April 30, 2011

Royal Wedding

Congratulations to The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge !
When i watched their reception, i wondered is it reality or is it just another fairytale that i couldn't resist to look. Fortunately, it was reality but honestly, i felt like i'm watching a real life fairytale. So cute and sweet yet so true. 

Catherine Middleton

Kate Middleton looked so gorgeous in the beautifully lace wedding dress by Alexander McQueen. It was just perfect for her. I can't stop instead kept on praised her on how she looked on that day. She inspired me so much. Kate Middleton is living in every girls dream starts on the day she's officially called as Princess Kate Middleton. Beauty with brain, Kate Middleton is. I want to be just like her, please. Just so you know, she also has been admired for her fashion sense and has been placed on numerous "best dressed" lists. No doubt about that after looking at her. England must be so proud to have you as a princess a.k.a the Duchess. 

It reminds me of the movie " My Prince and Me ". So fairytale yet so reality. Looking at them, makes me feel excited to get married. I want to be a princess too. Everything look so smooth on them. FYI, i've always love wedding especially a big wedding. I've always wanted to have a BIG white wedding. So lovely. Okay, i need to cut this off. To be a beauty with brain, first i need to concentrate on my studies, no ? 

Reception dinner dress designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen.

p/s: I fall in love with Kate's lace wedding dress and her reception dinner dress. British accent is so sexy ! :)

April 27, 2011

Never Say Never

Baru saya sedar, masuk post ni dah 4 kali berturut-turut saya menaip tentang Justin Bieber kesayangan saya tu dan paling hebat, saya tidak pernah rasa bosan tentang isu Justin Bieber ni.

Kali ini, saya bukan ingin bercerita tentang concert itu tetapi tentang sesuatu yang membuat saya mengimbau time concert Justin Bieber yang berlangsung pada 21 April 2011 yang lalu. Ia benar-benar membuatkan saya bertambah sayangkan Justin Bieber dan ini langsung tidak membantu mengurangkan penyakit BIEBER FEVER saya malah menambahkan lagi penyakit ini kepada diri saya. Paling best pada kali ini, saya berjaya mempengaruhi 4 orang yang selalu mengejek-ejek saya apabila mengetahui saya begitu tergila-gilakan Justin Bieber untuk mendapat penyakit BIEBER FEVER ni jugak. Bahagia nya bukan main kepalang tau tak. Bukan senang nak mempengaruhi orang tau. Kira saya ada bakat semulajadi la kan. Jangan jealous. 

Nampak gambar diatas ? Okay, ini lah yang saya maksudkan tu. Petang tadi selepas selesai lab saya yang terakhir untuk semester ini pada pukul 6, saya, Ayu, Dila, Lola dan Kutik bertolak ke Alamanda dengan menaiki kereta Lola yang dipandu oleh saya. Plannya untuk berjumpa dengan Qila and Pah di sana sebab mereka berada di sana terlebih dahulu untuk membeli ticket wayang. Niat mereka berempat ini sebenar-benarnya hanya lah untuk menemani saya yang seorang ni yang memang nak sangat tengok Never Say Never tapi akhirnya _______________________. HAHA.

Long story make it short, after jumpa mereka berdua ni, kami, saya, Ayu, Dila, Pah dan Qila pon berpecah dengan si kecik si kecik dua orang, Kutik dan Lola. Diorang decided not to watch Never Say Never but watched Red Riding Hood instead. Nasib baik jugak la show kteorang sama dengan show diorang which was at 7.30pm. 

Masuk-masuk je cinema, memang kteorang berlima je and ada sorang makcik ni yang at first saya claim sebagai pakcik. Maaf makcik. Dah kata pon dalam cinema tu kteorang punya, cuba bayangkan la macam mana pulak reaction kteorang tengok Never Say Never ni. Mau tak melalak macam orang gila dalam cinema. Serupa dah macam dekat concert Justin Bieber itself u know. 

To be honest, i feel like crying while watching the movie with the shouting here and there made by Pah, Ayu, Dila and Qila. Tau tak sebab apa ? Sebab it reminds me back of that night. Yes, THAT NIGHT of April 21st ! I swear, i miss that night the most now. Bila tengok Never Say Never ni, seriously, it feels that i'm still at the concert with lots of people around me. It brings back the memory. I will never forget that night, Justin Bieber. You will be a legend. 

