January 29, 2009

can wish comes really true?

As the tittle above. Can wishes come true? I'm talking about wishes not dream.
Its some kind of a big different meaning by both word.
So, people mostly have a lot i mean LOAD of wishes to be fullfil. I'm in the category of 'mostly' so, i do have wishes and i want it to be true instantaneously.
I've my own wishes list.
So, let see whats in my list of wishes.
How i wish i can have Nicole Scherzinger hot body? heck! haha. What a pathetic request to be hear?
Laughing? Laugh as loud as u wish. I've got no offense from ur stupidity that knows how to laugh at people.
Ok. This one comes the serious and an infinate wish which i rarely talk to anybody about it.
But my closest friends and families know about it i quess.
The wish is i really craving for Korea to further up my study and i can involve in engineering field.
Maths, Addmaths, Physics and Chem? Yeah! I know i'm not that good and genius in this subjects but miracles are all around. The Almighty can do anything and everything to change it. I believe that.
nevertheless, i've to fight in studies and keep pray to Allah.
For now these are my wishes. I do have alot more wishes but these are what i want and ask for now.
I'll wait, wait and wait to the end of my war to end.
I know it is just a wish. I'll fight for it. Chaiyok! ;D

January 28, 2009


Ok. Let start with what is going on with me now. I'm being little harsh inside but not outside.
I'm being rebell towards myself NOT towards someone else. I'm being frantically messy with my own mind NOT with others mind. So, what the hell is going on with me? I even dont have any intention on doing nothing including writing blog now. I mean for this meantime.
Ok. Might be i'm in my PMS mode. Wtf?! Laugh? Laugh as loud as u like to but it really did not bother me at all.
I'm normal and in the same time complicated to judge human being who does not always be in a good condition
So, please do UNDERSTAND me.

P/S: I'll be back soon.

January 25, 2009

Holidays Back

First of all, i would like to wish Happy Chinese New Year for all chinese who celebrate it.
and to my chinese friends, wheres my ang pau meh? haha.
uh oh, thnx for the oranges who gave me before. i just love it. yummy!
since chinese new year is around the corner, holidays are coming back. indeed now. gah!
and guess what?! i demam! oh god! sian je. mcm tau tau je cuti kan. nak demam jgk dia.
so yeah, eventhough its a holiday eve but yet i've to study during holidays.
gila apa nak enjoy mati-matian like last year. SPM dude! forget the enjoyment for awhile.
sabar fateen, sabar.
my homeworks were like OMG banyak gila, ok. the homeworks keep laden on me.
tapi apa nak buat, kena buat jugak for own benefit sake.
but when i think of it back, its nothing to compare what is coming next after my school life.
lg susah kan. so, i've to make used of myself with all these.
this evening i'll be going back to mummy's hometown in malacca.
so, thats all for now. cheerio! ;)

January 22, 2009

enjoyed as no ones around

heyluu! it is such a breathtaking time when i can write something here. haha.
penat giler dowh. act, everytime schools day je mesti pnt giler mcm nak mati kan. duh!
today it sorta a suprise when i can online at this time. i mean like now, 4 o'clock to 5.
it is so so inconceiveable. yela maybe today my tuition start on 7.45pm. thats why la ade time nak merepek kat blog ni today. hahaha.
if not, mmg lupakan je la kan hasrat nak berinternet ni kan. and now i mcm lazy to study. so, yeah ni la jadi nya. miss to crapping in this crap stuff.
starts back with school.
school was ok but sir JC and Pn. Jaspal were not in.
so, add maths, maths and chem were skipped just like that because of these beloved teachers of mine were not in.
enjoyed la my classmates but not me. seriously NOT me.
dah la tgh semangat gila nak belajar tapi the teachers tak ada pulak.
my heart kinda sad. dont laugh! its totally a truth. huh!
can u just imagined, 6 periods without studying anything?! without any piece of shit? pfft!
my brain can just be rust within the 6 periods of time. hish!
ok. i 'm being overboard now. haha. konon marah ni. ;))
then, i did my homeworks while no teachers around. i did my physics and chem lab report.
how rajin am i, kan kan kan? *winkwink*
uh oh yeah! sejarah tadi! OMG OMG OMG! sleepy like just listen to bedtime story yang mmg tak best. sorry teacher.
and the good news is Pn. Kanniga said after CNY might be sir Magandran will teach my class back.
what a relieve to hear that. i miss sir Magandran so much. i miss his teach.
My classmates were like cheered it up. so does me.
suka suka! sape tak suka, kan? ^_^
OMG! its 5pm. i've to stop now. i'll be update it later.

