April 19, 2011


Yes ! I'm on fever right now and i really mean a REAL fever until i realized that BIEBER LIVE IN KUALA LUMPUR is not that far away from now.
2 days more to go before the day to become reality. I mean the concert of course.
Now i doubt that i'm having this fever right now due to the dry and hot weather that everyone have been through or is it just me getting through a Bieber fever ? Hurm. 
I just can't wait to watch this adorable boy live this Thursday.

Here is the other thing, i want to watch this movie but must pick a right person to go with.
Otherwise, you'll feel like getting a set of double turning kick to the faces that the person you go with.
Complaint here and there. No fun at all ey. 
As for me, i've picked the right person to go with and i can imagine the joy that i'll be having later on when i watch this. Yeayyerr !

p/s: I really need to get fit on this 21st of April. I need my healthy throat as it will do the big job on that day. :)

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