December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

OHMYGOD! in the duration of 2 hours more, its gonna change to 2009. time really flies that fast, huh?! and i'm so gonna grow old and big (yeah! i'm sooo big ryte now. i really can see that) haha! gosh! i really hope that 2009 will bring a sucessfull and flying colours to my life. i really looking forward to 2009 as my 2008 life is so sooooo bad and terrible. next year is my big and important year because i'm going to be the next fighter in the war of SPM. so, i really wish that i can make my parents, families, friends and of course myself too to be proud of me with my WOW! results. i do wish i 'll get 10A1 for my SPM. who doesn't, right? in 2008, i'm soooooo playfull as everybody can see. i'm lack of concentration in my studies. duh! heck! i have to put a new spirit in my body to spread it out in my vein. Semangat weih! i've just have 1 year left at SMKTD 1 to proof out to myself that i can do it if i've got the spirit. u go girl! yeah!
so, ofcourse semua orang have their new will for the changing 2008 to 2009 year, kan? so does me. now, come and take a look at my will for 2009.

* rajin in my studies.
* solat awal waktu.
* TURUNkan berat badan. GaH!
* do not skipped from school without purpose.
* achieve 10A1 in my coming SPM.
* be a mature lady.
* dont cry much.
* dont be too shy.
* study is the first priority.
* dont waste time dgn benda yg tak berfaedah.
* enough of internet chatting.
* stay away from carbs as much as i can.
* try to be a good example to my siblings.
* kuatkan semangat.
* try to avoid from being too sensitive.
* focus on what i want in my future life not for what i craving for now.
* try to make my parents be proud of me after all i made them sad.
* rajin pegi tuition.
* dont minggle with friends who do not know how to appriciate me. (kak nana advise. thanx alot
* stay out of trouble.
* amal soleh banyak.
* anak yg solehah
* a good sister
* a good friend.
* a good girl too.
* stay away from crap and shit word from my mouth.
* dont curse people too much.
* try to be silent at once if no purpose.
* i'm soooooooo gonna grab the DSLR NIKON. nak beli sgt!! ;)

well, these are some of my will for this coming 2009. i've a lot in my mind to change myself to be a better person but i'm totally speechless. i just cant say more. so, just pray for me to change to be a better person in life. i wish to be a brandnew NUR FATEEN DAYANA BT. AHMAD FAKHRI.and no more stock for old fateen dayana to be placed.

GOOD BYE 2008!
HELLO 2009!

some kind of '90210' disease

oh god! the school is soooooooo just around the corner. and as ussual i'm still in this old condition with lame attitude. the school is gonna open soon and somehow my attraction now is on the so hot tv series which called '90210'. OMG! the tv show is just caught my eyes like WOW!
its about teenagers lifestyle in highschool and cute cuddle love dating around.
i just cant missed a little single of episodes. so, can u just try to figure it out how am i suppose to be in this spm coming year? duh! i have to get myself on my studies. but in the same time i love to have the scenes of '90210' in my eyes. ok. what i have to do now is to be a good and smart time divider. so, i can have both, right? haha! yes! ;)

'90210' shows a lot of drama in every scenes. in this tv show, i love the sexy and cute Ethan Ward. and about the couple thing, i like having Ethan Ward and Annie Wilson to be together.
they're just sweet and cute together. they were really make it like a cute cudlly childish couple.
at first, ethan really get on my nerves. it seems that he's into both girl, Annie and Naomi. he just do not know what to do. but now as i can see, ethan is more to annie the sweet girl. heck! i still have to wait untill the end of this drama to know everything behind all this drama. either ethan and annie or ethan and naomi. but guess what? i'm still into Ethan Ward even he end up with the spoiled rich Beverly Hills brat, Naomi. jyeahaha! Go Ethan Ward a.k.a Dustin Milligan!

Well, it seems too obvious of me to elobrate this hunky addictive tv show huh?!
but who cares?! its my blog. haha! trust me! this tv show is awesome! and its really addictive.
i think i've been faced the '90210' disease since the first time i wathced it.
actually, to be honest i was sort of like 'pengikut setia' CWTV since long time ago.
like Gossip Girls, Reaper, One Tree Hill, Stylista, Supernatural and so on.
the shows are all awesome. somehow, '90210' is the best untill i could say nothing about it more and more.

so, thats all for now, i guess. act. i've got nothing to do untill i decided to write this on my blog and i satisfied with it. Gah! toodles baby! ;)