January 18, 2009

A Decision

My sister came back to home just now due to her outing session. We had a long talk together, she gave me a piece of advice and yeah i thank her a lot.
She made me think deeply into some matter of future.
Eventhough we fighted almost half of our life but yet she really a good companion of my life since she was born.
i've made my decision that i'm gonna drop EST and i'll take Tassawur Islam.
Before this i'd confirmed that i'm gonna take 9 subjects for SPM but unfortunately i'm still in dilemma of confussion.
Just now, we had quite long conversation between us. I've asked for her opinion and she did gave me a lot of her opinion. i've pray to GOD and my heart sorta hear the advice from my sister.
Now, i have my own decision and that is i'll take 10 subjects including Tassawur and minus EST.
Thank to GOD, my mum and Elin who gave me the vision in a deep way.
It is not the matter of how many paper do i sit for my spm but it is the matter of how much will i score for them.
So, can u see how i'm blind without Fadzleen Izyana in my life? it can be so obvious without her.
how i wish she is here, not at her boarding school. i need my listener. haha. what a drama, fateen? funny je. but seriously, i misses her load. ;D
So, Tassawur Islam here i come!


di tagged oleh : Yong Sofea Mohd Wazir

1. Apabila telah terpilih dengan malangnya, silalah menulis 16 perkara paling rawak sama ada tentang fakta, perangai tak senonoh ataupun hala tuju hidup anda.2. Silalah hasut 16 orang lain untuk melakukan perkara ini.3. Sila tanda manusia yang telah menanda anda di peringkat awal.4. Ketahuilah, jika anda terpilih ia adalah kerana anda juga manusia biasa yang perlukan perhatian dan kasih sayang yang secukupnya ketika bayi.

1. i'm shy with strangers.
2. i laugh a lot.
3. i craving for Korea to further up my study
4. into engineering field eventhough physics and add maths mcm 'terlampau pandai'. haha
5. i'm FAT!
6. i'm Tobelarone White Chocolate addict
7. i'm changing in every second of time. so, doakan lah perubahan yang baik. ;)
8. i love Yong Sofea, Najwa Fathia and Nadhirah a lot. They are some kind of extra oxygen for me to live my life in normal way.
9. i'm super duper sensitive girl where i'll let it be in my heart without people knowing it. so,
better watch out ur word.
10. i'm complicated and hard to describe.
11. english novels lover.( but yet my english still berterabur mcm crap!hehe.)
12. i'm the type who always being anxious to something that not worth it.
13. can turn to rebelious in a time.
14. weirdo and very fragile
15. shopper-not-that-holic. haha
16. my tempation is very high with something called freedom.

ade bnyk lg but enough in 16 je kan. so yeah, thats all a bit. ;) nak kne tag 16 peeps eh?
ramai nye yang amat. i'll try to figure it out who will it be.

the victims:

-sza cortez

ish, mls la nak tag lebih2. ;))

January 17, 2009


Finally, ade jgk masa for me to writing . Eventhough hari ni hari sabtu but yet i'm schooling in the morning. Itu semua because of ganti sekolah for Chinesse New Year punya pasal la.
then, i'd tuition just now but i balik awal. Freakin tired! Thank God, physics tadi at tuition still can be absorbed into my smarty brain. Haha!
Load of homeworks and this year gonna be my tired years in the whole school years ever!
of course! i've to end up my last year of my existance in the school with the BOMB.
ok. as u can see now i'm so bad in writing.
i've no idea. maybe its all because of my brain more functional in the studies now. haha! yela tu kan. mcm funny je.
so yeah, i'll be updating it more if i've interesting topic to share.
thats all for now i guess.

