May 30, 2011

Himpunan Sejuta Belia

Yeah, i know. My post about this Himpunan Sejuta Belia is so outdated already but who cares ? Blog i, i punya suka la kan. I've been so busy lately with so called studies since final is just around the corner without i realized that i'm actually gonna end my foundation so soon and other uni's stuff s. So, should i be happy or what ?

Cut off the crap, i'm actually here to write out my first experience ever being a volunteer during that Himpunan Sejuta Belia day. Being a volunteer sebenarnya bukan senang and yes, i baru tau the feeling of it. To be specific, the thrill of being one. Ada thrill okay ! Siapa cakap takde thrill jadi volunteer, meh i flying kick sikit. Hihihi.

A lot of universities sent their volunteers and Uniten was one of it. Sah-sah la i daripada Uniten kan. The Himpunan Sejuta Belia that was took place at Putrajaya happened on 27th, 28th and 29th of May tapi i hanya menwarkan diri sebagai volunteer pada hari Jumaat which was 27th May, the starting day itself. We've been divided into a few group of works. Oh yeah, the volunteer work that we want to work with, we can choose. Bersesuaian la dengan nama VOLUNTEER kan. I chose to be in the watersports group since i've always inlove anything that related with water. The tranquil of the water can make me hype all over. 

Amagawd amagawd amagawd ! Just by looking at the picture of the water, makes me hype. Nampak gambar-gambar diatas ? Yes, that's where my volunteer work took place. Actually to be exact, this place is kinda urm ... upstream i would called ? You know why i called it that way ? Sebab it happened to be at Presint 6, i think and the whole other events happened to be at Presint 2. Jauh okay, jauh ! But one thing for sure, the place is beyond beautiful. Beautiful spot to date, i should say. Atleast for me, since i love and do appreciate the tranquility of the water.

My volunteer work started at 10am, i think. I didn't quite remember on that and end at 6pm. Not that long, ey ? What do you expect ? It's only the first day, for god sake. After all, i enjoyed being a volunteer eventhough on a hot day. Since kerja habis awal than expected, i sempat la tour around the booths at Presint 2 with the friends. So exciting the booths. I didn't get to buy things that much sebab that time dah penat. So, decided to just tour around the place to get the idea how the whole things look like. At the end of the day, what i can is, it's so YOUTH. Proud of being one. 

That's all about the- oh so excited being a volunteer eventhough on a hot day - thing for now. Gonna treasure it for the rest of my life. Agak-agak boleh buat stock cerita kat anak tak nanti ? Boleh gebang kat bakal suami  sekali nanti kan. Oh, what a life i have. Hihihi. Okay, i starts to crap like again ?! Better stop. Later next time, people. 

p/s : Before pushed off to Putrajaya, i moody kalah orang PMS okay. Siap kena marah dengan that someone lagi tapi bila nampak air, hati jadi girang sampai boleh buat taman bunga. -.-'

May 27, 2011

Something Borrowed

"He makes you the person you want to be,
instead of the person you are, and that, 
the idea of life without him is, 
not only unbearable, it's unimaginable."

So yeah, i went to watch this movie with the girlfriends this evening and now, i'm not intend to make a review about this movie since i'm so busy to make one. Later, perhaps ? I just wanted to say that 'Something Borrowed' is a MUST watch movie. The movie was hilarious that i could cry while smile in the same time. You get what i mean ? Nah ? Ok, forget it. Just get your ass off and go hit the nearest cinema to catch this movie. The love life part was the sweetest. I mean it eventhough it brought out the perks in between the friendship that they built for so long but still it turned out to be good. I won't briefly explain everything in here, Just go and watch the movie.

Two of my favourite scenes that i called it cutest !

May 15, 2011

Bestfriend turns 19 early than expected.

Last Friday, May 13th, i dengan my Zephyx gang throw a surprise birthday party untuk one of our bestfriends which is Najwa Fathia. Actually, the exact date for her birthday is May 24th. Memang sangat advance la kan kitaorang throw a party for her. Sangat surprised okay. Ada sebab sebenarnya kenapa kitaorang mempercepatkan surprise birthday untuk si bestfriend seorang ni. Sebab utamanya ialah si bestfriend ni terpaksa balik awal ke UiTM Kelantan nya tu disebabkan she's one of the orang kuat kat UiTM Kelantan tu. Jawatan dia NYDP, if i'm not mistaken eventhough i've no idea what NYDP is but i assume, it must be something really big ey.

Kitaorang yang bertotalkan 6 orang tidak termasuk Dhaniah, sedaya upaya plan this surprise party to be awesome as it can be for her. Dhaniah can't make it since she was stuck at Nottingham. So, plan punya plan sampai ada plan A, plan B and so on but after all the consideration, we ended did the surprise party at the backyard of my house. Everything that happened on that night was so funny. Everyone can't help but kept on laughing non-stop. There were always something came up that made us ended up laughing and screaming happily. I don't want to end up writing an essay here. So, let's spill it with pictures.

These were taken before the girl of that night came :

 These were taken after she've been pranked:

I'm so sorry that we have to celebrate your birthday way early than the special day of yours, bestfriend but we just can't help it anymore since you're going back to Kelantan tonight (15thMay). I know, too early kan but i'm glad to see that you're so happy that night and we did it with success. Thumbs up, guys ! We did it just well !


May 9, 2011

Cutest birthday card ever

I swear this is the cutest and sweetest birthday card i've ever received. Sangat comel okay. Yes, memang sekarang dah bulan May and my birthday was on April 1st yang lalu tapi still the thought that count. I sangat terharu bila tadi adik datang bilik, bagi envelope pink comel macam kat gambar atas tu. Dalam hati dah tertanya-tanya, kenapa i boleh dapat surat pulak hari ni, which is Mother's day pulak ? Nak kata orang hantar kat mummy, tak jugak sebab ada my name on the cute pink envelope. Tak kan i dah jadi ibu, sampai orang nak hantar Mother's day card kat i. So weird kan.

Once i opened the envelope, this is what i got, the birthday card from one of bestest friend since primary school. Nama dia Yong Sofea. Membuatkan i tambah terharu apabila dapat tau, birthday card ni di import dari Segamat, Johor. EEEEEEEEEEEE, why so sweet ? I swear that air mata bergenang semasa baca this card sebab terlampau terharu dengan apa yang dilakukan. Eventhough, it's just a card but the words in it yang sangat berharga. Walaupun baru dapat hari ni, i was so happy. Oh joy ! By the way, bila awak pos eh, Yong Sofea ? Sebab saya baru dapat hari ni. Whatever, thanks for the cutest card and sweetest words in it kay sayang. I love you so much eventhough we've been through lots before yet you're still the best of friend. Saya rindu awak sangat sangat sangat okay.

May 8, 2011

To the most beautiful lady on the whole wide world


Beautiful, strong, kind and wise. I want to be just like you. You're the best gift that i've ever received. I love you with all my heart, Mummy. ♥

It's amazing how moms make things so easy, when we thought it was complicated. I wonder how did they do that. They are just have that instinct given by God to be called as a mom. Every mom in this world deserve to be treated well from her children because they've been through hell just to brought us up. As children, we should aware of what moms have done to us. As for me, mummy have done so much wonders in through out my 19 years living in this world. How amazing a mum can be ey ? They deserve the honour.