lets take a look at the revolution of my Myspace layout. From the old one to the new one.



This is how it look now. I'm so positive with this change and like i said before, i like it. Ur opinion? No necessity. Sorry. I'll get use with this layout and try to find another beautiful layout to fit with it.

So yeah, thats all for now. Nothing much to tell. I'll stop my writing or typing or whatever u wish to call right here. I'll update it if i have any interesting to write on. So, toodles folk!

March 18, 2009

Advice from a friend to a friend in need.

Hell-o! Today is great yet so pathetic day. Again, i'm having a fever and flu. I feeling weird with my body. Can u just imagine, ill twice in a month? Thats ridiculous, man! Last night i cant even sleep due to my fever and my head keep on spinning round. Its really pain enough. Since last night, i've been swallow 8 pills of medicine but still i'm in a weak condition right now. I cant stand to long if not i feel like to faint. So yeah, now i'm on bed with this lappy.

Just now i sign in to my Myspace account and my friend, nadhirah was online. Its been awhile kot tak chat and contact with her. So, just now i commented with her and i decided to tell her what is happening to me with other friends at school but i just gave her an intro. I dont feel like to tell her everything in Myspace. I will write a letter to her and pass it through my adik to her. Yela. My adik kan same school with her which is SSP. So, sng ade orang dalam. Haha. Seriously, i really need her advice about this private matter about friends. Oh God, i really miss talking to her. I summarized the story to her at myspace just now and this is what she said:

Thank you, Nad! I'll be sending u a letter through my adik, ok. So, just wait. Hihi. She is such a good friend of mine and i love her forever.

Ok. For whom might want to know what the hell is about, actually its about friends. Nothing big as politics frenzy in Malaysia nowadays. So yeah, i'll try to fix it up but to be honest i don't know how to fix it all up back to normal. As far as i know, my friends did not know what i'm feeling about them. Actually, its not really a 'them' but a few of them. Tape la. I've to keep it all alone i guess. They are my friends. So, might be they just don't realise it yet but God, please make them realise it one day. I really do hope that.

Thats it for now. My head keep on spinning like hell and ask for a rest. So yeah, i better end it here.

March 16, 2009

Kursus Kepimpinan Kelab Dan Persatuan

People! I'm just get back from school due to my attending as a secretary of Persatuan Bahasa Melayu to this kursus thingy. This event as for me it was quite interesting. Interesting la kot.
It started at 8.30am and end at 12.00pm. So yeah, now i'm at home facing this lil' lappy of mine and update this so not important thing. Actually, there's nothing to tell about this kursus but just gatal tangan punya pasal. So, i don't care! Nak write jugak. My blog kan, saya punya suka la. Haha.

Uh oh, i've to stop right here i guess. Nak kena bersiap. Going out to One Utama right after this. Papa will send me and Elin there. So, till there peeps! I'm out from this cyberworld for now.

March 13, 2009

In Phase

Hello readers! Ok. First of all, did i really have one? I mean reader. Oh, forget it. Mcm org nak baca je all these craps la kan. So yeah, i perasan sendiri la kot. Ok ok. Get back to the track. At last, my first monthly-die hard-exams are over. Hooray! But heck! Spm is still waiting for me. So, i can't be too excited about it like i'm just getting 10A1 in my-oh-please don't come to me yet-SPM. I have to put all those excitement feeling aside first.

March holidays are here. Now, it starts. Holidays back and homeworks tons. Is that sounds good? I guess yes for me la kot. I have to say yes instead of saying no here. It will make me more eager to put more effort plus high spirit rather than look at it with no appetite. Tak ke sedih dengar? I've to start all the task given by tonight or else i might not finish it due to lack of time. Let see, tommorow i've tuition from 2.30-6.00am. The next day, papa has a plan for my family. Monday, i have Kelab dan Persatuan course to attend at school. Tuesday, i have a group disscusion for my oral and at the evening, i've tuition . Thursday, i've extra class for Sejarah. So, that's it. These are some of the schedules for my-oh so relax-holidays. Hear me! Its just a some of it. I'm not listing all of it here. Is there really much time for me to finish the tons of task given? Macam takde je kan. So yeah, i've to start tonight. Tonight!