January 11, 2009

The Desire Needs Money

Nikon D60

Awww! i want this one. actually i would love to have D80 but D60 also would be great.
so, does anyone would be generous by giving me this DSLR for my birthday present? anyone?
*wink wink*
for crying out loud, i really want this one.
now i'm still collecting money for buying this DSLR. so, i hope by this end of this year, i'll be holding this DSLR.
but it will be more fun if i get it from my parents. haha. its ok la. i want it, so i have to fine myself a way. not by burden up my parents with a sum of 3K in a spot. that will give a heart attack to them. i have my money. so yeah, i can buy it by myself and my parents dont mind either.


ok. i'll be back to the same track tomorrow as monday is coming back. so yeah, schools back peeps!
and there will be tuition classes as well. fuh! thats my life. eventhough its tiring me off but seriously i'm happy. weird? nah! it is just minor change of new ME. haha! but i think i must do a major changes in myself. just wait and see. insyaallah it will happen.
oh yeah, i'll be very busy. so, i might not be online too often like last year. maybe i'll be online on the weekends.
thats all for now. i've to finish up my homeworks, ironing my baju kurung and tudung, preparing the books for tomorrow.
till then.

p/s: nowadays i'm so lack of idea in writing a blog. so, i'll try to figure it out something interesting.

January 10, 2009

The Feel of Exhausted

hey there! its been awhile i did not update my little-not-so-fabby-typing- diary. i mean AWHILE. hee. ok let see what had happened since i'm so called silent from this little thing.
hurm. oh yeah! schools back! and i'm soooo excited of being in school now. i've met my girlfriends.
it just some kind of relieved to have them back after a long period of holidays.
my firstday of school was the bomb but too exhausted with holding the-18pieces-of-heavy-textbooks. haha. on the firstday of school, my class had started the lessons and seriously, i was like semangat gila nak study.
eventhough i'd just gone through a week of re-open school, i've been very busy with homeworks, tuition and stuff. haha. what a stereotyping, ryte? haha. of course i'll be busy for this year. my last year of school kan. hee. but its just freaking me out. like OMG i dah besar!
yeah! besar but with no ambition untill now. what a pathetic is that? i'm in 5th former right now but i don't even have any ambition for good. it keep changing day to day. for now, what i have to do is struggle for the 10 or 11 subjects that i have to take. that is the one most important things among all. if i score them all, i can pick any in preference. no doubt. so, yeah! i'll do the best for my leaving school memory. ;)
and just now in the morning, i had meetings for club, unit b'uniform and permainan. so, i went to school. today was the first meeting for this year for election of the comittee members.
and alhamdulillah, i've got post for photography club, chess club and puteri islam.
sounds funny ryte when i mention puteri islam? but who cares? it is what i choose. so, just shut up. and a member for Bahasa Melayu club too.
then, after finished the meetings, i rushed for tuition. duh! that was very exhausted. at 6, i've back at home. the life really dont need a spoil brat of REST now i guess. i've taken lot of spoil brat of REST few years back even last year. how sad was that?!
i'm yawning now. so, i better start to call my sweet dream. hee!

January 4, 2009

School Frenzy

What?! school getting start that soon? OMG! i'm franticaly anxious of being in high former. God! help me! ok. fine! i know i'm being overboard but this is ME. what can i do, ryte? being nervous, anxious, frantic and all in the family of that are soooooooo ME. heck!
the school is going to start tomorrow. i'll be holding the 5th former tittle in school. i keep asking myself "did i really get myself ready for this big tittle?" time do flies that fast untill i did not realize myself that i'm going to leave my secondary school in the number of 1 year more.
SPM? can i win in the war? i'll do the best in my SPM as before this i've never done better in my studies.
speaking of SPM, everytime i think of it, my tears drop slowly at my cheecks. trust me! i did not have any reasons for my tears but it just tears down in spontineously. Gah! abnormal? i dont know.
maybe i just afraid of my future. i want the best for my future and bring happiness to my beloved parents and family. i'll pray the best for me. always and always.
so, school? all the henky penky subjects will be my lover as i have to love them all. accounts? oh boy, this one i've to struggle more and more sbb acc mcm ssh kot nak save in my mind. hope it can work for this time.
so yeah, wishes all the best for dis year and dis year will bring some kind of differents in my life, though. -amin-


p/s: there's go my spirit. jyeah! ;D