April 27, 2009

Here Come Again

Isn't he just too cute and adorable?

And oh yeah! Bear in mind, i'll always can't endure with this one in any matter. How can i stop abruptly to be such a die hard fan of Korean Entertainment with existence of this cute and adorable guy in town? It's so not gonna happen. Just wondering, Korean guys somehow are cute and adorable as well, i do not mean all of them but most of them are. The question is now why Korean guys are like hell cute? Not forgetting Korean ladies too. Duh! It does not matter anyway. I'm just a person who craze about anything related to Korea.

So, here peeps, i won't brief more longer. It was just some kind of scribbled on a paper about something excited which absolutely can turn me up in anytime.

April 24, 2009

What A Messed?

It's really been awhile since my last post. I'm so busy with my own stuff. I've many things to handle and think of. Mid year exams is coming, preparation did not done yet. How am i going to answer the papers with full of gesture? It left me no time to fully prepare with this. I'm so gonna kill my bad bad attidude. I really need the 'Anjakan Paradigma' to come in me. So yeah, i'll be fighting with myself to study more harder than now. The rest i'll leave it to Him.

This week? Nothing interesting but terrible. My immune system is so weak this days even the doctors itself said that. Hear me! Doctors! Seems from now onwards i've to swallow a lot of vitamins i guess. Pathethic ey? But what to do? Thats life, right?

Seriously, i want my two most important friends now which are, Najwa and Yong. I miss their annoyance. Forever they will be. I miss their laughing machine, non-stop they laughed without reasons. I miss gossiping with them. Sometimes they will be super excited to share it with me. I miss having Yong Sofea to worry and be concern about, she'll always be my cutest teddy-look-a-like's friend. I miss Najwa's habit which is she love to 'melatah' at time. Lately, she seems not to be my friend but my baby friend. How cute they are to me ay?

Might be people wonder why did i said all this exactly like i'm far from them. So NOT! Its all due to my absence continuosly for three days. Dont ask me why? You, yourself know why. So, thats the reason why i misses all that in a time.

Ok. Enough of writting. I'm going to catch up with my Papa at the back of my house. Ciao folk!

April 11, 2009

New Gadget

Its been awhile since my last post. I've a lot of stories but unfortunately, i'm too lazy to write about those stories. So, just forget about it.

Oh yeah, i just recently got a birthday present from mummy. It is a new gadget and i'm absolutely love it. It was an IPod Touch! Like ohmygod! I was totally amazed with that thing and obsessed too. First impression was WOW! but the way to handle it some kind of hard for the first time. Despite of hard hadling it, still it was a must thing to have one. Really fun though.

I'm still new in this thing. Still explore and explore and keep exploring. So, say hello to my new IPod Touch.

I guess thats all for now. Enough of writting. I'm getting bored to write. Till then, fellow!

April 1, 2009

Officially SEVENTEEN

The tittle says it all. I am now legally SEVENTEEN magazine readers with no worries like before as before this i was like 'pendatang haram' for this magazine. I know, i'm getting old. Just shut up! I realise it myself. So yeah,


P/S; Somehow, it kinda sweet u know. ;)