December 29, 2008

the thought of vacation

hey diary! its been awhile i did not update this little thing. haha.
i've been busy with my so called 'cuti-cuti malaysia'. ceh! kecoh je i ni. cuti malaysia je but nak kecoh sekampung. guess what? like i care la, moron! i'm happy eventhough i'm not spending my holiday in LA or NYC or even Korea and Japan my dream countries. at least i got the thoughts of my 'cuti-cuti malaysia'. pfft!
uh oh! i just got back from Penang and Langkawi. OMG! i'm just looooooooooooovvvvveeeee the beaches especially Pulau Beras Basah at Langkawi. the beach is crystal clear and wavy blue not like other beaches. i had a lot of fun at the islands (Dayang Bunting Island, Singa Besar Island and Beras Basah Island) and the hot mat salleh guys there too. haha.
at Langkawi there's nothing much i can do besides shopping( chocolates and perfumes)and snorkeling.
and trust me! i'm so fat with all these chocolates that mummy bought.
i'd tried to avoid from them but Hershey's and Tobelerone? its just a big NO WAY! argh!
somehow, mummy was like obsessed with dinner set. so yeah, mummy bought a set of dinner set for house.
in Langkawi, i stayed for 4 days and 3 nights. these are some pics that have been taken.

and Penang? of course Ferringgi is the favourite of mine since i was kid. the scenery just attracted my eyes vision. and i just love hanging around at gurney road at night. the colourful of lights and the midnite was alive with alot of people hanging around, dating and stuff.

lastly, i just want to thank papa and mummy a lot for all this. their thought are there.
and to papa, i'll remember ur word that says " papa, x kan bring u all g langkawi da next time. next year papa bwk g overseas. we book matta fair." amin. wuhoo! i'll keep ur word,pa!

December 22, 2008

live a life as ussual

Hell-O. today i've got nothing to do and i just be a good girl without going out to anywhere like i ussually did. sometimes staying at home can be like "uuhhhhh, heaven!" but sometimes can be totally opposite. rite? yeah! rite. today i just settled some stuff like cleaning my room, my closet, my cabinet and stuff.
and tommorow i'll be off due to vacation. so, now u know why i'm not going out from my house today. haha. of course i've to settle all of it before i leave or else i'll be crazy hulk after i get back from the vacation with the messy room. pfftt!
so, yeah! that is what i did today. and speaking of vacation. Damn! i did not pack any single thing.
tonite i'm sooooooooooo gonna have to leave my bed for the packing the clothes and stuff session.
yeah! thats why la fateen. when ur parents ask u to do earlier, u dont want to listen.
just pekak kan ur ears only. now look what u gonna to suffer for. duh!
owkeyh, i need to pack my things. bnyk gyler my barang kne pack. i need my sanitizers, my facial things, my clothes, my everythings to be ready as if not, papa will keep babling only.
really cant stand. trust me! my papa if start babling kalah macik2 kepoh kat kampung tu. haha
ok. i'm done for this time. daa!

December 20, 2008

Totally a Korean Freak

Anneong! gah! i'm such a pathetic huh?! haahaha. nothing to do and decided to write sumthing here.
so, may i? and thank very much.
Korea? hurm. what's with korea? uh oh! i'm the one who is freaking all the time by that. huh!
i'm totally a Korean Freak. i mean just so u know, i love everyhing about Korea. the culture, the country, the cleanliness and of course the cute guys. haha.
and as can be seen they are really cute. yeah! maybe the celebs are cute but who are not, i just cant try to figure it out untill i be there. maybe one day.
i'm sooooooooooo crazy untill i make a wish and pray to allah so that i can further up my study sumday in the beautiful as people say Korea.
uh oh, and i'm sooooooo into their entertainment celebs.
the drama, the songs, the movie. all into one in my passion.



Wonder Girls











and these are partially my favourites. they are just soooooooo beautiful and cute.
how i wish i can be soooooooo effin cute and beautiful like them. haha.
i mean "hey, i'm adoring their beauty ok".
its not that i'm hate what i'm ryte now. it's totally a BIG no!
of course, i so so in love with myself. i'm me and nobody will never can be me. hear that?!
so, thats all for this korean thang. no works to do and now start babling like nenek only in this blog. haiyaa! hee! ;)

a small party

yesterday was my lil' brother's, Ahmad Fadin Asyran birthday. i decided to held a small family party for yeah, i told mummy about the party idea. then, mummy agreed.
my families pon owkeyh, yesterday evening my family members started to ambush my house.
the party was amazing with all maklong's family, pak njang's family, pak busu's family, abang man and kak kyra with wani too.
eventhough not all my family members were there but it was still like kecoh gyler. best!
last nite we just did BBQ, steamboat, and more light food have been served.
plus, the lucsious whole secret recipe cakes. yummy!
owh yeah, about the presents. kak nana gave fadin a cute and adoreable Ben10 watch. while, i gave him a set of HotWheels from Toys"R"Us and elin gave him a set of HotWheels car.
mummy and papa will gave him later. but i dont have any idea what will it be. hee!
the party was end at 12.30pm lastnyte with kak kyra, abang man and wani who were the last quests left my house.
thank you very much families!

