June 26, 2011

Melayu Celup ?

1st situation :

( at Beijing, China)
TG : After you converted, you straight away wear your hijab ? That's good of u.
Me : What do u mean by after i converted ?
TG : Yeah lor, after u converted to Islam, you wear hijab lor.
Me : I'm Islam since the day i was born. I don't get you.
TG : Really meh ? I thought you're a chinese converted to Islam. *with surprised look.

2nd situation :

(at The Pearl Center, Beijing, China)
Salesgirl : You're so beautiful. Who do you come with? Your boyfriend ?
Me : Hihihi. Thank you. No, i come with my family. *while showing her my family at the side of the corner looking at the pearls.
Salesgirl : That's your family ?
Me : Yeah, why are you look so surprised ?
Salesgirl : Nothing. Do you have chinese blood in you ?
Me : Errrr, no. I'm a pure malay.
Salesgirl : Wah, you look like chinese eventhough you wear hijab.

3rd situation :

(the latest, Skin Renew, The Curve)
Came into the room
Madelin : *speak chinese
Me : You speaked to me ? *since it's only left me and her in the room
Madelin : You don't understand chinese ?
Me : Errr, no. I don't understand chinese. I didn't learn chinese.
Madelin : Oh, you're a malay or chinese ?
Me : Malay, for sure.
Madelin : Really aahh ? I thought you're chinese just now. That's why i speak chinese with you. Sorry aah, Dayana.
Me : Hihihi. It's okay. You're not the first actually.
Madelin : Yeah lor. You look like chinese. Your skin tone is like chinese also.
Me : Are you kidding me ? I hitam la. Not like you, very fair.
Madelin : No no, you have chinese skin tone. Mixed aahh ?
Me : As far as i concern, no la. Pure malay it is.
(In the room, i didn't wear tudung since i've facial to do that time. So, that's why she ambushed me with chinese language straight away.)

I didn't intend to brag or whatever you call it here. Even if i did, there's nothing to be proud of since it's not true. See, here's the thing, i don't really get it why people keep on saying that i'm a chinese or i've chinese blood in or yada yada yada. To be honest, I got it quite a lot from people saying that kind of stuff to me. Not only that, my family members too especially from the Malacca and Singapore sides. They always go like this, "Fateen ni ikut siapa la eh ? Muka macam cina. Nak kata mummy dia, tak pon. Nak kata papa dia pon, takde jugak." Okay, i got it from my grandma from Malacca, perhaps ? She do looks like chinese Singaporean.

How i wish, i'm mixed blood like those people said but i'm grateful enough with what i am now. Clearly, i'm a PURE MALAY without any mix here and there. Atleast, i'm not a rojak. No offense, though. Hihihi. You know what, i think i know why people keep on saying that i look like chinese la mixed blood la and whatever la, it is because my eyes. My mata so sepet one. AMAGAWD ! You guys are being mean to me. Tak baik la like that. Ohh, now i know. So sad la like that. Okay people, i'm not Melayu Celup like some people said.

June 24, 2011

Anxious, worth it

Alhamdulillah. I can't say anything more but THANKFUL. Although without flying colours, i succeed to pass every subjects.

I know how hard i've been survived for this semester and i didn't expect this, though.

Once again, Alhamdulillah.

p/s; Suddenly, i can't literally wait for degree to come this September ! :)

June 23, 2011

Obnoxious habit

Pretty girls give me good inspirations

As much as i can't wait for Transformers : Dark of The Moon to out, i can't extremely wait for Monte Carlo to be premiere in Malaysia too.

Transformers : Dark of The Moon, featuring a Victoria's Secret model, Rosie Huntington.
Monte Carlo, featuring Selena Gomez, Leighton Meester and Katie Cassidy.

Pretty girls are in action, people !

Random Thoughts #4

1. My sleeping pattern is haywire, again.

2. I'm not sure what is it that keep distracting me but these days, i can't really put my head on the pillow and sleep. What i mean is REAL sleep.

3. I hate myself for always got up late from sleep. Half of my day just dead like that.

4. I need productive days.

5. I need car. I miss driving around.

6. I'm starting to look back at this blog and write but i just don't have any idea what to scribble

7. I want the old breakfast habit which was waffle with butter and syrup were ready to serve.

8. I'm done with Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl. Next, Pretty Little Liars.

9. Gossip Girl is my favourite show ever. Always have and always will. Season 5, please.

10. I need to do something benefit now. kbye.

June 21, 2011

Hands Up in the air !

