December 17, 2008


Halaluyyah Baby! its been a while i tak update my blog. yeah! my internet soooooooo love to make problem through the modem. so, yeah! thats why lame tak update.
paham paham je la kan.
so, the stories? nothing would be interesting as nowadays i just kuar everyday except for today. i'm soooooooooo called tired. and everyday tgk movie. gyler weih! haha.
on the monday, i went out to Mid Valley. tgk wild child lg with Wani and Elin.
yesterday, i went out to OU with Wani and Elin lg. my vain partners i guess.
watched movie jgk. and guess what? TWILIGHT again, people! my third time watch the movie.
swear, mcm sanggap giler kat EDWARD tu. haha. lame!
today, supposedly i went to KLCC but pnt gyler. feeled sooooooo lazy to get up from the bed.
yela mne tak nye. yesterday went out to OU from 10.30am till 9pm bru balik.
cant u just imagine? haha. but i'm happy and had a load of fun! haha
so yeah, i think better i keep my energy for tommorow.
esk i'll be going to Mid again. tgk movie and shopping kot. gyler! smlm je dah abis bnyk duit. haih!
hee! okie dokie. i'm soooooo malas nak type dah. so, toodles amiga!

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