January 17, 2009


Finally, ade jgk masa for me to writing . Eventhough hari ni hari sabtu but yet i'm schooling in the morning. Itu semua because of ganti sekolah for Chinesse New Year punya pasal la.
then, i'd tuition just now but i balik awal. Freakin tired! Thank God, physics tadi at tuition still can be absorbed into my smarty brain. Haha!
Load of homeworks and this year gonna be my tired years in the whole school years ever!
of course! i've to end up my last year of my existance in the school with the BOMB.
ok. as u can see now i'm so bad in writing.
i've no idea. maybe its all because of my brain more functional in the studies now. haha! yela tu kan. mcm funny je.
so yeah, i'll be updating it more if i've interesting topic to share.
thats all for now i guess.

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