October 31, 2008


now it shows 1.37a.m. at my watch and i'm still awake like OMG mcm weird owkeyh.
i never been awake this long.
sgt sgt pelik. haha!
now i'm landing my body at my soft and comfartable bed with my adoreable laptop on top of my blanket.
waiting for my sepet eyes to feel sleepy. and i wonder what time will my sepet eyes ni feel sleppy b'cos i feel very fresh like i wake up in the early morning. ;)
for helping me to sleep, i'm blogging ryte now.
act. i dont have any idea 2 blog since my brain become so blank with darkness.
so, it will full with crap-ness and shit-ness.
haha! sorry.
owkeyh. i think i should stop for now and continue tommorow.

p/s: i'm so gonna cut my lovely hair asap. but in the same time i feel sgt sayang weih mau cut. ;)

October 29, 2008

wonder girls

i fall in love with this cute girls.
they named their group as wonder girls.
its kinda of PCD in korean version i guess.
plus, they produced good songs too.

October 28, 2008

an evening with them

today i went to sir magandran open house with my friends at tasik puteri.
and i've to say that his family was very down to earth type n i really comfartable with them.
plus, the foods were yummy eventhough dis is da 1st time i had indian food.
then, afta we went back. i was lepak-ing with my best friends at mom's cake cafe.
i had a slice of strawberry cake n iced lemon tea.
then, we went to the playground field.
now i'm tired till death.

October 23, 2008

treasure of the heart

today my mum do kinda of jamuan makan - makan at my house.
its NOT an open house peeps! it was jamuan makan-makan.
catch my word.
and i just invited my so called- kawan-gila-gila-baik-tahap-mati la.
haha! what cruel of me. tp tp tp my friend yg another one, nadhirah x de.
she's in boarding skewl.
and my so lovely est teacher, datin seri nuritun ade weih.
she told my mum that " what a nice house u had, i suke."
wow! i'm so proud to hear that. bangga dowh.
thank you so much datin. i appriciated.
haha! lame!
i feeled funny when my bestie, miss sofea 2 said to me that " wah! best gyler. besarnye ladang."
and i was like "what?! ladang? bkn ladang la. its like a garden je. ape la."
haha. funny je. she asked me to do a sleepover party at my house end of this year.
i think i'll consider it.
it sounds interesting.

October 22, 2008

phone call

Actually it was happened yesterday night but since i was so called busy study-ing so, i blog it today.
i dunno whether it is funny or wateva u called but its freakin me out n its very very weird.
it started with a phone call from stranger yesterday night.
act. he had give me missed called for so many times since noon.
since i off my cellphone and on it back at night and unfortunately he rang my phone back.
it sounded....
stranger : hello!
me : yeah. hello. spe ni?
stranger : i nk ckp dgn siti.
me : siti? siti mne? sorry, x de siti kt sni. u slh num la.
stranger : i nk cri org utk modelling job. so, kirenye i nk cri model.
me: sorry la. i've just said that siti x de. u slh num ni.
stranger : then, u nk jd model x?
me : erk! no thanks.
stranger : spe b'ckp ni? if u be a model, u can make money.
me : sorry, i dont have anytime n i'm not interested. i'm still student.
stranger : ye. i tau. u politeknik seberang jaya kan? i get ur num p0n from ur friend.
me : politeknik? no no no! u really have a wrong person now.
stranger : spe nme ni?
me : u cri siti kan? siti x de kt sni n no one named siti here. sorry.
stranger : alah, nak knl p0n x bole. nak tutup telefon je.
hey bitch! i dunno you and please dont react like faker!

October 20, 2008

the necklace

today i had my bahasa melayu paper 1 & 2.
and it was okeyh i guess.
just the paper 2 i'm quite blank.
like change the dialog to ayat pindah.
and that time i was like asking myself what the heck is ayat pindah?
duh! what a lame of me. ayat pindah p0n x tahu.
malu je. as a malay girl, i should know what is ayat pindah ryte.
but unfortunately, i went blank without knowing what is ayat pindah.
huh! lame lame lame!
uh oh yeah! same goes 2 the peribahasa thang.
i'm kinda forgot the first sentence.
i just remembered the ' berat lagi bahu memikul' sentence without the first setence.
it was very funny of me.
yeah. boo me!
sedih la wei. ;(
owkeyh now what should i do is forget the past n pray 2 Allah.
and now i should begin with literature.
uh oh, i just love the short stories in my form 4 syllabus especially 'the necklace'
its really interesting!
but i just cant stand with poem.
poem anyone?
haha! hey, i wonder why they dont do the romeo n juliet story for form four.
it will be much much more interesting to read n it will catch my breath for sure.;D
owkeyh, till then.
i've to run my mind in my literature book now.

