March 19, 2009


Hey everyone! How was ur day? i mean ur half day. My day was great since morning till now. What will happen afterwards, i did not know and i don't think that i've to know untill i get through it by myself. Is it sounds serious? If it is so, please don't be. I just playing with words. Haha. I'm starting to be playful now i guess. So, come and join me. U won't be regret kot. Haha. Might be someone will say "OMG! Is fateen fine today? She seems different from ussual.". The answer will be absolutely YES! I'm feeling great with no reasons. So, please do not ask for more. I'm tired in aswering questions. If by aswering ur questions bring me to a lot of cash then, kindly ask me for further. I'll reply it with good and worth respond. Haha. Ok. Shattap! Craps start to bonding with me.

Uh oh, yesterday night i signed in to myspace and suddenly became so rajin. Then, seems my dilingence is so high, i decided to change my Myspace profile to the-not so-new 2.0 profile. Yeah, such a lame, right? Orang lain dah berabad tukar, skrg bru nak kecoh yg i pon dah tukar kan. Ok. Actually, i seldom sign in to my Myspace account which is i feel it getting bored day by day. I'm more to facebook now. Back to the changing layout thingy, i changed it. Guess what? I love it! Eventhough the shape of the column is soo quite lame with the square box every column but still i like it. Lets take a look at the revolution of my Myspace layout. From the old one to the new one.



This is how it look now. I'm so positive with this change and like i said before, i like it. Ur opinion? No necessity. Sorry. I'll get use with this layout and try to find another beautiful layout to fit with it.

So yeah, thats all for now. Nothing much to tell. I'll stop my writing or typing or whatever u wish to call right here. I'll update it if i have any interesting to write on. So, toodles folk!

March 18, 2009

Advice from a friend to a friend in need.

Hell-o! Today is great yet so pathetic day. Again, i'm having a fever and flu. I feeling weird with my body. Can u just imagine, ill twice in a month? Thats ridiculous, man! Last night i cant even sleep due to my fever and my head keep on spinning round. Its really pain enough. Since last night, i've been swallow 8 pills of medicine but still i'm in a weak condition right now. I cant stand to long if not i feel like to faint. So yeah, now i'm on bed with this lappy.

Just now i sign in to my Myspace account and my friend, nadhirah was online. Its been awhile kot tak chat and contact with her. So, just now i commented with her and i decided to tell her what is happening to me with other friends at school but i just gave her an intro. I dont feel like to tell her everything in Myspace. I will write a letter to her and pass it through my adik to her. Yela. My adik kan same school with her which is SSP. So, sng ade orang dalam. Haha. Seriously, i really need her advice about this private matter about friends. Oh God, i really miss talking to her. I summarized the story to her at myspace just now and this is what she said:

Thank you, Nad! I'll be sending u a letter through my adik, ok. So, just wait. Hihi. She is such a good friend of mine and i love her forever.

Ok. For whom might want to know what the hell is about, actually its about friends. Nothing big as politics frenzy in Malaysia nowadays. So yeah, i'll try to fix it up but to be honest i don't know how to fix it all up back to normal. As far as i know, my friends did not know what i'm feeling about them. Actually, its not really a 'them' but a few of them. Tape la. I've to keep it all alone i guess. They are my friends. So, might be they just don't realise it yet but God, please make them realise it one day. I really do hope that.

Thats it for now. My head keep on spinning like hell and ask for a rest. So yeah, i better end it here.

March 16, 2009

Kursus Kepimpinan Kelab Dan Persatuan

People! I'm just get back from school due to my attending as a secretary of Persatuan Bahasa Melayu to this kursus thingy. This event as for me it was quite interesting. Interesting la kot.
It started at 8.30am and end at 12.00pm. So yeah, now i'm at home facing this lil' lappy of mine and update this so not important thing. Actually, there's nothing to tell about this kursus but just gatal tangan punya pasal. So, i don't care! Nak write jugak. My blog kan, saya punya suka la. Haha.

Uh oh, i've to stop right here i guess. Nak kena bersiap. Going out to One Utama right after this. Papa will send me and Elin there. So, till there peeps! I'm out from this cyberworld for now.

March 13, 2009

In Phase

Hello readers! Ok. First of all, did i really have one? I mean reader. Oh, forget it. Mcm org nak baca je all these craps la kan. So yeah, i perasan sendiri la kot. Ok ok. Get back to the track. At last, my first monthly-die hard-exams are over. Hooray! But heck! Spm is still waiting for me. So, i can't be too excited about it like i'm just getting 10A1 in my-oh-please don't come to me yet-SPM. I have to put all those excitement feeling aside first.

