November 28, 2008

super duper happy and excited

Dr. Carlisle Cullen

Esme Cullen

Rosalie Hayle and Emmet Cullen

Edward Cullen

Jasper Hayle and Alice Cullen

The Cullens Family

The Lover ; Edward cullen and Isabella Swan

gosh! i'm tired but i'm ok with it. i just came back from OU.
guess what?! i had watch the twilight movie and it was fantastic.
i gave 5 stars for it. like OMG! sumpah best giler dowh!
mcm x puas je. nak tggggggggkkkkkk lagiiii! i dont care.
edward cullen was really cute and hot!
ok. i went there with my cousins.
yg pegi tgk td ade 9 all of them.
yg pegi td iman, azril, aizat, kak nana, fariq, fadin, fadzleen, mummy plus me.
its been awhile x jmpe iman and ble jmpe td i was like "wah! iman makin tggi wooh!"
its the truth weih. iman tggi gyler skrg. mentang2 basketball player. ish3!
haha. lame. yela mne tak nye eventhough same age tp kteorg jarang jmpe sbb dia in boarding school.
so yeah, mcm ssh la nk jmpe unless school hols like this. ;)
back to the trail.
i went for the show at 4.30pm. duh! ramai giler. yeah. what do u expect kan?
the movie has just been released out yesterday.
mmg swwwwwwwwwweeeeeeett giler.
all the scenes in the movie were my favourites.
it was awesome show and the couple were sweet lover together.
naaaaaakkkkk beli DVD and tgk kat cinema lagi!
nak tgk more n more n more n more!
after the movie, tbe2 je, mummy ckp kat i and kak nana that " nana, fateen, nnt nak cri a guy, search sumone who have the characters like edward."
and we were like " hahaha! yeah. sure!"
then, kak nana x abis2 mentioned edward's name untill we splitted up.
and iman just cant stop to say that the movie was just a fantasy. tipu je. haha.
iman, just dont be envy with edward la. u ni.

so, u guys out there, u better be fast to the nearest cinema to catch this TWILIGHT movie as it was really superb! haha ;)


tagged and tagged

by; yongsofea

My Top 10 Most Favorite Foods :

1- spaghetti carbonara
2- sushi
3- tako
4- steak
5- chicken chop
6- lasagne
7- ice cream
8- tobelarone chocs.
9- blueberry yogurt
10- mummy's handmade.

Top 10 Things I Love Doing :
1- daydreaming
2- blogging
3- online-ing
4- lepak-ing with cousins and friends.
5- chatting
6- reading english novels.
7- watching movies
8- hearing musics.
9- disturb my adiks.
10- shopping! ;D

fav!5 Things I Love Doing When I'm EMO :
1- search for a peace place
2- crying! its relieved.
3- terbongkang on the bed.
4- doa bnyk2. ceh ceh. i'm a good good girl ok.
5- lepas geram kat siblings or cousins. haha.

Top 5 Types of Guys I Adore :

1- first of all, gentleman.
2- caring
3- loving.
4- protecter
5- cute and handsome.

(basically, i wanna have a guy like EDWARD CULLEN, haha. can i ?)

5 Things I Love Doing When I'm Happy :

1- saya mmg gyler berangan. angan angan saya sangat la tggi menggunung. hee.
2- disturbing mummy! best!
3- gelak mcm org giler
4- taking a lot of pics.
5- merepek repek.

5 Things I Wish To Happen :

1- get 10A1 for spm next year. amin!
2- marrying my dream type of guy
3- wish i will be rich someday.
4- leaving malaysia to another country.
5- thin thin thin! ;D

My Top 5Most Addicted Song :

1- i hate this part -PCD
2- can i have this dance? - HSM3
3- tell me something i dont know - selena gomez
4- papparazi - lady gaga
5- decode - paramore

5 People I Wish To Tag :

i dont feel like to tag anyone. so, just self service ok. ;)

kesan fever

now the clock shows that its 12.40pm.
i'm still awake and x tau kenapa. kesan fever ke i wonder.
x mungkin la kan. crap je lebih weih.
dan i kinda wonder kenapa tiba2 i mcm nk blog je lebih2 ari ni?
tp malang skali jawapannya tidak dijumpai.
so, i just tros blog blog blog dan blog smpai penat.
padahal tiada ape2 utk diceritakan lagi2 pada saat bulan tengah mengambang di tengah malam ini.
eh, sebentar! bulan sedang mengambang kah malam ini?
oh, itu saya sendiri tidak tahu dan tidak mampu untuk menjawabnya.
walaupun windows hanya berada tidak smpai beberapa centimetre dr jarak kedudukan, i kinda malas utk melihat suasana diluar pd malam hari. haha.
lame! ape kejadah ni weih fateen dayana crapping kat blog mlm ni? lost her mind ke?
no la! i'm just boring je kot.
tape la. stop crapping till here i guess.
gud nyte!