October 19, 2008


what a boring day today, without any open house to go.
act. i do have a lot of open house to attend today but seems my final exams still keep bothering me.
my parents keep telling me that " fateen, u should study 1st. afta final exams end, u can go any open house n tour the world"
and i was like owkeyh then. i'll study first.
but thank god yesterday, i made myself to attend the open house that i've been invited.
it was superbly fun n exciting especially auntie nora's house at sri maya' kondo.
the foods were luscious!
the place was luxuriant.
oh my god! i just have to think how to reduce my weight in a short duration.
haha! what a lame.
i just loooooveee open house!
so, do invite me.
insyaallah, i'll come. ;)
till then.
fateen make urself to open the sejarah text book n keep read, read n read untill u memorize all the facts that u HAVE to!

October 17, 2008


1. Apakah benda yang paling penting dalam hidup kamu?
family and friends

2. Apakah benda terakhir yang kamu beli dengan wang sendiri?

3. Di manakah tempat impian perkahwinan kamu?
nikah= masjid wilayah and and kl convention center or sime darby hall with pearl white garden theme. ;D

4. Berapa lama anda rasa hubungan kamu berkekalan?
hubungan? what relationship?

5. Adakah anda dilamun cinta?
oh, nope! not interested in dis moment. still student.

6. Di manakah restoran terakhir kamu makan malam?
secret recipe kot.

7. Namakan buku terakhir yang kamu beli?
night world 1

8. Apakah nama penuh kamu?
nur fateen dayana bt ahmad fakhri.

9. Kamu lebih senang dengan mak atau ayah?
mummy! papa slalu blk lmbt. ;)

10. Namakan seseorang yang kamu ingin jumpa untuk pertama kalinya dalam hidup anda?
seseorg je ke?? ramai bley? korean cute actors! ;D

11. Christina atau Britney?
Britney would be nice.

12. Adakah kamu mencuci pakaian anda sendiri?
like hello! lingeries je kot. haha. ;))

13. Tempat yang paling seronok kamu mahu pegi?
many many! but korea and japan are the desires.

14. Pelukan atau ciuman?seks ?
i want hug n kisses please! seks? euww! i'm soooo NOT into it untill i get married.

15. Jenama paling mahal yang pernah dimiliki?
sony PSP 3000 series. Nintendo Wii. best gyler! addictive.

16. 8 perkara yang amat saya gilai.
1. Korea and Japan (perkara ke ni? tp i'm really crazy about it, seriously)
2. Nikon d60 n d90
3. my PSP
4. vanilla and chocolate ice cream
5. shopping
6. iced lemon tea (McD and delifrance only be counted)
7. accesories (my mp3 is included)
8. high heels

17. 8 perkataan yang sering di ucapkan.
1. ngade la!
2. darling darling!
3. hell no!
4. huh? (dlm keadaan yg blur blur)
5. what the heaven?!
6. and i wonder ........
7. yeah! and i love u too.
8. alah! x ske la.

18. 8 buah buku yang paling terbaru dibaca
1. Twilight
2. New moon
3. Eclipse
4. Breaking Dawn
5. Night world 1
6. My vampire diaries
7. Gossips girl
8. Posers
(act. all dis books suda baca many times without bored)

19. 8 lagu-lagu yang saya boleh dengar berulang kali
1. danity kane - stay with me
2. natasha bedingfield - angel
3. paramore - decode
4. secondhand serenade - fall for you
5. demi lovato ft. joe jonas - this is me
6. jordin sparks - one step at a time
7. rain - its raining
8. daughtry - what about now

20. 8 perkara yang saya pelajari tahun lalu.
1. study is the priority (heck! now p0n x stdy jgk. haha)
2. in love can but b'cinta jgn skrg. ;)
3. be open minded and supporting sgt diperlukan ( in process penukaran. hee! )
4. dont bother what people say about me. ( bla la. like i care!)
5. manja itu boleh but jgn melampau smpai t'gedik ( meaning, sy gediikk t'over la 2 but dlu je)
6. dont depend on people so much otherwise they will turn u down. ( trust me. its true)
7. talk, walk, work with confidence. mostly, do everythings with confidence.
8. dont be over-shy. ( now still shy but x OVER-shy da.haha.)