March holidays are here. Now, it starts. Holidays back and homeworks tons. Is that sounds good? I guess yes for me la kot. I have to say yes instead of saying no here. It will make me more eager to put more effort plus high spirit rather than look at it with no appetite. Tak ke sedih dengar? I've to start all the task given by tonight or else i might not finish it due to lack of time. Let see, tommorow i've tuition from 2.30-6.00am. The next day, papa has a plan for my family. Monday, i have Kelab dan Persatuan course to attend at school. Tuesday, i have a group disscusion for my oral and at the evening, i've tuition . Thursday, i've extra class for Sejarah. So, that's it. These are some of the schedules for my-oh so relax-holidays. Hear me! Its just a some of it. I'm not listing all of it here. Is there really much time for me to finish the tons of task given? Macam takde je kan. So yeah, i've to start tonight. Tonight!

Oh God! i'm really desperate in buying new english novels. I'm so crave for reading those. Nak pegi MPH! Duh! Just now i did mention about me will facing lack of time, did i? Argh, i don't care! i want it. Pretty please, anyone? Hihi. It was like an age i'm not spend my time to read novels. So, i miss that habbit so badly. Fine! I know. Semua i miss kot. Previous post, i mentioned that i miss my adik. Now my adik is back, so i'm kinda release it a bit for sure. Missing something or someone is very painfull and it was like carry a big burden behind our back. Despite painfull, still i manage to hold it for so long even i miss somebody so badly. I'm that strong, am i? Sounded more to sarcasm kot. Haha.

Ok. I'm enough of writting. Seems to be running out of idea. I don't want to be seen as a desperate person in blogging something. Eventhough i don't want to be seen like that but unfortunately, i've be seen like that kan. Oh boy, i starts to crap now. Better make a move before the disease get broader. So, astaluego for now folks.

March 9, 2009


"OMG! Fateen blogging twice a day" Oh, shuttap! Dushdush!

Ok, sumpah vain my tittle for this post. Macam dah takde tittle lain je. For whom might concern why i' blogging twice for today its all due to my boredom leaving all alone in this-not so square-house and the headache that attack my lil' tiny brain right after revising back my accounts for this coming exam. I need rest for awhile. So that i can start revising back after this. I need my rest very much. I want to eat! Ok. I've to heat all the foods in microwave and eat it but i'll do right after finish this one first.

Just now, one of my bestest friend, yong sofea, called me. She asked what have i been up to. She told me she had read PAI almost all of the topic for this coming exam and my other friend, najwa had finished read all the topic for PAI that given. I was like ' Woah!'. They really did that fast. Sumpah jealous ok. I must start reading PAI tonight. Asyik buat accounts from last night smpai yg lain t'lupa. Hish! sangat teruk ! I can't let it be. So yeah, PAI for tonight.

Seriously, i miss my adik badly. I miss Fadzleen like crazy. Its not that i don't miss my other adiks but memang tak rindu pon. Every single minutes mmg jumpa diorg pon. So, mmg tak la kot. I need my adik, Fadzleen for this time. I really do. I want her advice. Ok, it sounds a lil' bit silly here. Yela. Kakak nak advice from adik. Bukan kakak ke yang bg advice to adik? Nope for me. Seriously, my adik mmg kinda good for giving me a good advice which is i need it badly for now. So, balik la cepat Elin! *sobsob*

I better make a move now since my stomach dah pandai my drum. So, it keep playing till it get the food to make it silent. Yela. Since morning till now tak dapat the true node. So, the sounds hancur.

Toodles folk!


Yesterday i had a conversation with mummy and papa as well. The funny thing about yesterday conversation was the tittle. I was about to laugh as loud as i can when the tittle which is marriage is brought up by papa. Actually before the the conversation about this marriage thang started, it was about misunderstood of something that happen which i was very sure far from the topic of marriage. So, these are the words of our conversation about this marriage things when it brought up by papa.

