September 27, 2009

Some Sort

Ok. Lets begin with the wish of SELAMAT HARI RAYA MAAF ZAHIR DAN BATIN. I've a lot to spread out but in the same time the feeling of lazy get things over it. That shows me, right? Ok. I'll spread out bit by bit but of course not all of it will be taken out here.

1. My Raya celebration was super great eventhough there is no nenek for this year but still families gathering can get over it and made the day turns wild with only the crowds of the families as if u know how many of they are in my families. Then, u'll be so much suprise and understand what i'm trying to say.

2. Duit Raya? Ok, here comes the dissapointment. Argh! I'm seventeen and by realising that i know i'm getting old to receive that so called duit raya. I still receives duit raya from my aunts, uncle and even my cousins itselves but not from others who thinks i'm a university student. *sigh*

3. Went to Abang Jat's(cousin) wedding in Perak. OMG! Seriously, Kak Nani as she is his wife is BEAUTIFUL. They suits together.

4. Second day of raya i've headed back to Rawang. This is my first time in my seventeen years life in this world be back home on the second day of raya. How cool was that? Grr!

5. Belum sempat raya to any of my friends and even my relatives houses due to the people that kept coming to my house for raya. Non stop. So, maybe later.

There's lot more to say but not now. I've to help the mother in the kitchen. Anak Dara la katakan. Heck!

September 14, 2009


Finally after long of waited and impatient feeling, now here it comes.

It's superbly awesome for the Korean members and Canadian member to sing in Chinese.
I just lalalove the beat and their hot moves.
Aww, again melt with Donghae cuteness as in the same time with his hotness.


Faster release it out.

September 11, 2009


Adore with the decoration.

September 7, 2009

Nerve wrecking


Less than 8 hours from now. I'm done with revison but still i don't have the gut to face the exam tomorrow. Account is still going to be ACCOUNT for me as if u know what i mean. I'll always pray to God for my best. Amin.

p/s: Saturday comes fast!


Well, nowadays i seems to be more sceptical in living my daily life and i should not mention the reasons out right here. There's a lot to be told and to be kept in as well. So does this situation that i had to get through. I just can said that nowadays i'm easily get distracted by the surroundings around me or is it just my lady's hormone that embroidered it all? It does not matter to me though. I'm some kind with a tons of characters that love to change to a better person that i ever had to be back then. What do u think? I think it was a way fun while improving myself as an individual itself.

Uh oh, i have a new hobby now which is it will some kind cost some paid. I'm having fun with browsing through the online boutique. Superbly fun, i tell u. Seriously, no lies. Ok! I know! It can be said that all of my hobbies cost some paid especially spent a lot of money for KPOP things. As for me, it is way thousands worth. So, just let me be with my own perspective way.

In still with the current mode which is the trial exams mode still switch on in the air of my lung and react as the blood that pump in my heart. Unfortunately, it does not help much in my respiratory system but worsen everything in my anatomy. Oh God, help me to get through it with calm and followed by ease. Cepatlah habis! Nanti SPM pula datang menghantui diri ini. Grr!

Early bird

The clock shows 2.49 a.m. and yet i'm still lying down on the bed with laptop infront of me. I should be in my sweet dream right now but it turns out to be the other way as my eyes can't sleep. To be honest, i'm tired due to my hectic journey from Malacca to Kuala Lumpur with boredom accompanied me along the trip back then. Since i can't get to sleep, i decided to change a little deco for my blog. I know! If i can't sleep, i should grab this oppurtunity to study for my trial exam which is still frighten me much but i just can't get my eyes at this hour to the lovely tons of book. So, please give me space out of that for awhile.

Ok. i better stop here for now. I've to get some sleep before sahur wakes me up.