On the other part, i feel so happy and proud of myself since i succeed to influence Ayu, Dila, Pah and Qila to be a Belieber. Diorang siap dapat Bieber fever like seriously kot. Yeayyeerr ! Saya berjaya ! I've gang now for this one. Siap semua balik lepas tengok show tu semalam, rasa menyesal tak ikut saya pergi concert Justin Bieber. See, i told cha ! The concert's thousands worth to go for. I didn't have any regret and never will eventhough banyak orang cakap bukan-bukan about this super adorable guy. Mereka berempat ni siap nak download semua lagu my super adorable Bieber ni. Ehem, sekarang rasa macam nak karaoke semua lagu Bieber baby. Hihi.

Overall, the storyline's very inspiring. It's an inspiration movie. The life of a common Canadian boy turn to be a superstar and the richest kid in the world. All hail up to Justin Bieber. Whatever it is, i will always love you, Justin Bieber and be your number one fan. I will support you no matter what. Be happy with Selena Gomez. They are like so sweet and cute together. Oh uh, tak sabar nak tunggu Never Say Never DVD keluar. I'll sure to buy 'em. 

"There’s gonna be times in your life when people tell you that you can’t do something and there’s gonna be times in your life when people say you can’t live your dreams. This is when you tell them,NEVER SAY NEVER."

Photos credit to : http://www.justinbieberneversaynever.com    

April 22, 2011

I want Justin Bieber again !

Hello !

Well, i'm still in the mood of BIEBER FEVER. So, do understand that. I went to the Justin Bieber, My World Tour Concert live in Kuala Lumpur last night and it was hell fun, i tell you. I can't never get enough of Bieber now. He was way adorable than i think he is. He is so cute on the stage untill i can't stop aww-ing all the time during the show. 

Again, the concert was super awesome but i want more from you, Justin Bieber. I can't never get enough of you. Oh uh, i was so glad that Selena Gomez doesn't show up last night on the stage. Otherwise, i'll cry a river last night. Speaking of cry a river, i was all wet and muddy last night due to the heavy rain before the concert. Been queued for quite long before we can go into stadium but all of it were worth it. I don't care, anything for my Bieber. One more thing, i might felt so happy that Selena Gomez didn't show up last night but in the same time, i'd prefer she got up on the stage for One Less Lonely Girl rather than the girl picked up who seems like 'syok sendiri' on the stage, sorry, i didn't mean to be harsh but it seems like that. It'll be more epic if Selena's up there. 

After all, I had fun last night and i feel like begging to papa for get me an air ticket to Indonesia tomorrow and Australia nextweek for Bieber's concert. I'm a BELIEBER !

p/s: Satisfied. Got myself a giant poster of Bieber, a few tags and t-shirts. 2PM, when will u guys touch down to Malaysia ? :)

April 21, 2011

Proudly, a BELIEBER i am ! ♥
Tomorrow's gonna be a history. 

p/s : So sad that i can't find any suitable purple tops for Bieber's tomorrow. Excited much !

April 19, 2011


Yes ! I'm on fever right now and i really mean a REAL fever until i realized that BIEBER LIVE IN KUALA LUMPUR is not that far away from now.
2 days more to go before the day to become reality. I mean the concert of course.
Now i doubt that i'm having this fever right now due to the dry and hot weather that everyone have been through or is it just me getting through a Bieber fever ? Hurm. 
I just can't wait to watch this adorable boy live this Thursday.

Here is the other thing, i want to watch this movie but must pick a right person to go with.
Otherwise, you'll feel like getting a set of double turning kick to the faces that the person you go with.
Complaint here and there. No fun at all ey. 
As for me, i've picked the right person to go with and i can imagine the joy that i'll be having later on when i watch this. Yeayyerr !

p/s: I really need to get fit on this 21st of April. I need my healthy throat as it will do the big job on that day. :)

April 14, 2011

Burden in a week

I guess i've told that i'll be facing Malaysian University English Test, MUET speaking test at the previous post ey ? So, Alhamdulillah, i'm done with the speaking test with bliss on 11th April, 11am. Honestly, i feel nervous and numb while waiting in the quarantine room and COIT seems to be so cold than usual. Just so you know, COIT is known to be the coldest place in Uniten. Yes, my faculty it is. Back on the track, to my surprised, i was listed in the first group on my session at 11am. Imagine my feeling on that time, could you ? Ok. I tried to be calm and alhamdulillah it helped untill my name has been called by the invigilator to go to the examination room with the other 3 members. My leg felt so numb. Luckily, Kina was listed to be one of the members in my group and other 2 members were from COE. The title on that day during my 11am session was, 'Abandoning Babies' and i was assigned as candidate D which holding the point given is 'Goverment need to impose strict laws.' Once i take a look at the tittle and the point given to me, i became stiff for awhile since i didn't expect that this will come out and the point given to me to elaborate didn't really reached my brain. The 2 minutes given to jot down the points of our views doesn't seems to help at all. At that time, i simply talked silly using logical thinking. When it comes to task B, which needs me to participate in a discussion. This one seems to help a lot. Alhamdulillah, i can fit in well in the discussion and talk my view out. So, i guess i won't talk more about this MUET thing. Will face another three MUET tests this Saturday and as usual, i didn't prepare anything for it. 

