December 31, 2008

some kind of '90210' disease

oh god! the school is soooooooo just around the corner. and as ussual i'm still in this old condition with lame attitude. the school is gonna open soon and somehow my attraction now is on the so hot tv series which called '90210'. OMG! the tv show is just caught my eyes like WOW!
its about teenagers lifestyle in highschool and cute cuddle love dating around.
i just cant missed a little single of episodes. so, can u just try to figure it out how am i suppose to be in this spm coming year? duh! i have to get myself on my studies. but in the same time i love to have the scenes of '90210' in my eyes. ok. what i have to do now is to be a good and smart time divider. so, i can have both, right? haha! yes! ;)

'90210' shows a lot of drama in every scenes. in this tv show, i love the sexy and cute Ethan Ward. and about the couple thing, i like having Ethan Ward and Annie Wilson to be together.
they're just sweet and cute together. they were really make it like a cute cudlly childish couple.
at first, ethan really get on my nerves. it seems that he's into both girl, Annie and Naomi. he just do not know what to do. but now as i can see, ethan is more to annie the sweet girl. heck! i still have to wait untill the end of this drama to know everything behind all this drama. either ethan and annie or ethan and naomi. but guess what? i'm still into Ethan Ward even he end up with the spoiled rich Beverly Hills brat, Naomi. jyeahaha! Go Ethan Ward a.k.a Dustin Milligan!

Well, it seems too obvious of me to elobrate this hunky addictive tv show huh?!
but who cares?! its my blog. haha! trust me! this tv show is awesome! and its really addictive.
i think i've been faced the '90210' disease since the first time i wathced it.
actually, to be honest i was sort of like 'pengikut setia' CWTV since long time ago.
like Gossip Girls, Reaper, One Tree Hill, Stylista, Supernatural and so on.
the shows are all awesome. somehow, '90210' is the best untill i could say nothing about it more and more.

so, thats all for now, i guess. act. i've got nothing to do untill i decided to write this on my blog and i satisfied with it. Gah! toodles baby! ;)


Dena said...

dyna syg!!! ;D BTW, gossip girl & 90210 best gilaaa en?

fdayana afakhri said...

haha! yes dena! totally agree with u. gossip girl & 90210 best giler. u slalu tgk jgk eh? thats cool! ;)

Dena said...

AHHAHAHA jarang dpt tgk.tapi totally best gila! ;D