November 27, 2008

more movies ;)

Gosh! i reaally really looking forward for new movies as now i'm really so called TWILIGHT addicter. haha.
after twilight of course i'll be more active in cinema i quess. pfft! ;)
so yeah! these are some movies that i wanna watch n looking forward for.






these are some movies yg i really looking forward.
mcm best je weih. x sabar nk tgk.
hee! ;D

giler giler adore! ;DD

today i supposed to be in tuition class but as i'm not in a good condition which means i'm not feeling well with this dizzling headache, demam and flu.
mummy said just stay at home to keep it fit.
so, yeah. i ade kat rumah now all alone.
thank god! my adiks tade. i mean ade la ketenangan a lil bit. diorg suma ade at my mak long's house in Damansara.
but i'm envy them a lot. duh!
diorg bole lepak-ing with my cousins at the curve, watch movies and all stuff at night.
yela kan. my mak long's house near by with ou, the curve, cineleisure dan yg sewaktu dgn nye. while i'm on the bed. haha. pffftt!
oh wait! did i just said watch movies? holy shit!
today is 27th november peeps!
its TWILIGHT fever!
like OMG i nnnnaaaaaaakkkk pegi tgk as sooonn as i can.
maybe tomorrow la i pegi kot.

he is cute, isnt he?
seriously i'm in love with Edward Anthony Masen Cullen NOT robert pattinson.
Damn! i'm in love with fictional character. haha.
lame! ;))

November 24, 2008

kne tagged

by: ellatralala

The rules:-Link to your tagger and post these rules. List 8 random facts about yourself and tag 8 people

1. over sensitive
2. giler fashion
3. shopaholic!
4. spoiled! its true wei. haha.
5. addicted to san francisco coffee and starbucks. yummy!
6. a fantastic dreamer. ;D
7. easy to cry


1. yong sofea
2. aisyah munirah
3. sza
4. fikri firazan
5. spe spe
6. yang
7. nak

First Name
can i consider fateen ?
fateen, dayana, yana, dyna, kakak, and jigie(dont ask me why)
Name you wish you had
Mia Edryana. ;D
What do people normally mistake your name as
fatin diana, fatin diyana, fateen diyanah and so on. FATEEN DAYANA la.
1st april 1992
Klinik Dr. Sulaiman. my uncle's clinic yaw!
Time of Birth
lol. mne la nk igt. that time i was a baby.
Single or taken
taken. eh eh, single la. blom kawin lg. haha. oh crap!
Zodiac sign

-Your Appearence-
How tall are you
Wish you were taller
yeah! nak sannnggat!
kinda brownish
Eye color you want
baby aqua or green. ;)
Natural Hair color
pure black
Current Hair color
i dont dye. so, blackie
Short or long hair
Ever dye your hair a bizarre color
did i just recently said dat i didnt dye? duh~
Last time you did something dramatic with your hair
dramatic? haha. brush it je la.
Glasses or contacts
both kot. tapi x ske specs. contacts la
Do you wear make-up
yeah! on a reason of event.
Ever had hair extensions
euww! x nak la. x interested lgsg.
Paint your nails

-In the opposite gender-
What color eye
sucker for green eyes! haha. angan angan je tggi.
What color hair
black would be nice.
Shy or Outgoing
Sexy or Cute
both pon owkeyh but prefer more to cutie.
Serious or Fun
nak dua- dua
Older or Younger than you.
Older la. but not tooooo older ok. amin! haha.
A turn on
good listener and gentleman.

A turn off
ckp lepas, proud of his self, show off, sweet talker without brain, dunno how to respect people and many more. malas nk elobrate.