Right after MUET speaking test on Monday, the burden does not stop there. I had Physics quiz on the next day which was last Tuesday. Tell me about it ! The quiz was about Torque and I never like Torque since ever. So, tell me how can i answer it ? The quiz can kill me. The questions were so hard even Dr. Zolman tried to give out so many hints but still we can't get it. Better luck next time, perhaps ? Hurm.

One after another. This morning, i sat for midterms Mathematics test at library. I don't know how to even describe the questions. What can i say ? Some of it were okay and some of it were quite tough. Of course, being me, always can't avoid to meet with the habit called 'last minute study.' It's dangerous that i actually know but didn't try to make a change of it. Ergh. That's just so wrong, Di. Need. To. Change. 

So, how would you describe my week ? Not forgetting this coming Saturday with MUET, reading, writing and listening test. Can you feel the burden on me ? It's so hard to handle. Time management is so important, that's what i could say. Everything is about time management. Since i'm not a nerdy, i need an entertainment time for myself too. So, need to balance up the time for it.

April 10, 2011

Unstable mood

Just so you know, i was born to be one of the sensitive girl on earth and trust me, once i entered university life, my sensitivity level rise up till now and it seems to get increase day by day. 
As a prove, i'm crying right now, in the middle of the night without reason or do i have reason but i just can't figure it out ?
Sounds much complicated, no ?
When things like this happened, it affects my body system to work well. 
I might just cuddle in the blanket and sleep. It helps everytime. 

p/s : What's wrong with me today ? Hurm.

Malaysian University English Test

Ya Allah, please make me get through this with ease.
Didi, you better avoid being too nervous and try to speak up your idea as much as you can that contain in your mind. 
I'm going to get through this tomorrow (11th April, 2011), 11am. 
Wish me best of luck and keep on praying. 

April 3, 2011

Birthday Celebration

Ola !


(Thanks to Aida Magdalina for baked the 50 cupcakes. So yummy !)

It's already April 3rd, i know ! Macam dah terlambat untuk buat one post about my birthday celebration that was held on April 1st itself. Birthday celebration ini berlaku semasa birthday saya sendiri dan sudah tentu, tidak terduga sama sekali oleh saya, tuan empunya harijadi. Happy nya bukan main kepalang la kan. Sampai menangis di depan khalayak ramai akibat surprise yang mereka semua lakukan. Terharu sungguh. Saya memang tidak mengharap celebration ini akan berlangsung memandang kan birthday saya jatuh pada hari Jumaat, which is the day most of my friends semua dah balik ke pangkuan keluarga masing-masing. Hanya segelintir sahaja yang masih berada di dalam kawasan Uniten disebabkan mempunyai kelas pada hari Jumaat seperti saya. Kebanyakannya kelas tamat pada hari Khamis. Sedih kan ?

Okay, berbalik pada cerita surprised birthday celebration tersebut. That week actually saya agak sedih disebabkan before this, the friends mostly bagitau diorang balik for the weekends and diorang balik Khamis which was a day before my birthday. So, i was a lil' bit sad and it's quite frustrated to know about that but who am i to stop them from going back to their hometown. Ayat tak boleh nak sedih lagi la kan, didi ni. Khamis tu jugak la berlaku nya sedikit salah faham antara saya dengan kawan baik kesayangan saya sendiri iaitu Nur Idayu Idrus. Actually, it's my fault sebab mengada dan gedik terlebih disebabkan satu insiden ni. Amik kau ! Menangis tak nak kalah jugak bila jadi macam tu. Haih, didi perangai kebudak-budakan tak nak berubah. Nasib baik hari tu jugak la settle kan masalah tu. So relieved. I mean like how can i survive without her. I sayang dia kot. *coughcough. Bila malam jumaat, khamis malam, menjelma, mula la panggilan-panggilan, texts and bbm yang masuk. Orang pertama yang call ialah Nur Idayu Idrus tetapi dia bukan lah orang pertama yang wish. Sorry, you. Berbual dengan makcik sorang ni memang lama sampai lebih kurang 18 missed calls diterima setelah selesai berbual melalui telefon dengan ayu.

