April 22, 2011

I want Justin Bieber again !

Hello !

Well, i'm still in the mood of BIEBER FEVER. So, do understand that. I went to the Justin Bieber, My World Tour Concert live in Kuala Lumpur last night and it was hell fun, i tell you. I can't never get enough of Bieber now. He was way adorable than i think he is. He is so cute on the stage untill i can't stop aww-ing all the time during the show. 

Again, the concert was super awesome but i want more from you, Justin Bieber. I can't never get enough of you. Oh uh, i was so glad that Selena Gomez doesn't show up last night on the stage. Otherwise, i'll cry a river last night. Speaking of cry a river, i was all wet and muddy last night due to the heavy rain before the concert. Been queued for quite long before we can go into stadium but all of it were worth it. I don't care, anything for my Bieber. One more thing, i might felt so happy that Selena Gomez didn't show up last night but in the same time, i'd prefer she got up on the stage for One Less Lonely Girl rather than the girl picked up who seems like 'syok sendiri' on the stage, sorry, i didn't mean to be harsh but it seems like that. It'll be more epic if Selena's up there. 

After all, I had fun last night and i feel like begging to papa for get me an air ticket to Indonesia tomorrow and Australia nextweek for Bieber's concert. I'm a BELIEBER !

p/s: Satisfied. Got myself a giant poster of Bieber, a few tags and t-shirts. 2PM, when will u guys touch down to Malaysia ? :)

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