Papa tak nak my children kawin before habis ur studies.
Huh? Papa ni knape? Tbe2 je.
Tak. Papa just bagitau so that u know from now. Anak org lain nak kawin awal, papa x kisah.
I dont even bother about others but for my children, its a big NO! Finish ur studies first, pastu nak kawin, kawin la.
Apa papa ni? Lambat lagi la 'benda' tu. Ape kawin-kawin plak papa ckp? Mcm gedik je
What gedik-gedik? U dah 17 dis year u know, next year gonna turn to 18. Its normal la if i talk about this to u.
I'm not even in 17 yet la pa. still 16++. Lagipun, kalau kawin awal ok ape. Look younger with baby in hands.
No way! Tgk papa kawin dgn ur mummy after finished our studies tau. bole je. Nnnt if u kawin awal, u forget ur studies and all ur priority as a student. I dont like that.
Ala, itu dulu la pa. Dah berzaman kot. Sekarang zaman moden la pa. Mummy plak?
I dont mind. U nak kawin time blaja ke, after finish ur studies ke up to u. Janji u igt who r u and as a student, what is ur responsibilities towards ur studies. Yela, kalau dah jodoh awal, we cant refuse it kan.
betul betul!(ceh, konon suka la kan dgn jwpn mummy)Fateen igt plg lmbt pon kawin around 25 or 26 kot. Yela, pity la mummy if fateen ade anak and fateen dah tua my children kecik2 lagi. Mcm kesian je. Pastu, kalau kawin time study, mne tau anak yg will be born by me jadi super duper intelligent ke kan. Yela time study la katakan. A tons of books will be touch dat time kan. Then dpt kt anak pnye brain cell. Plan je la ni kan. Everythings leave it to Allah la. Jodoh kan kat tgn allah. So, tak pyh susah2. Papa pon awal sgt ckp psl benda ni. be patient la.
Pandai2 je buat formula sendiri. Alah, pejam celik pejam celik, kejap je. Berangan nak kawin awal konon. Suruh belajar tak mau.
Apa papa ni? u start it first kan? ckp fateen plak.
And 1 more thing, mummy nak u cari a good, gentle, responsibilities and plg penting yg b'iman guy. Insyaallah he can lead u to the right path.
Insyaallah. Mummy, nak tmbh 1 lagi bole?
ape dia?
Nak yang handsome.
Berangan je la my daughter.
Pa, doa la dr skrg for me. berkat tau tak doa ibu bapa.
i always pray for ur good tau. Tak kan papa nak kne cerita kat u psl tu.
Yela2. Btw, can we end it now. i'm getting bored ok. cerita kawin plak kuar. Dah la tgh mkn.
Takda selera dah ni.

So, that was it. When remind it back, make me laugh till my ass out. Funny je but seriously, bila 2 3 kali fikir, argh! MENAKUTKAN! I'm getting old day by day. Sampai topik kawin has been brought up by papa yg konon nye his daughter ni dah besar from outside look but not inside.

March 6, 2009

crack the head out

Still alive and breathing as well. Despite now i'm in so like hell pain due to PMS mode, still can manage to crack my head into Physics. It did managed to crack my head out especially form 4 chapter 5 which is Light and i'm starting to give up.
Oh yeah, my monthly exams just started yesterday with Bahasa Melayu and Sejarah.
This morning was English and for me, it was the-die for hard-questions.
I'm running out of time in answering the questions that given. Pfft!
Dissapointed with myself though.
I kept asking myself 'what happen to me lately?'
In this meantime, i admit it that i was not in-myself-condition.
Uh oh, i watched Enrique Iglesias and Ciara videoclip in their new featuring song called Takin' Back My Love. It was extremely fantastic. Looked at Enrique was like OMG melting point jatuh mendadak kot. Haha. Sumpah Hot-to-Top! Maybe i just can simply forget to exhale and inhale as well. Might be la kan. Ok ok. Better stop this video thingy and move on to other topic.
Like what eh? Oh yeah, the chores of Sidang Redaksi yang tak tahu ape nak diperkatakan.
The theme of this year dah dapat which is 'Keamanan dan Kedamaian' but seriously. it sounded like boring.
It's ok. I'll try to figure it out something about that Keamanan dan Kedamaian thang. Meanwhile, i'm sure i'll not be the one yang akan sibuk kot for this year graphic stuff as ade orang yang macam dah pandai sangat in this graphic sampai sanggup minta the teacher to change her to graphic's. Padahal baru this year join this Sidang Redaksi. Btw, do what you feel like you wanna do, biatch because fyi, i'm starting to feel sick entire with all this including YOU! SICK ENTIRE! Hear me! Sorta. Ok. I macam dah free free menambah kan dosa here.
Better i make a move from this little blogie now.

p/s: i find out that nowadays my temparature is easily rise up. So, i need time to make it back to normal.;p

March 1, 2009


Here am i again. These days i seem to be lack of post in this blog. yeah, i knew it.
I don't have much time to write a blog and plus i don't feeled like to write something here.
I have a lot of work to be done.
I have to study for my coming monthly exams which is i'm still not in the-oh-i'm-ready-mood.
so yeah, of course a lot of things to be revise and work on it to be done.
Uh oh, suddenly my petite in reading becomes so high. i'm craving for english novels to read.
Especially, Midnight Sun. I'd heard that the novel is in town. If it true, i must grab it. A MUST!
Yeah! i know its not the time for me to read all those lovey dovey vampire novels but hey! i'm still need my precious time in living my beautiful life, right? so, let me be.

Ok. i'll end it now. i'm start to feel bored now. so, toodles.
i'll be back in track .