December 12, 2008

life taken ahead

so, wassup with the so-fussy-mysterious-tittle this time?
nah! i'm just the way of too bored being in the world of holidays by spending the precious time
in this not-so-square-box called a house.
everybreath of my life nowadays since this sooooo fantastic school holidays began, i'm spending it with doing nothing. duh! too bored to hear, isn't it? so does me, the one who had to face it everyday.
basically, houseworks are must in the schedule of my holidays list.
but just so u know, i'm not the type who will do housework everyday like it was a best thing ever to do in a life.
i'll do when i'm in a mood. so yeah, thats me! haha.
i'm always in the mood of bored this days and i'm begin to be sick entire of that word.
of course! its the hell word u know. i mean its sorta virus that can killed me easily by just saying that word over and over again. so, better i cut it out now or else i'll be getting use with it.
i'm wondering why cant i use the time that had given to me by studying?
i'm not realising my-sooo-big-and-important-for-my-future- exams, SPM next year, didn't i?
i just have to think how to save my future without ruin anything.
but! really. now i really need is a vacation.
i'm tired being here with messy head.
papa, can we just go for the vacation a lil bit earlier? pretty please!
OMG! my school thangs! i've a LOAD things to settle down before the school open.
i should grab this oppurtunity to say 'byebye' to my form 4 session and try to say 'hello' to form 5 session.
and to be honest, i'll never miss the form 4 session in my life and i'm not trying to push my holy mind to remind it back. just that i'll miss the memories with my friends. and my form 4 life isn't so good and fabby as people always said its a honeymoon.
but heck! it sooooooooo hell-to-the-no man! fine! forget it!
mummy always said 'bygone is bygone' . so yeah, its bygone now. jyeahaha.
yuhuu! HELLO SEVENTEEN! oh god! i'm sooooo TEEN now kan? hee!
i'm sooooooo have to get ready to be old i guess. but i x ready. i'm just mummy and papa's babygirl.
haha. euww! people will get disgust by that word kot. but what to do i really am and i just love that way. ;D
till here for now i asume. i'll be updating next time.

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