Oh God! i'm really desperate in buying new english novels. I'm so crave for reading those. Nak pegi MPH! Duh! Just now i did mention about me will facing lack of time, did i? Argh, i don't care! i want it. Pretty please, anyone? Hihi. It was like an age i'm not spend my time to read novels. So, i miss that habbit so badly. Fine! I know. Semua i miss kot. Previous post, i mentioned that i miss my adik. Now my adik is back, so i'm kinda release it a bit for sure. Missing something or someone is very painfull and it was like carry a big burden behind our back. Despite painfull, still i manage to hold it for so long even i miss somebody so badly. I'm that strong, am i? Sounded more to sarcasm kot. Haha.

Ok. I'm enough of writting. Seems to be running out of idea. I don't want to be seen as a desperate person in blogging something. Eventhough i don't want to be seen like that but unfortunately, i've be seen like that kan. Oh boy, i starts to crap now. Better make a move before the disease get broader. So, astaluego for now folks.

March 9, 2009


"OMG! Fateen blogging twice a day" Oh, shuttap! Dushdush!

Ok, sumpah vain my tittle for this post. Macam dah takde tittle lain je. For whom might concern why i' blogging twice for today its all due to my boredom leaving all alone in this-not so square-house and the headache that attack my lil' tiny brain right after revising back my accounts for this coming exam. I need rest for awhile. So that i can start revising back after this. I need my rest very much. I want to eat! Ok. I've to heat all the foods in microwave and eat it but i'll do right after finish this one first.

Just now, one of my bestest friend, yong sofea, called me. She asked what have i been up to. She told me she had read PAI almost all of the topic for this coming exam and my other friend, najwa had finished read all the topic for PAI that given. I was like ' Woah!'. They really did that fast. Sumpah jealous ok. I must start reading PAI tonight. Asyik buat accounts from last night smpai yg lain t'lupa. Hish! sangat teruk ! I can't let it be. So yeah, PAI for tonight.

Seriously, i miss my adik badly. I miss Fadzleen like crazy. Its not that i don't miss my other adiks but memang tak rindu pon. Every single minutes mmg jumpa diorg pon. So, mmg tak la kot. I need my adik, Fadzleen for this time. I really do. I want her advice. Ok, it sounds a lil' bit silly here. Yela. Kakak nak advice from adik. Bukan kakak ke yang bg advice to adik? Nope for me. Seriously, my adik mmg kinda good for giving me a good advice which is i need it badly for now. So, balik la cepat Elin! *sobsob*

I better make a move now since my stomach dah pandai my drum. So, it keep playing till it get the food to make it silent. Yela. Since morning till now tak dapat the true node. So, the sounds hancur.

Toodles folk!


Yesterday i had a conversation with mummy and papa as well. The funny thing about yesterday conversation was the tittle. I was about to laugh as loud as i can when the tittle which is marriage is brought up by papa. Actually before the the conversation about this marriage thang started, it was about misunderstood of something that happen which i was very sure far from the topic of marriage. So, these are the words of our conversation about this marriage things when it brought up by papa.

Papa tak nak my children kawin before habis ur studies.
Huh? Papa ni knape? Tbe2 je.
Tak. Papa just bagitau so that u know from now. Anak org lain nak kawin awal, papa x kisah.
I dont even bother about others but for my children, its a big NO! Finish ur studies first, pastu nak kawin, kawin la.
Apa papa ni? Lambat lagi la 'benda' tu. Ape kawin-kawin plak papa ckp? Mcm gedik je
What gedik-gedik? U dah 17 dis year u know, next year gonna turn to 18. Its normal la if i talk about this to u.
I'm not even in 17 yet la pa. still 16++. Lagipun, kalau kawin awal ok ape. Look younger with baby in hands.
No way! Tgk papa kawin dgn ur mummy after finished our studies tau. bole je. Nnnt if u kawin awal, u forget ur studies and all ur priority as a student. I dont like that.
Ala, itu dulu la pa. Dah berzaman kot. Sekarang zaman moden la pa. Mummy plak?
I dont mind. U nak kawin time blaja ke, after finish ur studies ke up to u. Janji u igt who r u and as a student, what is ur responsibilities towards ur studies. Yela, kalau dah jodoh awal, we cant refuse it kan.
betul betul!(ceh, konon suka la kan dgn jwpn mummy)Fateen igt plg lmbt pon kawin around 25 or 26 kot. Yela, pity la mummy if fateen ade anak and fateen dah tua my children kecik2 lagi. Mcm kesian je. Pastu, kalau kawin time study, mne tau anak yg will be born by me jadi super duper intelligent ke kan. Yela time study la katakan. A tons of books will be touch dat time kan. Then dpt kt anak pnye brain cell. Plan je la ni kan. Everythings leave it to Allah la. Jodoh kan kat tgn allah. So, tak pyh susah2. Papa pon awal sgt ckp psl benda ni. be patient la.
Pandai2 je buat formula sendiri. Alah, pejam celik pejam celik, kejap je. Berangan nak kawin awal konon. Suruh belajar tak mau.
Apa papa ni? u start it first kan? ckp fateen plak.
And 1 more thing, mummy nak u cari a good, gentle, responsibilities and plg penting yg b'iman guy. Insyaallah he can lead u to the right path.
Insyaallah. Mummy, nak tmbh 1 lagi bole?
ape dia?
Nak yang handsome.
Berangan je la my daughter.
Pa, doa la dr skrg for me. berkat tau tak doa ibu bapa.
i always pray for ur good tau. Tak kan papa nak kne cerita kat u psl tu.
Yela2. Btw, can we end it now. i'm getting bored ok. cerita kawin plak kuar. Dah la tgh mkn.
Takda selera dah ni.