October 15, 2008


this video was absolutely awesome!
is there any guy like dis, who willingly sacrifice for their loved one?
it touched me in deep side of my heart. ;)

October 14, 2008

brain given by god

today i had my physics paper and it was absolutely easy as playing game.
NOT! haha.
its a miracle if physics go easy like abcd. the exams just now really get on my nerve.
i cant barely stand to see my results as the paper were so damn hard.
i feel like i wanna cry like a baby and scream in the same time.
but honestly now, i feel relieved because one of my beban suda went out.
just afraid to see the marks.
the word 'afraid' and 'results' are keep flying in my trail of mind.
oh deary words, i beg u to go away from my holy mind.
i love u but fateen dayana hate u so much. haha.
end of dis 'easy exams'.
just now at school when the exam started, my class which is well-known with their 'good attitude' by copy-ing answers with others were doing the same attitude Again with a capital of A.
it is sooooooo unfair! other students who study like crazy and did not copy had to struggling on doing the exams and the fakers just relax and copy and share the answers with friends without gave a big amount of force to their brain but just used their eyes or mouth to ask the answers from their so-called-genius friends. kononnya genius. but the truth is not! if they really genius,
they will not give the answers easily.
wtf? dont u guys have a brain? i'm sure everyone have been given by god a brain.
then, use it properly.
if not, dont u dare label urself as a human-being.
x layak lagi wei!
p/s: sorry for the rude words that have been used in it. ;)

October 13, 2008

depression aboard

hoodle doodle bloggie!auch! sounded like a dog. haha.
oh yeah! today i was sat in exam for my acc paper.
yuhuu! as ussual my depression was aboard as the acc thang made me wanna vommit.
in this exam i was like had a lil' bit of confident in doing it.
and i was a little bit excited on doing it before da exam started.
da reason why i'm so called excited becauce a month before the exam i was like study, read, memorise-ing morning till night.
so, i'm kinda hoping a 'score' for that.
But with a capital of 'B', unfortunately i'm frusted after i sat in the exam.
when the exam started, i ran blank like a blind person.
my mind go dark without anything in mind.
i wonder where were all my study, read, and memorise-ing information were kept?
yeah! n of course it was a part of my mistakes as i'm so called-malas-to-study before dis.
so, dis is all gonna happened.
boo me!
and like similarly as before, after the acc exam all my talkitive buddies were babbling about the things that they had done.
they kept asking the same question in a year among each other, "fateen, acc fateen seimbang x?""mne yg seimbang?""mcm mne bole x seimbang eh?"'mcm mne dpt seimbang eh?" n much much more.
and i was like "seimbang? like shit la wei! mne seimbang".
everytime they talked and ask the same question in this year after the acc paper, i'm asking myself " do i have to hear the resemblance shit next year?"
what a pity ear i have.
i've to hear all the bebel-ing from my best buddies next year i guess.
sorry guys if u read this, i'm just trying to be honest with you.
i love u guys till death.
dont worry.
p/s: ur guys still the desire of my soul untill i meet my future husband la kan. ;D

October 11, 2008

Final Exams

i will facing a month of my final exams.
starting from 13th oct - 7th nov.
i really need to get myself ready to face it.
the same 'game' will be playing again.
as i'm not so called-study- before dis.
i'm so gonna catch butterfly in my stomach i guess.
it is Final exams! how cant i realise that even now?!
oh god! please make me realise of that 'word'
strieving for flying colours is my need.
wish me "BEST OF LUCK!"

October 8, 2008

hari raya 08

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
Maaf Zahir & Batin
p/s: sorry for the late post n wish.. hee..;)