March 18, 2009

Advice from a friend to a friend in need.

Hell-o! Today is great yet so pathetic day. Again, i'm having a fever and flu. I feeling weird with my body. Can u just imagine, ill twice in a month? Thats ridiculous, man! Last night i cant even sleep due to my fever and my head keep on spinning round. Its really pain enough. Since last night, i've been swallow 8 pills of medicine but still i'm in a weak condition right now. I cant stand to long if not i feel like to faint. So yeah, now i'm on bed with this lappy.

Just now i sign in to my Myspace account and my friend, nadhirah was online. Its been awhile kot tak chat and contact with her. So, just now i commented with her and i decided to tell her what is happening to me with other friends at school but i just gave her an intro. I dont feel like to tell her everything in Myspace. I will write a letter to her and pass it through my adik to her. Yela. My adik kan same school with her which is SSP. So, sng ade orang dalam. Haha. Seriously, i really need her advice about this private matter about friends. Oh God, i really miss talking to her. I summarized the story to her at myspace just now and this is what she said:

Thank you, Nad! I'll be sending u a letter through my adik, ok. So, just wait. Hihi. She is such a good friend of mine and i love her forever.

Ok. For whom might want to know what the hell is about, actually its about friends. Nothing big as politics frenzy in Malaysia nowadays. So yeah, i'll try to fix it up but to be honest i don't know how to fix it all up back to normal. As far as i know, my friends did not know what i'm feeling about them. Actually, its not really a 'them' but a few of them. Tape la. I've to keep it all alone i guess. They are my friends. So, might be they just don't realise it yet but God, please make them realise it one day. I really do hope that.

Thats it for now. My head keep on spinning like hell and ask for a rest. So yeah, i better end it here.


cOkeLAt ciNtaku said...

cian..fever ye..get well soon! ;)

fdayana afakhri said...

oh, thnx sis fara! fara kan? i have a look at sis diana pnye blog nme sis ni.

faRra said...