Bring in much love, hotties ! ♥ #2PM2NDALBUM

Awwww sikittt ! :)

June 20, 2011

Black and white, it is. Simplicity and not messy.

I'm not in the mood of colourful now.

Is this Seth Tan really exist ?

I'm pretty sure that most of the people out there especially ladies, know about Nora Elena series, no ? Well, there's one character that caught my eyes which was Seth Tan acted by Aaron Aziz. Basically, he's the main reason that i stayed infront of the TV for about an hour just to watch Seth in action.

Ok. Here's the thing, i'm not writing this up just to tell about the whole story of this series. I'm actually doubt about the existence of guys like Seth. Seth Tan, the guy who has everything that a girl/lady want in their partner. He's handsome, rich, gentleman, sweet, caring, very patient, and he would do anything for his beloved wife eventhough it takes him to sacrifice his own life. To add more for him looks like a real prince charming, a man of his words, he is. Yes, that's how the story describe the character of Seth.

Till this second, i wonder if there is really a guy who have all the characters up there in this new generation ? Little did i know, after a few weeks of Seth, my expectation towards my future husband has highly increased ! I know as a girl, i shouldn't put it that way but a girl really can dream big. I hold on that.

My mummy said this,

" You're my daughter and i know you very well than others know you. Even, your ex boyfriend didn't know you that well. That's why it called as EX. Let bygone be bygone. You deserve better. Don't stop believing, Fateen. Love is a beautiful thing. You have to start pray hard for your mate, love life. Don't say it's too early to pray for this just because you're 19 year old. Nothing is too early for this. Of course, mummy will always pray for your happiness too but you as the owner of yourself have to do it more. Only then, Allah will know how earnest you want it in your life. I hope you will find someone who can guide you in the right lane and in the same time show and give you the meaning of forever in love. "

I feel so blessed to be given such an awesome mother that i can talk everything about and be supportive about it. :')

June 15, 2011

Hello Malaysia !


I'll write about my getaway later on.
I'm still too tired and still in the mood of vacation.
Gonna organize tons of pictures of the getaway into the folder too. I've made a draft for this getaway.
Oh, just so you know, i'm on my 3 months of holidays already. It started on the first day of my perfect getaway which was on June 8th itself. 
Later next time, peeps. 

June 14, 2011

Getaway : Beijing 2011

(Awan Beijing, it's almost 4am)
Hello dolls and kens,

As i promised earlier, now i would like to write a lil bit about my getaway right after my final. Yes people, RIGHT AFTER FINAL IT WAS. I mean like, my flight was on th June 8th, at 11.45pm and final exams i ended that day itself at 5.30pm. So, just imagine that. I won't write long essay here. I just gonna summarized everything up. EVERYTHING WAS FUN FUN FUN ! The places, the WEATHER eventhough it's summer, the-spend papa's money-things (hihihi), but not the Beijing ladies, people. A BIG NO on that part. I dislike Beijing ladies like so much especially the sales girls in the mall. So rude, i tell you.

Please enjoy the photos, okay. It took me hours to upload all these eventhough it's not that many compared to the album my lappy folder that reached 6k until i've to divide it into two albums. 

 (Kabus and windy, blessed)
I should thanks to papa and mummy for the great vacation that they organized for us, four sibling eventhough we asked for a winter getaway in Melbourne but you guys still prepared us the best summer getaway in Beijing. Allah bless you both, the bestest parents on the whole wide world !

p/s; Four of us are planning for a real winter getaway next. Europe tour, maybe ? Insyaallah. Pray hard. Hihihi

June 1, 2011

Is it really June already ?!

Amagawd ! It's already June and this mean only one thing, FINALS are really coming near. About a week more left for that war to start. Eeeeeeeeeee, so scared. Cry me a river, please someone. I need no time no more for playing around. Gotta make it real this time. I mean, it's the last trimester for my foundation before i end it on this 8th of June.

Oh uh, on a brighter side, i can't wait for a getaway. I can't barely wait for 8th of June to come closer to me. It's SUMMER now, baby ! Hihihi. Summer wear all the way.