So, that was it. When remind it back, make me laugh till my ass out. Funny je but seriously, bila 2 3 kali fikir, argh! MENAKUTKAN! I'm getting old day by day. Sampai topik kawin has been brought up by papa yg konon nye his daughter ni dah besar from outside look but not inside.

March 6, 2009

crack the head out

Still alive and breathing as well. Despite now i'm in so like hell pain due to PMS mode, still can manage to crack my head into Physics. It did managed to crack my head out especially form 4 chapter 5 which is Light and i'm starting to give up.
Oh yeah, my monthly exams just started yesterday with Bahasa Melayu and Sejarah.
This morning was English and for me, it was the-die for hard-questions.
I'm running out of time in answering the questions that given. Pfft!
Dissapointed with myself though.
I kept asking myself 'what happen to me lately?'
In this meantime, i admit it that i was not in-myself-condition.
Uh oh, i watched Enrique Iglesias and Ciara videoclip in their new featuring song called Takin' Back My Love. It was extremely fantastic. Looked at Enrique was like OMG melting point jatuh mendadak kot. Haha. Sumpah Hot-to-Top! Maybe i just can simply forget to exhale and inhale as well. Might be la kan. Ok ok. Better stop this video thingy and move on to other topic.
Like what eh? Oh yeah, the chores of Sidang Redaksi yang tak tahu ape nak diperkatakan.
The theme of this year dah dapat which is 'Keamanan dan Kedamaian' but seriously. it sounded like boring.
It's ok. I'll try to figure it out something about that Keamanan dan Kedamaian thang. Meanwhile, i'm sure i'll not be the one yang akan sibuk kot for this year graphic stuff as ade orang yang macam dah pandai sangat in this graphic sampai sanggup minta the teacher to change her to graphic's. Padahal baru this year join this Sidang Redaksi. Btw, do what you feel like you wanna do, biatch because fyi, i'm starting to feel sick entire with all this including YOU! SICK ENTIRE! Hear me! Sorta. Ok. I macam dah free free menambah kan dosa here.
Better i make a move from this little blogie now.

p/s: i find out that nowadays my temparature is easily rise up. So, i need time to make it back to normal.;p

March 1, 2009


Here am i again. These days i seem to be lack of post in this blog. yeah, i knew it.
I don't have much time to write a blog and plus i don't feeled like to write something here.
I have a lot of work to be done.
I have to study for my coming monthly exams which is i'm still not in the-oh-i'm-ready-mood.
so yeah, of course a lot of things to be revise and work on it to be done.
Uh oh, suddenly my petite in reading becomes so high. i'm craving for english novels to read.
Especially, Midnight Sun. I'd heard that the novel is in town. If it true, i must grab it. A MUST!
Yeah! i know its not the time for me to read all those lovey dovey vampire novels but hey! i'm still need my precious time in living my beautiful life, right? so, let me be.

Ok. i'll end it now. i'm start to feel bored now. so, toodles.
i'll be back in track .