-This or that-
Flowers or Chocolates
nak dua dua.
Pepsi or Coke
Rap or Rock
rap are the best.
Relationship or One night stand
one night stand? OMG! totally insane. i'm not dat cheap. relationship please!
School or Work
i'm so gonna choose school.
Love or Money
erk! ssh ni. haha. both la. can?
Movies or Music
movies are the lyrics while musics are the rythm. so, without both theres nothing.
Country or City
Sunny or Rainy days
rainy days. ske!
Friends or Family
both is important to my life.

-Have you ever-
pnh la. tipu sunat kot. jyeahaha!
Stole something
nope! never!
euww! i will never touched it.
Hurt someone close to you
rse mcm pnh.
Broke someone's heart
oh boy! yeah. sory.
Had your heart broken
ni x pyh ckpla. like million times kot. haha.
Wondered what was wrong with you
oh shit! yes.
Wish you were a prince/princess
honestly, nope!
Liked someone who was taken
x. i sedar diri owkeyh! ish. ;))
Shaved your head
oooooohhhh! tidak!
Used chopsticks
it was like trillion times
Sang in the mirror to yourself
haha. ofcourse la

red roses
erk! banyak la
currently, paparazzi
BVL yg mmg i love it giler. just wangggggii!
metalic colours
depends on the mood.
tade favourite singer.
Junk food
haha. suma kot. sebut je and it will be a big YES! ;)
bole tak if i say Korea? haha. malaysia la
ntah. tade kot.

Ever cried over someone
huish! bnyk kali weih.
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself
nope. i dah bersyukur. haha.
Do you think you're attractive
ntah la. x tau. yeah! in my way la kan.
If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose
echanted. sweet! ;D
Do you play any sports
bowling and futsal. smpai kaki terseliuh. haha!

November 22, 2008

mid valley

i went to mid valley just now with mummy.
pusing2 and jalan2 the whole mid and lastly decided to watch HSM3.
the show was at 4pm.
i igt org will be like a few je in the cinema as the story dah lama kuar on the 24th oct but i was totally wrong sbb the cinema penuh giler.

owkeyh. when i watched this movie just now, two words were in my mind.
Sweet and Cute!
sumpah weih, i really love it. eventhough this movie nmpk kinda childish dgn setiap scene mesti singing and all that but really! its very cute!
yeah yeah! i noe ade yg x suka this movie mcm my sista tu. she really dont like the movie and kept babbling dlm cinema td and i was like OMG this young lady really get on my nerve. haha!
and uh oh yeah, next week! twilight twilight twilight!
27th oct guys! looking forward to the movie.

November 20, 2008

the day

thursday is the day. and its today. ari ni i've started my tuition by taking only two subjects which are physics and chemistry.
and the class was sooooo mampat. really. dah mcm dlm tin ikan sardin. haha.
but i can try myself to feel comfartable with the surrounding.
i will. the tuition started at 10am and it ends at 1pm.
after finished the class, i dgn najwa had our lunch dkt mom's cake house.
i had a plate of black pepper chicken chop with a glass of iced lemon tea while najwa had a hotplate of yeemee and a glass of cincau.
while waiting our order to be served, najwa n me revised back what we had learned at tuition.
thank god, i can try to understand it. amin.
then, finished eating i went lepak dkt rumah najwa. around 5.30 camtu bru i blk.
i feel very tired right now.
burbye! ;)

November 19, 2008

Nadhirah Abdul Rahim, my sweetie

Friends 'til the end,
That's what we always said,
Even when all hopes were dead.

Friends 'til the end,
We will always be,
Nothing can ever come between you and me.

Friends 'til the end,
Even when nothing will bend,
Our friendship we will always mend.

Friends 'til the end,
There's nothing we can't overcome,
I know you'll be there when I need someone.

Friends 'til the end,
We will never part,
As long as we have each other in our hearts.

Friends 'til the end,
Lies never told,
Standing together so strong and so bold.

Friends 'til the end,
With nowhere to begin,
I know I'll never be without you as a friend.

Friends 'til the end,
You can cry on my shoulder,
That's what I've always told her.

Friends 'til the end,
Through sun and snow,
While others still come and go.

Friends 'til the end,
When my light fades away,
She brings back the sunlight into my day.

Friends 'til the end,
Nothing else in mind,
Someone who's always there when you're in a bind.

