July 27, 2008

a normal n kinda boring day

today juz a normal day..nothing special p0n but all of sudden t'ingin nk blogging..
2day such a boring day.. i want 2 go out 4 shopping but yesterday dah kuar a whole day..
now is mega sale dude! n of course i'll not miss it but poorly yesterday i went out 2 ou 4 shopped..
n i'd found tht all da clothes designs r lame.. i said a LAME!
n duh! it just spoiled my mood 4 buying..
then, i decided 2 jln2 n juz cuci mata wif all tht kind lame stuff..
around 10 bru i went home..
now, i've detected by a lazyness virus all over my body..
mls suda mau taip..

July 17, 2008


How tall should they be?
of course taller than me..

What should they weigh?
around 70kg.. ;)

What hair color should they have?
black or dark hazel..

What kind of personality should they have?
caring, loving, n what da most important thing is he love me 4 who i am..

Older or younger?
older please!

Serious or carefree?

Spontainous or hesitant?

Brutally honest or tight-lipped?
oh god~ honest lol..

Beautiful or intelligent?
both but more on intelligent.. beauty will not stay 4 a long period..

Movie or a restuarnt?
both please!

What film actor should they most be like?
he should be like himself.. not like others..

What singer should they most be like?

Should they make all the money?

Do they need to cook?

What is their best body part?

What body part do you not care about?
foot i think..what should i care though..

Desk job or physical labour?
hurm..let me think..

What car should they drive?
BMW in wif da latest series please..

What one thing completely turns you off?
cheating n sympathy..Duh! i hate da word like hell! ;)

What one thing completely turns you on?
kiss n hug me! ;DD

July 1, 2008

skip skewl wif a reason

today just a normal day like others but da different 4 today is i skipped from skewl..
DuH! padahal mcm slalu je x dtg skewl rse nye..
today bley dikatakn my family suma skipped from skewl n work..
but my mom n my sis yg kt cyberjaya 2 x skipped la..
i followed my mom 2 her clinic n my bro, fariq n my dad stayed at SMC(s'gor med. cent.) tmn my younger bro, fadin..
my bro fadin was admitted 2 da hospital 4 1 nyte which is yesterday b'coz of kwosaki virus..
n i plak ade appointment wif my ONG(obstretician n gynecologist) 4 my anatomy healthy check up..
i've got some problem there wif my girls hormon thang..;)
act. my ONG is my mom's friend..
so, i'm not so called afraid wif her..
i'd a lot of procedure had been do there.. i MEAN a load..
scanned, checked, n bla bla bla~
juz da 1st visit suda cost around rm300..
aiyoo! itu my mom's friend 2.. kalau bkn kwn dunno what da price..
dis 29th of july, i've 2 meet up da ONG again 4 check up..
suda boring mau update dis blog..
till then.. taa~