September 27, 2009

Some Sort

Ok. Lets begin with the wish of SELAMAT HARI RAYA MAAF ZAHIR DAN BATIN. I've a lot to spread out but in the same time the feeling of lazy get things over it. That shows me, right? Ok. I'll spread out bit by bit but of course not all of it will be taken out here.

1. My Raya celebration was super great eventhough there is no nenek for this year but still families gathering can get over it and made the day turns wild with only the crowds of the families as if u know how many of they are in my families. Then, u'll be so much suprise and understand what i'm trying to say.

2. Duit Raya? Ok, here comes the dissapointment. Argh! I'm seventeen and by realising that i know i'm getting old to receive that so called duit raya. I still receives duit raya from my aunts, uncle and even my cousins itselves but not from others who thinks i'm a university student. *sigh*

3. Went to Abang Jat's(cousin) wedding in Perak. OMG! Seriously, Kak Nani as she is his wife is BEAUTIFUL. They suits together.

4. Second day of raya i've headed back to Rawang. This is my first time in my seventeen years life in this world be back home on the second day of raya. How cool was that? Grr!

5. Belum sempat raya to any of my friends and even my relatives houses due to the people that kept coming to my house for raya. Non stop. So, maybe later.

There's lot more to say but not now. I've to help the mother in the kitchen. Anak Dara la katakan. Heck!


Diana said...

too busy eh now sis. Selamat hari raya darling! maaf zahir and batin.

btw, another a month to go for spm. good luck okey. My adik dah start tense dengan his book. hihi

fdayana afakhri said...

ahah. Quite busy la nowadays. Konon Spm la katakan. hihi. Selamat Hari Raya to u too sis! maaf zahir dan batin.
Thnx! Oh, ur adk same age with me jgk eh? yg laki tu eh? Gud luck for him too then. ;)