Friends 'til the end,
All throughout time,
I'm proud to say you're a friend of mine.

Friends 'til the end,
Even with a fight,
We'll always be friends again that night.

Friend 'til the end,
Through thick and thin,
A strong friendship will always win.

Friends 'til the end,
Through laughter and tears,
With a friend you can overcome any fears.

Friend 'til the end,
We share all our dreams,
We will make it by any means.

Friends 'til the end,
Our hopes will all come true,
There's no other pair like me and you.

Friends 'til the end,
Through highs and lows,
When we're together anything goes.

Friends 'til the end,
We're in the same boat,
But it will always stay afloat.

Friends 'til the end,
I'll never be alone again,
As long as I have you as a friend.

Friends 'til the end,
No matter what people say,
We will always go our own way.

We may take other paths,
And go separate ways,
But we'll always meet at the bend,
Because we're friends 'til the end.

this beautiful lady known as Nadhirah Abdul Rahim is my bestfriend ever.
i love her to fullest.
we'd known each other since standard four.
today she will depart to abi dhabi with her family.
her family are moving there for 10 years long.
but she will coming back to malaysia alone for her SPM.
and 2nd of december is the date that she will be come back here.
after her spm, she will be flying back to abu dhabi.
td she called me around 7 pm sumthing.
we chitchat for awhile. that time die dah ade kt klia. she will depart at the time of 9pm malaysia.
sumpah i sedih giler. act. mse i talked to her, i controlled my emotion. but the time after we putted the phone. i cried. cried as i want to. my mum kinda suprised when i cried because mse i talked to nadhirah on the phone, i mcm hoohaahooha. gelak2, ckp loudly. then, suddenly i cried.
pastu mummy tnye " laa. whats wrong? npe u nangis?"
and i was like " mummy, i'm sad. fateen x dpt jmpe nadhirah pon and shes leaving that soon. i miss her alot, mummy."
then mummy pon ckp " alah, nnt nadhirah kan blk sni blk. nnt u hang out la ngn die."
yeah! i just cant wait the-hang-out-time to come.
i nakkkkkkkkkkk mmmmeeeeetttttt uuuuu!
i miiissssssssss uuuuuu giler giler, i swear its true.
i x tipu.
oh god! take good care of my friend there.
she is my greatest bestfriend ever and will remain it forever.
nobody can't replace her place in my life. fullstop!

p/s: i'm not lesbo owkeyh. ;)

November 18, 2008

schools out

hey darla! its holidays, n of course its schools out. i'm really happy till death.
haha! but wait! when i think it back, what i'm gonna do in the house? duh! when i think of that, i'll be pissed off. one word will make it, BORING!
unless i've something to do with vacation and stuff, it will be more fun n exciting.
so, i've to figure it out for myself to do some extremely fun stuffs n etc.
but i wonder what is the so called-extremely-fun-stuffs- that i'm searching for? jyeah!
shopping, movies, lepaking n much more are enough for me to throw out the 'boring' things from my way.
so, yeah! that is what i can think for this moment rather than thinking when i'm gonna spent my this year holidays in NYC or LA. i rather die than thinking about a vacations like that.
its not that my parents cant afford it(yeah, act. its the one of the reason though), it just that my dad who was so called a busy man on the earth with his office works. i think he should won the category of the busiest worker on the earth. ade ke category tu? ahaha. i think tade. ;)
owkeyh, back to the trail. my dad really push his life to his work untill he really get stressed of it.
i really pity him a lot. but in the same time me n my family kinda disappointed. yela, cant u just imagine, dah 2 years we all satu family did not went for holidays. last holidays yg i can remember is when we all satu family were in sabah. its very upset.
so, this year i x harap pegi jauh jauh pon.
dpt pegi dekat2, pon i dont ever mind. janji its holiday with my family.
my dad really cant promise my family anything because he cant even plan it.
its all because of his boss yg x reti nk think of other peoples who had family at home.
shit! oh god, please help my family! ;))
till then.

p/s: i miss the winter eventhough i never had the experiance.;D

November 16, 2008

an event at Pizza Hut vers. 2

as i promise to u my deary diary, i want to post out the pictures now.
uh oh, i noe i noe its kinda late for the post but who cares?
i still want to post it out.
its an unforgetable memory.
now, take a look of it. jyeah!

i swear that
I love U Guys!

