December 10, 2008

absolutely a wild child

hey deary diary! today i went out with my cousins to Cineleisure, The Curve, Ikano and Ikea.
it was super fantastic weih.
jalan-jalan the whole building. makan-makan, watch movie, and do stupid stuff.
i went to watch Wild Child with cuzzys and sister.
this story was awesome BUT with capital of B, tak boleh tanding Twilight.
yuuhhhhuuuuuuuuuu! haha.
it was soooooooo girl thang. so, mmg best la kan.
seronok gyler this movie. very funny though.
time tgk movie tu, Syafiq texted me and ask where am i. coz he tought he saw me.
he was at Mid valley with his friends. and unfortunately, i'm not at Mid darling.
i kat Cineleisure that time. if not bole meet up. pfft! ;)
afta tgk movie, we all lepak-lepak at McD.
then, decided to go back. balik to maklong's house.
chit-chatting with my cousins smpai mummy dtg.
after mummy fetch us, i went to Giant Hypermarket teman mummy beli grocerries.
everythings paid and suddenly craving for Yogur Berry.
makan la Yogur Berry sebentar. Fuh! lepas gian. haha. its like a drug to me u know.
it was extremely luscious. Yummy!
pastu, masuk speedy video. its been awhile didnt drop by to the shop.
so, decided to search for sumthing yg best. bought Another Cinderella Story DVD.
then, balik. i'm tired today gelak satu hari non- stop. ;DD
so, toodles biatch!

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