March 1, 2009


Here am i again. These days i seem to be lack of post in this blog. yeah, i knew it.
I don't have much time to write a blog and plus i don't feeled like to write something here.
I have a lot of work to be done.
I have to study for my coming monthly exams which is i'm still not in the-oh-i'm-ready-mood.
so yeah, of course a lot of things to be revise and work on it to be done.
Uh oh, suddenly my petite in reading becomes so high. i'm craving for english novels to read.
Especially, Midnight Sun. I'd heard that the novel is in town. If it true, i must grab it. A MUST!
Yeah! i know its not the time for me to read all those lovey dovey vampire novels but hey! i'm still need my precious time in living my beautiful life, right? so, let me be.

Ok. i'll end it now. i'm start to feel bored now. so, toodles.
i'll be back in track .

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