November 14, 2008

an event at Pizza Hut

today i had jamuan for my class at Pizza Hut and it was fantastic eventhough ramai yg x dtg.
about 30 la yg showed their cute, hot, macho, beautiful, preety, n handsome faces kt sne td kn.
but seriously my classmates suma gyler gyler comel suma td. proud giler dowh. haha. start to crap i guess.
*wink wink
the jamuan started on 3.30 n supposedly finished on 5p.m but as we were like so jakon with the surroundings there, so we took a lot i mean a LOAD of pictures there untill it reached almost 6p.m
dont blame us about that, thnk u! haha. ;))
and i'm so sad cause i didnt bring up my camera as my beloved sister was using it for taking pictures with her friends.
sumpah i ckp kat Pizza Hut td, we were doing the place like our own house without guilty but who cares?! we were enjoying our moment dude! so, let it be without silent shit. jyeahaha!
like OMG mmg gyler bising tadi. sabar je la the workers yeah. haha.
owkeyh. till then.

the pictures will be update soon. i'm waiting for the pictures.

p/s: sayangkuh yong sofea, i'm waiting for the pictures from u, owkeyh darling. u better be fast. ;D

November 13, 2008

the craps

1. Is it cute when guys kiss you on your forehead?
like OMG sangat cute. ;)

2. A big poofy dress or a short party dress?

a short party dress would be very nice.

3. What would you do if you received a long love letter?
i'll read it n make a frame for it. its love letter baby! haha.

4. Group dates or single dates?
both pon owkeyh but group dates lg best kot. the more, the merrier. privacy? yeah nk jggggkkkk! haha. ;D

5. Do you hate it when guys act different around their friends?

really hate it. LOSER!

6. Are diamonds a girl’s best friend?

not for me at least.

7. Is your hair up or down today?


8. Do you straighten your hair?

nope. natural it is.

9. Favorite mascara?

M.A.C n maybeline

10. Do you get your nails done?


11. Small or large purses?


12. In your purse, what are your must haves?

cellphone, lipgloss, tissue n money of course.

13. Jeans or sweats?

jeans hunny!

14. Do you wear clothes/shoes/jewelry that’s uncomfortable?

like hello! why should i make myself suffer.

15. Do you text message a lot?

naaaaahh! i prefer call

16. What would you do if you got pregnant?

i do? erm. panic at first n happy at last. haha. ;)

17. What’s your favorite color?

silver n violet kot.

18. Heels or flats?

heels but flats pon owkeyh jgk.

19. Did you ever cry during a romantic movie?

yes i do. a great moment la katakan. haha. *crap

20. Would you ever leave the house without make-up on?

of course!

21. Walmart or Target?


22. Do you wear collared shirts?

yes i do!

23. Do you like preppy boys?


24. Do you think lip gloss is the best!?

yeah! i lalalalove it like hell

25. Do you own any big sunglasses?


26. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

20 minutes

27. Do you like to wear band-aids?


28. Do you like skater boys?

ske jgk. sorta HOT! haha. ;)

29. Do you often wish there was something you could change?

obviously, yes! alot.

30. Gold or silver?

since silver is my fav, so silver is the picker.

31. Do you like to receive flowers?

aww! i like!

32. Do you like surfer boys?

they will be like so hot with the surf board. ;)

33. Do you dress up for the holidays?

yeah! mostly yes.

34. Do you like to wear dresseses?
i love it!

35. On a scale of 1-10 how much do guys confuse you?

9.99 ;)

36. In the last 48 hours have you hung out with a guy?


37. Would you date a guy shorter than you?
tape kot. but the guy? mesti malu kot. ;DD

38. Do you like to hold hands?

haha. secret!

39. What is the youngest you would date?

currently 16

40. What is the oldest you would date?

currently 19

41. What do you notice when you first meet a guy?

his face. ;)

42. Is it hott when guys sweat?

like euwww! disgusting!

43. What is the best feature in a guy?

non-smoking n gentleman ;D

44. Do you like making eye contact?
haha. gedik je. malu la.

46. Would you kill for chocolate?
oh absolutely no!

47. Did you ever spend all day/night getting pretty for a guy?

euww! why should i?

