July 17, 2008


How tall should they be?
of course taller than me..

What should they weigh?
around 70kg.. ;)

What hair color should they have?
black or dark hazel..

What kind of personality should they have?
caring, loving, n what da most important thing is he love me 4 who i am..

Older or younger?
older please!

Serious or carefree?

Spontainous or hesitant?

Brutally honest or tight-lipped?
oh god~ honest lol..

Beautiful or intelligent?
both but more on intelligent.. beauty will not stay 4 a long period..

Movie or a restuarnt?
both please!

What film actor should they most be like?
he should be like himself.. not like others..

What singer should they most be like?

Should they make all the money?

Do they need to cook?

What is their best body part?

What body part do you not care about?
foot i think..what should i care though..

Desk job or physical labour?
hurm..let me think..

What car should they drive?
BMW in wif da latest series please..

What one thing completely turns you off?
cheating n sympathy..Duh! i hate da word like hell! ;)

What one thing completely turns you on?
kiss n hug me! ;DD

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