August 22, 2010

One Of Those Days

I need to write something here to express things out in me. Well, there're alot in mind that keep on bothering me. So, what's wrong to spill, no? Keep quiet and read. Don't ask.

Have you ever had so much to say, but never had the chance to? Or you had that chance, but thought that some things were better left unsaid? Why, you asked me? They are happy, everyone is happy.So, why bother uttering a word?

Perhaps things are better off that way.

Someone once told me, "..a smart person knows what to say, a wise person knows whether or not to say it." I tend to put others before me at times. How they feel, what they want, what is best for them, their happiness. All of that matters to me, especially to the ones I love. If they are happy and doing good without knowing what I wanted to do or say, I would rather zip it and swallow it all down.

Love is wanting happiness and everything that is good for your loved ones. Love is not just wanting someone, I think it is also wanting what is best for them. When they are happy, I know I made the right choice. Anyone can go around and say "I love you..". But in the end, it is what you have done to prove that you love them that counts. It is about sacrifice. Selfishness will be a thing of the past.

I'm still learning, and I know I always will be. One thing I learnt for sure is that love will always adapt to the needs of other people, even if it means sacrificing your own. The worst battle is indeed between what you know, and what you feel. When you know you have sacrificed, you know you have loved.

Upper East Side

I stumbled upon some of the pictures of Gossip Girl Season 4 location shoot in Paris a few days ago. They were sooo pretty I wanted to cry! Filming in Paris made the setting even more beautiful, yes? The clothes were absolutely stunning and how I wished I could have them all. I think it was even better than last season's! Can't help myself from drooling over and over again with Serena van der Woodsen's jaw-dropping wardrobe (she's my favourite!).

Her styles that caught my eye, ALWAYS :

How can i not love her ?

I loved how she managed to pull off everything together looking effortlessly chic, simple, classy, feminine and drop-dead G! She looked good in mostly everything! These are my chosen ones because actually, that was all I could find so far. Perhaps if I found more, I would post them all? Looking forward to the premiere on September 13th!

August 14, 2010

Happy Ramadhan


Well, it's been awhile, no? I've been so busy lately with assignments, quizzes, preparing for midterm exams and not to forget my social life. I've been buzzing around here and there. Now only i realised how tired i am by holding the tittle of a university student. It's really tiring but mind control helped alot in handling all those bad and negative thoughts around me. Well, atleast that's what mummy taught me and i followed.

Time do fly without i notice how fast it was and it's already Ramadhan which is fasting month for all muslims in the world. As for me, i'm welcoming fasting month for the 1st time without the family. It feels awkward somehow with handphone is the one which act as my alarm for sahur not mummy or papa as previous years and i'm the one who looked for the food for breaking fast and no more mummy's dishes except for weekends. Seriously, i'm still learning to adapt my life here really well as i'm not get use to it just yet. A bit spoiled brat i must say but insyaallah everything's going to run smoothly as i hope it to be that way.

Next week, my schedule gonna be full with exams and by thinking of that, my mind partially burst out. I NEED TO STUDY. I really need to do that. I'm not a genius student who can answer all exam questions with a blink of eyes without study. I'm not born from that type of student. I'm the type where i need to study really hard to achieve what i want and if i won't, i can say goodbye to what i aim for. As simple as that, ey? Well, that's me.

So yeah, once again i want to take this opportunity to say Happy Ramadhan to all muslims in the world. :)

Till we meet again,

p/s; Raya please come fast. I want u.

August 6, 2010

Farah Sakinah


Happy 18th Birthday, pretty !
I'm glad that u had fun with our so called suprised party.
I bet u'r so gonna miss the tepung part.
Lastly, i love u BIG time.

p/s : Waiting for Leona Bass to upload the pictures after her calculus test and BTW, i'm sorry Mya for cropping ur picture. :)