48. On a scale from 1-10 how fun is shopping?

10+++. haha. very very very fun!

49. Do you freak out if you miss your favorite show?
oh yes!

50. Do you yell a lot?

a LOAD! with capital L

51. Do you wear sweatpants/pajamas to school/work?

unfortunately, i wore uniform to school.

52. Have you ever dressed unlike yourself to impress a guy?

like OMG seriously i never do that n i'll neva do that.

53. Do you write a lot of mushy love poems?

haha. for my own bf maybe.

54. What makeup could you not live w/ out?

lipgloss. ;)

55. Do you fall in love easily?

before this yes but now, very hard seriously.

56. Do you have cramps?
a lot!

57. Do you think you have the bestest friend ever?

oh yeeeeeeeeeeessssssss! i love em. ;DD


today i was not in the school and of course i'm not in the magz room.
i woke up late around 9. afta solat subuh, i get back to my bed and continue my dreams untill 9.
and suprisely i woke up and asked my mum "mummy, knape x kejut fateen?" and my mum was like " mummy igt u x pegi skola. so, mummy let u continue ur sleep la." lol.
so, now i'm alone in the house without nothing interesting to do.
if i'm in school dis morning, i can sent my Komsas work to my teacher.
nah! just forget the past.
and so yeah, my mum asked me to washed the dishes in the sink and all that.
its really went fine to me.
yeah of course because i've got nuthing to do.
now i'm blogging.
uh oh, i'm looking forward to watch TWILIGHT. i've just bce the novel yesterday. its my 50 times read the books i guess. haha. sumpah cite die best giler! dah la the hero twilight 2 giler hot.
like OMG naaaaaaaaaaaakkkkk sannnnnnnnnngggggggggaaaaaaaaaaat tggggkkk!
ok. gtg. burbye!

November 12, 2008

resemblance stuff

heyluuuuu mi amor! haha. i noe i have been silent for awhile.
its all because of my resemblance s**t that i've to do dis 1 week.
the magazines work.
like OMG seriously the magazine works were really get on my nerve!
like hello! it really dare my level of patience u noe. hell yeah! ;D
and i just cant imagine myself for the next coming day to do the work till done.
sangat penat weih! everybody were enjoying their holidays while i'm stuck with all the burden lay on me.
Help me!
owkeyh, i really dont have the mood to writing.
so, end! ;))

November 9, 2008

kne tagged ;D

di tagged oleh Ella si comel lotte.
* take a recent photo of yourself OR take a picture of yourself RIGHT NOW.
* DONT change your cloth. DONT fix your hair, just take a picture.
* Post
that picture with NO editing.
* post this instruction with your picture.
* Tag 10 people to do this.

take this! jyeah! this is what u get if u want the RIGHT NOW pic. funny gyler. this picture ni was snap at my auntie's house. skrg pon di rumah die ni. haha! nasib baik on9 kt umah die. atleast, ade tudung. if not, free hair akan dikemukan jikalau saya di umah skrg. jyeahahaha!

who i wanna tag yeah??
( mls nk tag org sbnrnye)
1. Yong Sofea.


November 8, 2008

personal assistant

hey diary ! how was ur day? haha. lame u fateen ! me?
uh oh, my day was owkeyh and tired of course.
the tittle is personal assistant n y personal assistant? why why why?
yelah i'm the havoc personal assistant la n to whom i gave out my services?
yes! of course my preeettyy mummy!
haaha. today my mum asked me to accompany her to KL since papa had kursus stuff to attend.
then, papa pon asked me to replace him for awhile or should i say a day by teman mummy to KL
and i'm owkeyh with that.
afta finish her stuff to do at KL, we went to Giant, Batu Caves. mummy ade bnde nk beli.
plus, we filled our empty stomach at Rasamas ape ntah. i ate honey chicken rice and a glass of iced lemon tea, my mum had golden chicken chop n a glass of bandung cincau.
act. we dont have anything to buy there. then, i found sumthing that really caught my eyes.
it was edward cullen and isabella swan picture infront of the FIRST magazine.
when i saw the magz, cpt2 i grabbed it up n paid. haha! cute and sweet!
after fulled, we went back home.
reached home, i had incoming call from sumone.
then, guess who? its azeri dude! like OMG i cant even reconigsed his voice at all.
haha! it seems like a decade we did not contact or meet each other.
and i wonder how is he right now? lme gyler dowh x jmpe die. padahal die skola kt sek men taman desa 2 je. its not that far from my house.
till then. ;)