February 23, 2009


Here comes again my writting. I want to write sumthing but i'm lack of idea.
So, how? Any suggestion that would consider by me due to my boredom.
Ok. I know it sounds stupid when asking like this while i'm the one who eager
to do some crap here.
So, just forget the question. haha.
Starts back with today, i've to be at Najwa's house by now
but then, i purposely canceled it.
The reason is i malas gila nak keluar rumah today.
I feel like wanna get some rest instead of going out.
Home Sweet Home, baby!
So, sorry girlfriend.
Now i'm not at Najwa's house but at my house in specific way, in my bedroom and boredom
strikes out. Ergh!
Ok. i've to exhale and inhale properly now. So that i would turn to be cool and away
from boredom.
Uh Oh, did i mention that suddenly i feel like to go for a shop?
Hurm. I guess not. So yeah, since lately i mcm kempunan gila nak shop for a bunch of clothes.
Yes! I admit it. Semua i nak in a time. DSLR and shop for clothes. *berlagak kalahkan orang kaya padahal tidak* Haha.
Seriously, like an age i tak went out shop for my wadrobe. I'm just starts to miss my shop activity. Haha. betul la weih. No lies.
*Hish, ape ke pelik sangat pompuan ni nak? Macam x sedar-sedar pula yang SPM dah nak menjelang* Hehe.
Thats it for now. Later i'll find some freshie instead of this oldie crap.
I'm off to my Account revision books.
Suddenly, jadi minat gila kat Accounts form 5 syllabus. Fun!
So, toodles fork!

February 20, 2009

Where's the brain?!

hell-O! Its been awhile i x update my blog. So yeah, i feel like to update it
today and nak write in malay + english or should i say 'rojak'! haha.
Ok. i want to start with these whole week punye cerita la kan.
Trust me! This week is horrible week ever. i hope so.
This week i've been quite busy with school's stuff.
Pertandingan yang dianjurkan sempena bulan bahasa, photoshoot for
sidang redaksi's members, and so on.
So, i slalu balik lmbt la jugak lately ni.
Speaking of Sidang Redaksi's photoshoot, i'm soooo dissapointed with the
so called members. Act, we (me & najwa) had told them a week before the
day of the photoshoot so that they can be prepared.
Unfortunately, when the day had comes, batang hidung pun tak nmpk.
And i was like "where the hell is everybody?!"
Dah la i dare to take the risk bwk my own camera.
then, diorg takde. Sumpah annoying giler!
dah la i've skipped from my physics class semata-mata for those 'good team members'.
but diorg did not showed up. FCUK!
sumpah selfish giler diorg ni!
And 1 more thing, i dah la bgtau sorang perempuan ni yg after this ade photoshoot.
die kata ok. nnt dia turun because she have something going on at bilik bahasa tak silap.
tapi! she did not showed up! and yang paling sakit hati when the next day tu, she did not even bother to ask about the photoshoot tu. bangang! kalau dah tau mcm tu, tak payah la kau terhegeh-hegeh kat cikgu nak mntk tukar jbtn. like f**k je.
"like hello! ingat kau tu VIP ke huh?! smpai aku nak kena pggl kau bnyk kali! kau igt aku dah takde keje lain selain nak habiskan energy aku dgn pggl kau je!"
tolong la. please! dont u have a brain? jgn la pentingkan diri sendiri.
i know u smarter than me but please tunjukkan kebijaksanaan anda tu.
tonjolkan sedikit.
sedih betul with other members of sidang redaksi.
i think i better make a stop about this thingy now before i tambah lagi annoying kan.
so yeah, cukup la meluahkan perasaan tentang ini.

uh oh, that day i ade pergi OU. then pegi survey-survey DSLR.
Craving giler tgk DSLR . Tengok-tengok la Nikon D60, D80 and D90, Sony A350,A300,A200, Canon EUS 40D and bnyk lagi la.
But my eyes tertarik sangat with Nikon D80, D60 and Sony A350.
This one shop, if i'm not mistaken 'Foto Shangri-la', gave me Rm3k for D80 kit (tripod, bag, 8gb memory)
So yeah, that was it. i'm still thinking which one i want to buy. Either D80 or A350.

till then-

p/s: whoever yg terasa about my words, tak dpt i nak tolong sbb dah mmg u make me annoyed
of u. and for those yg tau who the'heaven' yg i mksdkan ni, senyap-senyap sudeh. ;) and and and, i'm so sorry from the bottom of my heart due to my harsh words.

