September 7, 2009


Well, nowadays i seems to be more sceptical in living my daily life and i should not mention the reasons out right here. There's a lot to be told and to be kept in as well. So does this situation that i had to get through. I just can said that nowadays i'm easily get distracted by the surroundings around me or is it just my lady's hormone that embroidered it all? It does not matter to me though. I'm some kind with a tons of characters that love to change to a better person that i ever had to be back then. What do u think? I think it was a way fun while improving myself as an individual itself.

Uh oh, i have a new hobby now which is it will some kind cost some paid. I'm having fun with browsing through the online boutique. Superbly fun, i tell u. Seriously, no lies. Ok! I know! It can be said that all of my hobbies cost some paid especially spent a lot of money for KPOP things. As for me, it is way thousands worth. So, just let me be with my own perspective way.

In still with the current mode which is the trial exams mode still switch on in the air of my lung and react as the blood that pump in my heart. Unfortunately, it does not help much in my respiratory system but worsen everything in my anatomy. Oh God, help me to get through it with calm and followed by ease. Cepatlah habis! Nanti SPM pula datang menghantui diri ini. Grr!

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