Pictures of the Day

November 7, 2008

melepak afta exams !

today i had just finished my final exams and i was very overjoyed with it.
but the final's was harder than i thought. arrrgghh! geram je dowh !
honestly, it was absolutely nuts ! haha !
owkeyh, i better keep my mouth shut for dis exams topic or i'll start shitting about it.
and it s really not a good sign.
uh oh, this evening afta school just now around 3 sumthing i had kinda small jamuan at McD
anjuran photography club.
the amount of people sorta small. and and and the surrounding at McD just now really attracted me.
like OMG seriously mmg ramai gyler org kt McD and it was fulled with students.
maybe its all because finals were just ended and for them mcm dah MERDEKA kot.
act. its not that what i mean with ' the surrounding really attracted me ' .
it was all about the people or should i say students.
dating, smoking and all that stuff.
dating? owkeyh, fine! its kinda normal for teenagers. and me, my self had experienced it before.
so, it was fine with me.
but when it comes to smoking. i'll say a BIG NO for smoke owkeyh.
i really hate tht word so badly. even, i hate to see n i cant stand with people who love smoke like hell.
like dude! ur still student la weih. cant u be patient untill ur 18 or sumthing.
then, u can kill urself slowly. be proud of it? like duh! stupid je dowh!
and i wonder why his gf did not have the intends to stop him or the easy way is just leave the guy?
what an evil of me? but its true. why should we be bother with a guy like tht? ryte? is not worth it at all. wasting time love him but he himself does not love himself and dunno how to appriciate his life. bongok je!
end story of dis one matter. mcm sensitive je dowh. haha. but but but like i care! *evil ;DD
an hour after tht, my friends and i were lepaking at my bestfriends house, najwa.
and as ussual, when lepaking with each other we were like started the gossip all around.
like OMG happy gyler dgn tergelak2 nye. mcm org gyler je weih. but i'm happy. so, back off! haha.
i'm tired. fullstop ! ;D

November 6, 2008

addiction of Twilight

the forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest
and so the lion fell in love with the lamb
and did you get what you wanted, from this life, even so ? i did.
Nothing will be the same.

OMG Twilight OMG OMG!
twilight is just around the corner and it is become more n more addictive
from day to day. i just cant barely stand to watch the movie.
like OMG seriously i was diagnosed with obsessive Edward Cullen disorder.
i cant wait for Twilight any longer. The anticipation is killing me slowly.
somehow, i'm having trouble dealing with the fact that Edward Anthony Masen Cullen, the bloodsucker is just a fictional character.
uh oh, i've just recently have been told by my beloved sister that Twilight cant be release in Malaysia and what the heck is that?!
my sister said that twilight has been banned. n i wonder why did it turned like that?
i feeled very down right now.
but i really hope that the news arent the truth.
phew! ;))

November 5, 2008

striking boredness

owkeyh. first of all today or to be more specific now i should be in school, in the magazines room
for finish all my work as i'm under graphic department which is very important after the editor.
but i've no transport.
so, where i am ryte now? yes! of course at my beloved house.
and i'm sure my best best best friends, najwa n yong sofea were angry at me.
pity u guys. but dont worry i swear i'll do my work n urs untill it done.
ur guys are the greatest. especially my chumell buddy ni yong sofea.
like OMG ur seriously fantastic men! ur help me a lot same goes to macek lawa sorg ni najwa.
i think i owe u guys a lot. and ur ' jasa baik' will be pay by me. dont worry chikas!
uh oh! dis friday is my last exams with chem n physics paper 3 the end of it.
and yet now i feel so malas weih nk stdy. oh no! fateen! no u cant have the feeling like tht.
its too dangerous. pray to Allah! ;)
ok till then. i'll blog soon.

Pictures of the day

November 3, 2008

hair cut

2 days ago, i had a haircut at auntie aina's salun. act. i'm kinda sayang to let my hair cutted.
but what to do i felt hot before. sorta. rndu weih my previous hair. ;(


p/s: hello new hairy! be good to me owkeyh. i'll love u as i love ur previous hairy friend before.