February 6, 2009

Start the task.

Again! i'm freakin exhausted due to my school life and filled with tuitions in it.
That is a student has to feel is it? whatever!
I'm just cant resist with tons of task that i have to complete with a bundle of form 4 subjects must be revise. Will i have the time to do all that? i do not know myself about that but just do what i have to do as a student. So yeah, fateen stop complaining. Otherwise, it will turn to worst.

Act. i've got nothing to tell about. It just get boring day by day to fill this blog with something fresh.
But no worries. Everything will be back as soon as my brain start functioning again to write.
So, thats all for now i guess. toodles!

p/s: please ignore my grammatical error. it was so so embrassing. i'll try to fix it up soon. ;)

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