May 12, 2010

When i'm in a blurr mode


Well, i can't think for a better tittle for my post now. Like it stated up there, i'm in a blurr mode. So, do understand it. Today, i feel like to write something here where by i didn't know myself what to write but whatever it is lets start with anything that cross in my mind.

Girlfriends had made their decisions by going to UITM taking Diploma rather than Matriks. I'm always there to be happy for whatever they did but still it's the same for me if they choose Matriks. Najwa will be going to UITM Machang, Kelantan for Business Admin, Nabilah going to UITM Dungun, Terengganu for Accountacy, Yong and Edlina going to UITM Segamat for Accountacy too, Johor and last but not very least, Nadhirah going to UITM Shah Alam, Selangor for Pre-Law. Oh and Dhaniah will be going to Nottingham University at Semenyih for Foundation in Engineering. Good Luck sweetest girlfriends for future undertaking.

Can someone atleast tell me what to buy before i'm going to uni soon? Seriously, i've no idea what to prepare. Beside my personal belonging, what else i need? Eventhough it takes about 45 minutes to one hour from UNITEN to my home, i don't want to be a troublesome to my parents by going back and forth just to complete up my stuff. I want it to be complete at least a week before i leave for uni. So, i'll figure it out and make a list what to buy. A little help from others is much aprriciated.

Can i like change the topic? I guess i can do that. I've heard that Super Junior had released a new song. After i heard that, i went to Youtube to find the new song and KABOOM ! I found them. Yay me ! Their new song and MV is just OMG ! I love their new song and their MV is like so much of hotness overload. Donghae, my favourite acting hot as always and just so u know, i'm starting to like Kyuhyun. I just can't keep myself from Aww-ing when i watched the MV. So, just let me be. Don't care to bother. I'm happy with what i'm doing. I KNOW RIGHT ! I'm back to KPOP since one of my favourite boyband beside SHINee of course is going to make their comeback like so soon. Can't wait !