February 14, 2009


Valentine? So not for me. I mean its nothing important
to be proud of this day
and nothing to be remembered of. I'm even felt weird with
people in surrounding where there are too obsessed with
this so called Valentine. For Malays especially,
its not our culture to celebrate this day as a
Valentines Day but! there's come a but here,
we can celebrate it as an anniversary
with ur lovers or u can consider as a Lover's Day.
I know people might say ' this girl ni jealous la tu
sbb takde partner nak celebrate with her.thats why dia kecoh nak mampus!'

Trust me! i've never ever felt jealous for those who had a stupid brain to think like that.
Yes! i DO received some presents for this day like flowers,
chocolates, candies and even a teddy but i've never felt proud like
' wow! i get something for valentine'.
I just considered it as a gift from friend to a friend.
Like Appriciating Day or something. Haha.
So yeah, these are some babbling from me about this valentine thingy.

Oh yeah, again! i changed my blog's layout and this time i re-used
my previous layout back, as u can see with ur pair of eyes now.
I felt bored with my old blog skin scheme.
So, thats the reason why i changed it back to this black one back.
Blogger layouts nowadays are so outdated and lame!
Then, i've to re-used the old one back. Pfft!

Schools? argghhh! Tons of homework of course! A loads of meetings to attend.
A bunch of sidang redaksi and club's works to be done. Have tuitions to come.
And the worst part is i can't managed to do and finished all that.
How pathetic to hear that, huh? But still i've to push myself to study till faint.
i've to put a priority first. For this year, it is SPM. So, thats the battle of my life.

Till then peeps!

February 9, 2009

Justin Timberlake

Just now i watched Grammy's and my eyes were caught on this one performance from this one hot male singer. It was JT, Justin Timberlake.
His performance was really fantastic. He did it. He really good even sang live.
That is what we called a singer and a performer.
Despite he is so HOT-TO-THE-TOP, still he can manage sang live in Grammy's and end up his performance with a blast. Thumbs up for JT!
WOOHOO! i just love it!
Uh oh yeah, just he sang Dead and Gone. He played the piano too. Good pianist though.
Bravo Mr. JT.
Frankly, i'm a fan of him. So, no doubt of being over the board here.
Looked at JT, reminds me of Abg Syazri. He looks alike.
So, that was it. Its all about JT for today. Suddenly, jadi addicted to him.
thats all for now. burbye!

February 6, 2009

Start the task.

Again! i'm freakin exhausted due to my school life and filled with tuitions in it.
That is a student has to feel is it? whatever!
I'm just cant resist with tons of task that i have to complete with a bundle of form 4 subjects must be revise. Will i have the time to do all that? i do not know myself about that but just do what i have to do as a student. So yeah, fateen stop complaining. Otherwise, it will turn to worst.

Act. i've got nothing to tell about. It just get boring day by day to fill this blog with something fresh.
But no worries. Everything will be back as soon as my brain start functioning again to write.
So, thats all for now i guess. toodles!

p/s: please ignore my grammatical error. it was so so embrassing. i'll try to fix it up soon. ;)

February 1, 2009

The day is back again.

Well, after a week of holidays due to CNY break, the day is coming back which is school days.
Ergh! How horrible to be back with low confident level in my studies. I've got the spirits for study but my confident level is getting low. I dont even know the cause of it. Oh boy, its very dangerous.
I'm afraid that i might be lost my confident. The form 4 syllabus are frigthening me a lot. Especially account. It does not mean that others are ok. No, its not, totally NOT! Semua pon macam afraid la.
This CNY holidays i just revised a few subjects like chemistry, physics, addmaths and acc. As ussual, account still the same condition as before. No improvement for now and i do really hope that it will improve day by day. Amin. Chemistry pon. Adeih! Saya tidak faham! I can understand but when comes to equation, i'll be totally fainted. pfft! Ni baru bab satu form 5 ni. Form 4 syllabus belum buka lagi. Oh God! please! please give me the strength to face all this challenge of studies as a student. I believe i can do it.
Uh oh, and Physics. I'm starting to fall in love with the subjects. So do Add Maths. Fun gila buat and if tak dapat jawapan pon still struggle gila nak buat untill get the answer. Cuma tu la. I've still to revise back form 4 syllabus as my form 4 results were so not that good. That time i'm not serious in my studies. How pathetic to hear that kan?
Ok. Seems tomorrow i'll be back to school and meet my girlfriend, i've to settle all my school works.
Duh! Funny je wei! Esok nak sekola but homework tak siap lagi.
Karangan Bahasa Melayu je tak siap lagi. I feel so malas nak buat. Wtf?
So, i'll stop now for take care of school stuff.

