December 22, 2008

live a life as ussual

Hell-O. today i've got nothing to do and i just be a good girl without going out to anywhere like i ussually did. sometimes staying at home can be like "uuhhhhh, heaven!" but sometimes can be totally opposite. rite? yeah! rite. today i just settled some stuff like cleaning my room, my closet, my cabinet and stuff.
and tommorow i'll be off due to vacation. so, now u know why i'm not going out from my house today. haha. of course i've to settle all of it before i leave or else i'll be crazy hulk after i get back from the vacation with the messy room. pfftt!
so, yeah! that is what i did today. and speaking of vacation. Damn! i did not pack any single thing.
tonite i'm sooooooooooo gonna have to leave my bed for the packing the clothes and stuff session.
yeah! thats why la fateen. when ur parents ask u to do earlier, u dont want to listen.
just pekak kan ur ears only. now look what u gonna to suffer for. duh!
owkeyh, i need to pack my things. bnyk gyler my barang kne pack. i need my sanitizers, my facial things, my clothes, my everythings to be ready as if not, papa will keep babling only.
really cant stand. trust me! my papa if start babling kalah macik2 kepoh kat kampung tu. haha
ok. i'm done for this time. daa!

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