October 27, 2009

So Much Of Shitto!

OMO! I was so thrilled when knows that Lee Min Ho was in Malaysia on the 25th of October at Sg. Wang for Etude House lauched and not forgetting autograph session but it was so sickening when knows the fact that i can't make it myself to meet his cute face there. Such an opportunity been wasted just like that. GOD! SEDIH!

Sudah! Nak merajuk! Shitto!

p/s: tak sedar diri aku ni nak SPM berapa hari lagi. Grr! Wish me lots of luck! :D

October 15, 2009


Again, i come with a video and the video might put an annoying face to others who can't bare it. So, please stay out and thank you.

Isn't this SHINee?
But why it is here?
This is their new album, isn't it?
OMG! Yes, it is. This is SHINee and this is their new album that will release out soon.
Once again with my OMG! exciting, they are coming back for comeback stage. I'm happy for that and as ussual can't wait for the real MV.
Their teaser video is so much more encouraging yet massive changes with new styles and again can't wait for the real one.

p/s: I'm hoping to get this album but do not know how to get it as SHINee album is hard to get in Malaysia. A lil' help, anyone?

October 12, 2009

A Joy Before The War

Yesterday night i had organised a small yet so uproar BBQ party at my house gathered with my girlfriends consists of Yong, Najwa, Edlina, Faizah and Nabilah. The so called party was started at 7.30pm till sharp 11.00pm. It was hectic but ended up with a blast after all. Everyone were enjoyed at the moment untill 11.00pm reached the clock and every mind kept back on the track thinked cautiously about the war that coming nearer day by day.

p/s: theres a lot of pictures but malas aku nak upload lebih - lebih. ;)

October 8, 2009

Specially Dedicated


I would like to wish u a biggest GOOD LUCK for your PMR. Eventhough today is ur second day of PMR examination and i'm sorry for the late wish but still i've wished u through the phone. I believe in u and i know u can do it. U are the genious among all! Haha.

Uh oh, not forgetting to wish GOOD LUCK to my beloved cousins which are Syafiq, Azril, Atiqah and Ijat who also currently fighting along with my sister in PMR.




October 1, 2009

I just realised...

Partially, i'm not matured yet.

Eventhough i'm in the age of SEVENTEEN, it does not mean that it's a must for me to be fully matured. It takes time to go to that stage where we call adult. I'll be there one day. Just wait and don't push.

p/s: Today, someone makes me realised of this and thank you so much for realising me.