Long story make it short, keesokan hari nya, Jumaat which was my birthday, saya ada lab from 9 till 11am. Keadaan masih terkawal that time but ada ura-ura mengatakan saya bakal di sambut dengan tepung dan telur sebaik sahaja saya keluar dari COIT. Saya tidak layan khabar angin itu tapi dalam hati, Allah sahaja yang tau betapa takut nya saya pada ketika itu. Yela, memang dah jadi tradition Uniten ni, setiap kali birthday celebration, pesta tepung dan telur diadakan dan disebabkan itu jugak la, takutnya bukan main lagi la kan tapi seboleh-bolehnya, control la. When the clock reached 11am, my lab ended and that time jugak, rasa takut nak keluar daripada COIT sebab takut tepung dan telur menunggu di luar but luckily, i managed to get out from the building without the flour and eggs party. I survived ! So, rutin biasa after lab, akan ke Upten untuk makan. Kali ni, pergi Upten bersama Ayu dan Lola. Dila dan Miera nak balik Ilmu sebab nak kemas-kemas barang nak balik Melaka and Johor kata nya.  Dalam kereta nak menuju ke Upten, sebenarnya saya macam perasan Ayu dan Lola berkelakuan macam pelik sedikit tapi saya diam kan aje dan tidak pulak bertanya kerana time tu, hati agak sedih disebabkan tiada wishes from papa, mummy mahupun adik-adik.

When reached Upten, while eating tu, mereka berdua ni pulak senyap je dan masing-masing menghadap telefon. Tak ke pelik tu ? For me, it's weird when Ayu's not talking a single word since she's really a talkative person. So, sangat pelik la kan bila minah kepoh ni tiba-tiba senyap je. Since that time, i'm not in a good shape, i just sit quietly without bother to ask them what's happening and what's with the silence all about. Time tengah makan-makan tu jugak lah, suddenly i noticed Hasrul and Najmi yang makan at infront of my table tengah pandang ke arah belakang i while gelak-gelak. Ni lagi macam pelik. Then, saya pon pusing belakang nampak A'an is coming to us. Masa tu, tak perasan lagi the whole bunch coming towards my table sebab masa tu baru perasan A'an je. So, macam biasa je la. Then bila A'an dah sampai at my table, i've got surprised from the back. Liyana and Tyra were holding 2 boxes of cupcakes standing infront of me. Lepas tu, mula lah, Kutik, Kina, Tasya and Liyana's boyfriend datang. SURPRISED ! Lagi-lagi, dengan kehadiran Kutik, Kina and Qeela sebab i thought they went back already since Kina dah angkut semua barang nak balik Subang on Thursday evening while Kutik bising-bising nak balik Ilmu on that Thursday night while we had our dinner sebab ayah dia dah tunggu nak bawak balik Melaka kata nya and Qeela pulak didn't reply my text when i said i want to meet her. So i thought she must be at Cheras already. Tiba-tiba diorang ada Jumaat ni kan. I can't keep my mouth shut, instead i keep on asking them how can they be here if they all said that theywent back to their home already. Rupa-rupanya itu semua lakonan semata-mata untuk menutup mata saya dan membuat plan mereka semua ini berjaya. Dila, Qila, Miera dan Alifah juga turut serta dalam drama lakonan itu rupanya. Punca pergaduhan saya dan Ayu pada hari Khamis sehari sebelum birthday tu pon rupanya ada kaitan dengan surprise birthday celebration yang diplan kan oleh mereka ini seminggu sebelum birthday saya. Saya sangat terharu sampai tidak mampu untuk bercakap apa-apa lagi. Hanya mampu berterima kasih sangat-sangat dengan anda-anda semua.

Ini adalah video 1st prank. Disuruh bagi ucapan tetapi hancur. Maap.

Seterusnya, setelah habis dengan kejutan 1st prank yang diadakan di Upten. Masing-masing ingin pulang ke Apartment sebab Upten terlalu crowded dengan kaum adam memandangkan hari tu ialah hari Jumaat dimana kaum- kaum adam akan menunaikan solat Jumaat di masjid terletak di hadapan Upten. Kami semua pon beramai-ramai pulang la ke Ilmu tetapi tidak A'an since dia pon termasuk dalam kaum adam yang akan menunaikan solat Jumaat.