December 18, 2008

Once Again

hey little nigga! gosh! nigga? duh! sounds lame. haha.
owkeyh end of crapping tonite. i'm sooooooo tired like hello! this week i'd been to so many places. i mean malls. and of course my money finished like pouring water. haha.
today like what i said yesterday, i went to mid valley. i reached there around 11.30am.
the real objective is to watch movie.
so yeah, we went to watch a movie called 'Beverly Hills Chihuahua' at 1.30pm.

like OMG! i swear the movie was interesting. i mean with the cute dogs acting like they are human.
with pedicure, manicure, birthday party and all that stuff. soooooooo funny though.
the super big movie hall was packed with people. of course! today the movie was release out.
so, tak hairan. haha.
then, afta the movie ended we, i mean elin, me and wani tour the small mid valley again and again without bored. i kinda weird when people always said that mid valley is a BIG mall and i afraid i have to disagree with that. as for me, it was normal and its not so big untill people cant find what they search for.
and oh yeah, i bought a cute black dress from diesel just now. haha. beli lg. whattehheck?!
but what can i do? i just cant stand to see the cute little thing without buying it. duh! sooooooo membazir ryte? but but but i will wear it la nnt. so, no worries.
before i went back, i bought cream puff from beard papa's. wow! luscious! vanilla cream puff, please?! soooooooo yummy! haha.
then, hurry back to ktm. oh god! this moment i just did not like it or supposedly i said i hate it?
the ktm was fulled with human. and the smell.... just please dont mention it. gah!
jyeah! tomorrow is fadin's birthday! hee!
owkeyh, now my-dangerous-lazy-to-type- virus is going to spread in my body.

December 17, 2008


Halaluyyah Baby! its been a while i tak update my blog. yeah! my internet soooooooo love to make problem through the modem. so, yeah! thats why lame tak update.
paham paham je la kan.
so, the stories? nothing would be interesting as nowadays i just kuar everyday except for today. i'm soooooooooo called tired. and everyday tgk movie. gyler weih! haha.
on the monday, i went out to Mid Valley. tgk wild child lg with Wani and Elin.
yesterday, i went out to OU with Wani and Elin lg. my vain partners i guess.
watched movie jgk. and guess what? TWILIGHT again, people! my third time watch the movie.
swear, mcm sanggap giler kat EDWARD tu. haha. lame!
today, supposedly i went to KLCC but pnt gyler. feeled sooooooo lazy to get up from the bed.
yela mne tak nye. yesterday went out to OU from 10.30am till 9pm bru balik.
cant u just imagine? haha. but i'm happy and had a load of fun! haha
so yeah, i think better i keep my energy for tommorow.
esk i'll be going to Mid again. tgk movie and shopping kot. gyler! smlm je dah abis bnyk duit. haih!
hee! okie dokie. i'm soooooo malas nak type dah. so, toodles amiga!

December 12, 2008

life taken ahead

so, wassup with the so-fussy-mysterious-tittle this time?
nah! i'm just the way of too bored being in the world of holidays by spending the precious time
in this not-so-square-box called a house.
everybreath of my life nowadays since this sooooo fantastic school holidays began, i'm spending it with doing nothing. duh! too bored to hear, isn't it? so does me, the one who had to face it everyday.
basically, houseworks are must in the schedule of my holidays list.
but just so u know, i'm not the type who will do housework everyday like it was a best thing ever to do in a life.
i'll do when i'm in a mood. so yeah, thats me! haha.
i'm always in the mood of bored this days and i'm begin to be sick entire of that word.
of course! its the hell word u know. i mean its sorta virus that can killed me easily by just saying that word over and over again. so, better i cut it out now or else i'll be getting use with it.
i'm wondering why cant i use the time that had given to me by studying?
i'm not realising my-sooo-big-and-important-for-my-future- exams, SPM next year, didn't i?
i just have to think how to save my future without ruin anything.
but! really. now i really need is a vacation.
i'm tired being here with messy head.
papa, can we just go for the vacation a lil bit earlier? pretty please!
OMG! my school thangs! i've a LOAD things to settle down before the school open.
i should grab this oppurtunity to say 'byebye' to my form 4 session and try to say 'hello' to form 5 session.
and to be honest, i'll never miss the form 4 session in my life and i'm not trying to push my holy mind to remind it back. just that i'll miss the memories with my friends. and my form 4 life isn't so good and fabby as people always said its a honeymoon.
but heck! it sooooooooo hell-to-the-no man! fine! forget it!
mummy always said 'bygone is bygone' . so yeah, its bygone now. jyeahaha.
yuhuu! HELLO SEVENTEEN! oh god! i'm sooooo TEEN now kan? hee!
i'm sooooooo have to get ready to be old i guess. but i x ready. i'm just mummy and papa's babygirl.
haha. euww! people will get disgust by that word kot. but what to do i really am and i just love that way. ;D
till here for now i asume. i'll be updating next time.