January 29, 2009

can wish comes really true?

As the tittle above. Can wishes come true? I'm talking about wishes not dream.
Its some kind of a big different meaning by both word.
So, people mostly have a lot i mean LOAD of wishes to be fullfil. I'm in the category of 'mostly' so, i do have wishes and i want it to be true instantaneously.
I've my own wishes list.
So, let see whats in my list of wishes.
How i wish i can have Nicole Scherzinger hot body? heck! haha. What a pathetic request to be hear?
Laughing? Laugh as loud as u wish. I've got no offense from ur stupidity that knows how to laugh at people.
Ok. This one comes the serious and an infinate wish which i rarely talk to anybody about it.
But my closest friends and families know about it i quess.
The wish is i really craving for Korea to further up my study and i can involve in engineering field.
Maths, Addmaths, Physics and Chem? Yeah! I know i'm not that good and genius in this subjects but miracles are all around. The Almighty can do anything and everything to change it. I believe that.
nevertheless, i've to fight in studies and keep pray to Allah.
For now these are my wishes. I do have alot more wishes but these are what i want and ask for now.
I'll wait, wait and wait to the end of my war to end.
I know it is just a wish. I'll fight for it. Chaiyok! ;D

January 28, 2009


Ok. Let start with what is going on with me now. I'm being little harsh inside but not outside.
I'm being rebell towards myself NOT towards someone else. I'm being frantically messy with my own mind NOT with others mind. So, what the hell is going on with me? I even dont have any intention on doing nothing including writing blog now. I mean for this meantime.
Ok. Might be i'm in my PMS mode. Wtf?! Laugh? Laugh as loud as u like to but it really did not bother me at all.
I'm normal and in the same time complicated to judge human being who does not always be in a good condition
So, please do UNDERSTAND me.

P/S: I'll be back soon.

January 25, 2009

Holidays Back

First of all, i would like to wish Happy Chinese New Year for all chinese who celebrate it.
and to my chinese friends, wheres my ang pau meh? haha.
uh oh, thnx for the oranges who gave me before. i just love it. yummy!
since chinese new year is around the corner, holidays are coming back. indeed now. gah!
and guess what?! i demam! oh god! sian je. mcm tau tau je cuti kan. nak demam jgk dia.
so yeah, eventhough its a holiday eve but yet i've to study during holidays.
gila apa nak enjoy mati-matian like last year. SPM dude! forget the enjoyment for awhile.
sabar fateen, sabar.
my homeworks were like OMG banyak gila, ok. the homeworks keep laden on me.
tapi apa nak buat, kena buat jugak for own benefit sake.
but when i think of it back, its nothing to compare what is coming next after my school life.
lg susah kan. so, i've to make used of myself with all these.
this evening i'll be going back to mummy's hometown in malacca.
so, thats all for now. cheerio! ;)

January 22, 2009

enjoyed as no ones around

heyluu! it is such a breathtaking time when i can write something here. haha.
penat giler dowh. act, everytime schools day je mesti pnt giler mcm nak mati kan. duh!
today it sorta a suprise when i can online at this time. i mean like now, 4 o'clock to 5.
it is so so inconceiveable. yela maybe today my tuition start on 7.45pm. thats why la ade time nak merepek kat blog ni today. hahaha.
if not, mmg lupakan je la kan hasrat nak berinternet ni kan. and now i mcm lazy to study. so, yeah ni la jadi nya. miss to crapping in this crap stuff.
starts back with school.
school was ok but sir JC and Pn. Jaspal were not in.
so, add maths, maths and chem were skipped just like that because of these beloved teachers of mine were not in.
enjoyed la my classmates but not me. seriously NOT me.
dah la tgh semangat gila nak belajar tapi the teachers tak ada pulak.
my heart kinda sad. dont laugh! its totally a truth. huh!
can u just imagined, 6 periods without studying anything?! without any piece of shit? pfft!
my brain can just be rust within the 6 periods of time. hish!
ok. i 'm being overboard now. haha. konon marah ni. ;))
then, i did my homeworks while no teachers around. i did my physics and chem lab report.
how rajin am i, kan kan kan? *winkwink*
uh oh yeah! sejarah tadi! OMG OMG OMG! sleepy like just listen to bedtime story yang mmg tak best. sorry teacher.
and the good news is Pn. Kanniga said after CNY might be sir Magandran will teach my class back.
what a relieve to hear that. i miss sir Magandran so much. i miss his teach.
My classmates were like cheered it up. so does me.
suka suka! sape tak suka, kan? ^_^
OMG! its 5pm. i've to stop now. i'll be update it later.