Sesampai je di Ilmu, kami melakukan photoshoot di parking lot Ilmu menggunakan camera DSLR Aqeela Ismadi. Thanks, baby. Tak lama pon buat photoshoot tu disebabkan Qeela terburu-terburu nak balik ke Cheras semula. Terima kasih yang tidak terhingga Qeela sebab sanggup datang untuk surprised birthday party saya. Sayang awak sangat dan sangat. Selepas itu, mula lah semua terburu-buru jugak nak balik ke tempat masing-masing sebab nak kemas barang nak balik rumah la ape la. Pelik nya kali ni, dah semua membebel nak balik kemas barang tapi semua ikut saya balik ke apartment saya. Kali ni, saya bertanya kenapa diorang tak balik apartment masing-masing since tadi kat bawah parking lot tu, bising-bising dah lambat nak kemas barang balik ke kampung halaman ape la. Then, diorang kata konon nya nak teman saya naik sampai ke atas rumah la. Sekali bila saya buka pintu bilik saya, ternganga sebentar melihat barang-barang yang banyak berbalut di atas katil saya. Speechless once again. Mata saya kembali menghala ke mereka dan mereka sekali lagi mengatakan "SURPRISE !" Woahhh, kali ini menangis lagi tanda sangat sangat terharu dengan apa yang mereka lakukan kepada saya. Terharu sangat, babe ! Banyak pulak hadiah dan mereka semua suruh bukak hadiah-hadiah tersebut time tu jugak. So, ada lah sesi membuka hadiah ketika itu dihadapan mereka semua. Segan sebenarnya nak buka depan mereka. Tak tau kenapa. Memang macam tu saya ni. Terima kasih untuk hadiah-hadianya, Ayu, Dila, Kutik, Lola, Miera, Qila, Alifah, Kina dan Tyra. You guys are way awesome ! 

Ini video 2nd prank. Sekali lagi ucapan yang hancur. :)

Minta maaf saya ucapkan kepada Kutik kerana sanggup tidak balik Melaka minggu tu, Farah Sakinah sebab terpaksa tidur di rumah Kutik dan sanggup balik Subang hari Jumaat walaupun Jummat tiada kelas serta Aqeela Ismadi kerana sanggup datang ke Uniten daripada Cheras hari Jumaat yang lepas untuk menjayakan plan mereka-mereka ini. Terima kasih jugak kepada Khairul Azhan Mokhtar dan jasa baik Saga FL nya, kerana sanggup berulang-alik daripada Uniten ke Subang untuk mengambil cupcakes tersebut. Thanks a bunch again to Nur Idayu Idrus, Siti Fatimah, Nur Fadhilah Zainudin, Nur Amira Zakaria, Aqilah Azeman, Aqeelah Ismadi, Farah Sakinah, Athirah Mansor, Alifah, Natasha Adnan, Siti Nur Najlaa, Khairul Azhan Mokhtar dan tidak lupa juga yang memberi hadiah dan wish. Saya tersangat happy dengan anda-anda semua. Saya jugak sayang anda-anda semua terlampau. Lots of love guys. ♥

p/s: Sedang menunggu gambar-gambar daripada Aqeela Ismadi dan Natasha Adnan. 

April 2, 2011

Hello 19 !

First of all, i want to greet a big welcome to April. Saya sangat happy dengan 1st day of the month itself. Since 1st of April is my 1st day i've been introduce to the world. Being a 19 years old GIRL never been easy but it's fun as long as you have your beloved ones around you such as family, lovely friends and boyfriend. In my case, i ada family and lovely friends, exclude the boyfriend since i don't have one and not planning to have one yet.

So, i akan pendek kan post untuk this one about the surprises yang my lovely friends buat for my 19th birthday. I mean like 2 surprises from them in a day ?! That's just great of them. It's a long story but i'll make it a post for that. I'm waiting for the pictures from Aqeela Ismadi's DSLR, Ayu's camera and Tasha's camera. Oh uh, tengah tunggu the videos from them jugak. Trust me, i'm a happy girl that ever alive. They made it real for me.

Muchas gracias for the all pink and Hello Kitty presents. I love it like really into it. I didn't expect any presents from anda-anda semua after the cupcakes celebration and all. It's just too thoughtful of you guys done this to me. I'm speechless and beyond happy with it. Bak kata Nur Idayu Idrus and Alifah, I'm a princess now. So excited and joyful !

p/s: Will make another post for the long story of my birthday celebration. Waiting for the pictures from them.