February 13, 2012


Current obsession. Always and forever.

Mad love for this two.

And did i tell you about J&J ? J&J means JB and JR. If any of you watch Dream High 2, you might know who this two charming yet cute guys.

Well, the blonde one is JB and the black hair guy is JR. 

These two gonna debut in June. It's a duo, J&J. I can't wait. Oh yeah, they are JYPE trainee. 
I'm excited !

I push 18 to 14

It's already February the 13th ? My god, it took me long time to write about the changes that i've done to my second semester timetable. Boohoo ! Sorry, i've been busy with my non-virtual life. Lately, I didn't aware about the existence of my own blog. I wonder why. 


So, this is my new timetable after the add and drop session took place. I've drop one subject from this semester which is Advance Programming and bring it to third semester. From 18 credit hours to 14 credit hours. Not to forget, thanks to my lecturer, sir TJ for the advice. Yay me ! Oh uh, i have no class on Friday like freaking finally. Yeayyerr ! Happy nya. Can go back on Thursday or have fun with friends on Friday.