January 18, 2009

A Decision

My sister came back to home just now due to her outing session. We had a long talk together, she gave me a piece of advice and yeah i thank her a lot.
She made me think deeply into some matter of future.
Eventhough we fighted almost half of our life but yet she really a good companion of my life since she was born.
i've made my decision that i'm gonna drop EST and i'll take Tassawur Islam.
Before this i'd confirmed that i'm gonna take 9 subjects for SPM but unfortunately i'm still in dilemma of confussion.
Just now, we had quite long conversation between us. I've asked for her opinion and she did gave me a lot of her opinion. i've pray to GOD and my heart sorta hear the advice from my sister.
Now, i have my own decision and that is i'll take 10 subjects including Tassawur and minus EST.
Thank to GOD, my mum and Elin who gave me the vision in a deep way.
It is not the matter of how many paper do i sit for my spm but it is the matter of how much will i score for them.
So, can u see how i'm blind without Fadzleen Izyana in my life? it can be so obvious without her.
how i wish she is here, not at her boarding school. i need my listener. haha. what a drama, fateen? funny je. but seriously, i misses her load. ;D
So, Tassawur Islam here i come!


di tagged oleh : Yong Sofea Mohd Wazir

1. Apabila telah terpilih dengan malangnya, silalah menulis 16 perkara paling rawak sama ada tentang fakta, perangai tak senonoh ataupun hala tuju hidup anda.2. Silalah hasut 16 orang lain untuk melakukan perkara ini.3. Sila tanda manusia yang telah menanda anda di peringkat awal.4. Ketahuilah, jika anda terpilih ia adalah kerana anda juga manusia biasa yang perlukan perhatian dan kasih sayang yang secukupnya ketika bayi.

1. i'm shy with strangers.
2. i laugh a lot.
3. i craving for Korea to further up my study
4. into engineering field eventhough physics and add maths mcm 'terlampau pandai'. haha
5. i'm FAT!
6. i'm Tobelarone White Chocolate addict
7. i'm changing in every second of time. so, doakan lah perubahan yang baik. ;)
8. i love Yong Sofea, Najwa Fathia and Nadhirah a lot. They are some kind of extra oxygen for me to live my life in normal way.
9. i'm super duper sensitive girl where i'll let it be in my heart without people knowing it. so,
better watch out ur word.
10. i'm complicated and hard to describe.
11. english novels lover.( but yet my english still berterabur mcm crap!hehe.)
12. i'm the type who always being anxious to something that not worth it.
13. can turn to rebelious in a time.
14. weirdo and very fragile
15. shopper-not-that-holic. haha
16. my tempation is very high with something called freedom.

ade bnyk lg but enough in 16 je kan. so yeah, thats all a bit. ;) nak kne tag 16 peeps eh?
ramai nye yang amat. i'll try to figure it out who will it be.

the victims:

-sza cortez

ish, mls la nak tag lebih2. ;))

January 17, 2009


Finally, ade jgk masa for me to writing . Eventhough hari ni hari sabtu but yet i'm schooling in the morning. Itu semua because of ganti sekolah for Chinesse New Year punya pasal la.
then, i'd tuition just now but i balik awal. Freakin tired! Thank God, physics tadi at tuition still can be absorbed into my smarty brain. Haha!
Load of homeworks and this year gonna be my tired years in the whole school years ever!
of course! i've to end up my last year of my existance in the school with the BOMB.
ok. as u can see now i'm so bad in writing.
i've no idea. maybe its all because of my brain more functional in the studies now. haha! yela tu kan. mcm funny je.
so yeah, i'll be updating it more if i've interesting topic to share.
thats all for now i guess.

