August 29, 2009

TERUJA balik!

Okey, since dah lama tak update my blog or should i said dah lama tak surf the net due to my trial exam yang masih tak habis lagi ni and now when my eyes on the laptop, all of sudden jadi TERUJA like Woah! All because of my crazyness towards my beloved Lee Min Ho, Lee Dong Hae, Kim Jong Hyun and Lee Dong Wook.

Enough said!

August 16, 2009


Yeah! I'm thinking to make it private. I mean my blog. Might be just a few known people will be invite in as there're some kind of effect by letting the strangers to read all written in here. I need a PRIVACY afterall, i guess. I'll think about it back more carefully. Now busy with this big preparation which is my trial that will come to me less than 24 hours more. *sweat*

August 1, 2009


Start with Hola! It takes such a long time for me to drop by in my own blog. Now i'm back. Okay, i've a lot of stories to tell but i've no time for this time being. So, maybe i'll write later after SPM i guess. Speaking of this devilish matter(SPM), i was so suprised after being informed by our teachers that our trial SPM will be on this 17th of August instead of 1st of September. I was shocked by the news given. Oh boy! I'm scared much.

17th of AUGUST !

Two weeks more to go from now and yet the syllabus is still going on. wtf?! Okay, i have to stay calm and continue with my study like i ussually did. Go go Chaiyok! (Pray for me)