September 7, 2009

Early bird

The clock shows 2.49 a.m. and yet i'm still lying down on the bed with laptop infront of me. I should be in my sweet dream right now but it turns out to be the other way as my eyes can't sleep. To be honest, i'm tired due to my hectic journey from Malacca to Kuala Lumpur with boredom accompanied me along the trip back then. Since i can't get to sleep, i decided to change a little deco for my blog. I know! If i can't sleep, i should grab this oppurtunity to study for my trial exam which is still frighten me much but i just can't get my eyes at this hour to the lovely tons of book. So, please give me space out of that for awhile.

Ok. i better stop here for now. I've to get some sleep before sahur wakes me up.

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