January 11, 2009

The Desire Needs Money

Nikon D60

Awww! i want this one. actually i would love to have D80 but D60 also would be great.
so, does anyone would be generous by giving me this DSLR for my birthday present? anyone?
*wink wink*
for crying out loud, i really want this one.
now i'm still collecting money for buying this DSLR. so, i hope by this end of this year, i'll be holding this DSLR.
but it will be more fun if i get it from my parents. haha. its ok la. i want it, so i have to fine myself a way. not by burden up my parents with a sum of 3K in a spot. that will give a heart attack to them. i have my money. so yeah, i can buy it by myself and my parents dont mind either.


ok. i'll be back to the same track tomorrow as monday is coming back. so yeah, schools back peeps!
and there will be tuition classes as well. fuh! thats my life. eventhough its tiring me off but seriously i'm happy. weird? nah! it is just minor change of new ME. haha! but i think i must do a major changes in myself. just wait and see. insyaallah it will happen.
oh yeah, i'll be very busy. so, i might not be online too often like last year. maybe i'll be online on the weekends.
thats all for now. i've to finish up my homeworks, ironing my baju kurung and tudung, preparing the books for tomorrow.
till then.

p/s: nowadays i'm so lack of idea in writing a blog. so, i'll try to figure it out something interesting.

January 10, 2009

The Feel of Exhausted

hey there! its been awhile i did not update my little-not-so-fabby-typing- diary. i mean AWHILE. hee. ok let see what had happened since i'm so called silent from this little thing.
hurm. oh yeah! schools back! and i'm soooo excited of being in school now. i've met my girlfriends.
it just some kind of relieved to have them back after a long period of holidays.
my firstday of school was the bomb but too exhausted with holding the-18pieces-of-heavy-textbooks. haha. on the firstday of school, my class had started the lessons and seriously, i was like semangat gila nak study.
eventhough i'd just gone through a week of re-open school, i've been very busy with homeworks, tuition and stuff. haha. what a stereotyping, ryte? haha. of course i'll be busy for this year. my last year of school kan. hee. but its just freaking me out. like OMG i dah besar!
yeah! besar but with no ambition untill now. what a pathetic is that? i'm in 5th former right now but i don't even have any ambition for good. it keep changing day to day. for now, what i have to do is struggle for the 10 or 11 subjects that i have to take. that is the one most important things among all. if i score them all, i can pick any in preference. no doubt. so, yeah! i'll do the best for my leaving school memory. ;)
and just now in the morning, i had meetings for club, unit b'uniform and permainan. so, i went to school. today was the first meeting for this year for election of the comittee members.
and alhamdulillah, i've got post for photography club, chess club and puteri islam.
sounds funny ryte when i mention puteri islam? but who cares? it is what i choose. so, just shut up. and a member for Bahasa Melayu club too.
then, after finished the meetings, i rushed for tuition. duh! that was very exhausted. at 6, i've back at home. the life really dont need a spoil brat of REST now i guess. i've taken lot of spoil brat of REST few years back even last year. how sad was that?!
i'm yawning now. so, i better start to call my sweet dream. hee!

January 4, 2009

School Frenzy

What?! school getting start that soon? OMG! i'm franticaly anxious of being in high former. God! help me! ok. fine! i know i'm being overboard but this is ME. what can i do, ryte? being nervous, anxious, frantic and all in the family of that are soooooooo ME. heck!
the school is going to start tomorrow. i'll be holding the 5th former tittle in school. i keep asking myself "did i really get myself ready for this big tittle?" time do flies that fast untill i did not realize myself that i'm going to leave my secondary school in the number of 1 year more.
SPM? can i win in the war? i'll do the best in my SPM as before this i've never done better in my studies.
speaking of SPM, everytime i think of it, my tears drop slowly at my cheecks. trust me! i did not have any reasons for my tears but it just tears down in spontineously. Gah! abnormal? i dont know.
maybe i just afraid of my future. i want the best for my future and bring happiness to my beloved parents and family. i'll pray the best for me. always and always.
so, school? all the henky penky subjects will be my lover as i have to love them all. accounts? oh boy, this one i've to struggle more and more sbb acc mcm ssh kot nak save in my mind. hope it can work for this time.
so yeah, wishes all the best for dis year and dis year will bring some kind of differents in my life, though. -amin-


p/s: there's go my spirit. jyeah! ;D