November 27, 2008

giler giler adore! ;DD

today i supposed to be in tuition class but as i'm not in a good condition which means i'm not feeling well with this dizzling headache, demam and flu.
mummy said just stay at home to keep it fit.
so, yeah. i ade kat rumah now all alone.
thank god! my adiks tade. i mean ade la ketenangan a lil bit. diorg suma ade at my mak long's house in Damansara.
but i'm envy them a lot. duh!
diorg bole lepak-ing with my cousins at the curve, watch movies and all stuff at night.
yela kan. my mak long's house near by with ou, the curve, cineleisure dan yg sewaktu dgn nye. while i'm on the bed. haha. pffftt!
oh wait! did i just said watch movies? holy shit!
today is 27th november peeps!
its TWILIGHT fever!
like OMG i nnnnaaaaaaakkkk pegi tgk as sooonn as i can.
maybe tomorrow la i pegi kot.

he is cute, isnt he?
seriously i'm in love with Edward Anthony Masen Cullen NOT robert pattinson.
Damn! i'm in love with fictional character. haha.
lame! ;))

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yongsofea said...

yeay ! syg . nnt i pn nk try tgk la ngn k.fara nnt ! orng sume cam mabuk citer niee je ! mcm pelik sket! ahah . besst ke x . ahah