December 10, 2008

absolutely a wild child

hey deary diary! today i went out with my cousins to Cineleisure, The Curve, Ikano and Ikea.
it was super fantastic weih.
jalan-jalan the whole building. makan-makan, watch movie, and do stupid stuff.
i went to watch Wild Child with cuzzys and sister.
this story was awesome BUT with capital of B, tak boleh tanding Twilight.
yuuhhhhuuuuuuuuuu! haha.
it was soooooooo girl thang. so, mmg best la kan.
seronok gyler this movie. very funny though.
time tgk movie tu, Syafiq texted me and ask where am i. coz he tought he saw me.
he was at Mid valley with his friends. and unfortunately, i'm not at Mid darling.
i kat Cineleisure that time. if not bole meet up. pfft! ;)
afta tgk movie, we all lepak-lepak at McD.
then, decided to go back. balik to maklong's house.
chit-chatting with my cousins smpai mummy dtg.
after mummy fetch us, i went to Giant Hypermarket teman mummy beli grocerries.
everythings paid and suddenly craving for Yogur Berry.
makan la Yogur Berry sebentar. Fuh! lepas gian. haha. its like a drug to me u know.
it was extremely luscious. Yummy!
pastu, masuk speedy video. its been awhile didnt drop by to the shop.
so, decided to search for sumthing yg best. bought Another Cinderella Story DVD.
then, balik. i'm tired today gelak satu hari non- stop. ;DD
so, toodles biatch!

December 6, 2008

movie again!

uh oh, just now went to KLCC again! i mean again ok.
papa sent me and my sister to KLCC.
and as ussual the mall was sooooo crowded with people.
me and my sister decided to watch BOLT 3D.
so yeah, we went to watch that movie.
and the movie was good. maybe it was in 3D version.
so, mcm best la. kinda real in front of our eyes.
after finished, we went to Kinokuniya.
i found an interesting english novel.
its about vampires story.
but i did not buy it.
i made up my mind that i want to finish up my current reading which is 'The Secret Circle 1'
its also about vampire thingy. haaha. i'm in love with vampires thingy.
from kinokuniya, we tour the KLCC and went to Isetan.
i bought a sleeveless from padini.
the price was reasonable.
then, i feeled ssssssssoooooo damn bored.
so, ajak my sis balik.
pastu, called papa to fetch us.
thats it.
and now i'm blogging. haha.
oh yeah, after this i'm going back to my mummy's hometown in malacca for hari raya haji.


p/s: i'll be away for 3 days. ;D

December 3, 2008


today mcm boring nak stay at home. so yeah, decided to go to klcc.
i went to klcc with my sister and youngest brother.
fariq x ikt. he wanted to stay at home all alone.
ok. fine then.
pastu around 10.30 smpai klcc. mummy send us there.
then, happy giler today. i tgk twilight lg! wah! tp sumpah weih, i x puas lg.
edward tu was like sooooooooo charming! ;D aww! haha.
this was my second time watched twilight.
i love twilight so muchie! i love the fictional character, edward cullen damn much! u dont like? so, back off?! like i care la stupid?!
i took the earliest show on the 11.00am.
act. i igt after tgk twilight, i nak watch wild child tp mcm mls plak.
rse mcm nak pegi ngn kak nana,.
sbb before this, kak nana had asked me to accompany her to watch the movie.
so yeah, i might be going with her.
ok. after finished twilight, i jalan2 the whole klcc.
it was packed and fun! ;DD
jalan2 and i feeled like going to NIKE shop.
then, msk NIKE shop i found a pair of purple shoes yg really i ske.
i pon decided to buy it.
it costs me around rm200 a pair.
at 5.00pm, my mum fetched us.
then balik la kami. haha.
uh oh, kinda suprised today my little brother was soooo baik ok.
tak banyak kerenah. sgt senang.;)
till then i guess. i'm tired ni.