March 13, 2009

In Phase

Hello readers! Ok. First of all, did i really have one? I mean reader. Oh, forget it. Mcm org nak baca je all these craps la kan. So yeah, i perasan sendiri la kot. Ok ok. Get back to the track. At last, my first monthly-die hard-exams are over. Hooray! But heck! Spm is still waiting for me. So, i can't be too excited about it like i'm just getting 10A1 in my-oh-please don't come to me yet-SPM. I have to put all those excitement feeling aside first.

March holidays are here. Now, it starts. Holidays back and homeworks tons. Is that sounds good? I guess yes for me la kot. I have to say yes instead of saying no here. It will make me more eager to put more effort plus high spirit rather than look at it with no appetite. Tak ke sedih dengar? I've to start all the task given by tonight or else i might not finish it due to lack of time. Let see, tommorow i've tuition from 2.30-6.00am. The next day, papa has a plan for my family. Monday, i have Kelab dan Persatuan course to attend at school. Tuesday, i have a group disscusion for my oral and at the evening, i've tuition . Thursday, i've extra class for Sejarah. So, that's it. These are some of the schedules for my-oh so relax-holidays. Hear me! Its just a some of it. I'm not listing all of it here. Is there really much time for me to finish the tons of task given? Macam takde je kan. So yeah, i've to start tonight. Tonight!

Oh God! i'm really desperate in buying new english novels. I'm so crave for reading those. Nak pegi MPH! Duh! Just now i did mention about me will facing lack of time, did i? Argh, i don't care! i want it. Pretty please, anyone? Hihi. It was like an age i'm not spend my time to read novels. So, i miss that habbit so badly. Fine! I know. Semua i miss kot. Previous post, i mentioned that i miss my adik. Now my adik is back, so i'm kinda release it a bit for sure. Missing something or someone is very painfull and it was like carry a big burden behind our back. Despite painfull, still i manage to hold it for so long even i miss somebody so badly. I'm that strong, am i? Sounded more to sarcasm kot. Haha.

Ok. I'm enough of writting. Seems to be running out of idea. I don't want to be seen as a desperate person in blogging something. Eventhough i don't want to be seen like that but unfortunately, i've be seen like that kan. Oh boy, i starts to crap now. Better make a move before the disease get broader. So, astaluego for now folks.


yongsofea said...

FATEN. blog u psl kahwin tu kan . mak aku kata " kau kalau gatal2 sgt even sblm abeh belajar , aku kahwin kan ko besok ! haha " .

fdayana afakhri said...

haha! smgt je dowh. x terse lg nk kawin kot. awal lg la. tak pernah terfikir pon lg. tu yg mcm terkejut beruk jgk la ble dgr papa i ckp camtu tbe2.