June 27, 2009


Oh boy! I'm so much more into my page song. As the tittle says, it is addictive much. Can't resist it though. I'm all about korean and currently go wild for the name of Lee Min Ho and cutest boy band, SHINee. Seriously, no cure for these wildness. Just let it be through the flow.

Actually, there are more Korean Boyband i'm looking forward to but this is the one i like the most. Young in age, cutest in face, energetic and sharp in dance floor(stage), melodious in voice, spontaneous in characther. I dont' ask more.

June 10, 2009


In a messed of unimportant stuff.
Lying on the bulky yet comfortable sofa and contemplating on what might happen next.
Meanwhile, procrastinating others in a tray of waiting.
Yeah. That shows it all. I mean that shows me a lot.
Currently, it is.

June 9, 2009

Engineers Needed

Scientists study the world as it is; engineers create the world that has never been.-Theodore von Kármán-

I love this one. I love how it sounds and i can't live in denial by saying the quote is not true. It is true. Engineers out there, congrats with all you have done till now and keep invent it untill the end. Wait a minute! untill the end? No! There is no end for inventing the world. In inventing the world, need a lot of energy from other parties. Pursue in engineering anyone? Help in creating the world. Grr! (even me, myself did not have any fixed ambition yet but annoyed people with this one)

P/s: FYI, bored and in the mood of writing. So, understand me.

Turn Me Up

Fascinated with their good looking faces.Erk! I mean with their smooth and energetic way of dance steps. That is what i'm trying to say at first actually. Haha. They are good in singing and even dancing. They make me wanna dance on the dance floor! Great boyband with cute faces and young age though. The youngest among all comes with the age of 16 (Tae Min). Young, right?
So yeah, lets get down to the dance floor!

June 8, 2009

Sort of

The tittle got nothing to do with my writing this time. Again, trying hard in playing with words that i ussually did to almost everybody. OMG! Holidays are going to be end like six days more and my add maths project still not done yet. See?! I'm such a playful type of girl. Ok. I'll make it done by tommorow. Insyaallah.

Lately, i'm having a strong zest than ussual in Korean dramas, movies and songs. Yesterday i simply spend Rm200 just for a box of Korean drama and a CD of Korean songs for fullfill my enjoyment and excitement. It might sounds a waste for some people but not for me. Seriously, it just make adrenaline go wild through my veins. This is not my first time in spending money for these Korean things. I do have a lot personal collection of Korean drama and songs in my cabinet. So, it is not a big suprise, right people? Yeah, right.

Oh yeah, i've just recently got back from my holiday trip at A'Famosa with my family and auntie and cousins! It was extremely fun, enjoyable and memorable. I just love holiday trip. It helps a lot in cleaning my mind that have been poluted by my own enviroment. I feel fresh now. Hee.Trust me. I spend a lot of my time with my family, cousins, uncles and aunts during these holidays by always lepak-ing during night time at The Curve untill midnight. Such a happy moment for me, though. Might be people will ask why a simple thing like that become a happy momment for me? It is because i ussually spend my time with them years back ago but when comes 2009, the-ussually spend time-activity becomes slower day by day due to the busy that all of us face. So yeah, thats why it is. I mean a happy moment. Precious!

Okey. I better end it now. Someone is waiting for me downstairs. So, thats it for now. Will update it later.

June 7, 2009

Awesome Holiday Trip

Just came back from holiday trip and i'm so not in the mood of sharing it. FULLSTOP!