October 20, 2011

Favourite boys are coming over

25th November, please come faster.
I can't wait to get the party startin' 

October 7, 2011

I'm still alive ?

Hello and good morning, lovable people.

I know, i've been away for so long or should i say lost of track to get back to my blog ? Hihi. Just excuse me kay. I've been quite busy lately. As you know or some people might not know that i'm actually a proudly degree student now. Yes, i've start my degree for about 3 weeks now and i'm quite enjoying my teen's life. So much of joyous and to be happy for. The most exciting among all is that i've got to meet my friends back. OHMAIGOD, you just can't figure how i miss them dearly and meeting them again at university is just something that i've been looking and waiting for. Well, to be honest, that's what keep me going till now.

Let's begin with my degree chapter! Hooyeah, i'm excited. I'm taking Bachelor of Information Technology majoring in Graphics and Multimedia (Hons). Don't ever come to me and dare to ask the reason of why i'm taking this course and am i that creative/talented to take this course. You might get a punch on the face. *kidding ! Basically, for these 3 weeks that just passed by, i'm loving my course. Oh uh, did i mention that my course needs me to draw almost everything ? I guess i didn't yet to mention about that. So yeah, i've to take Effective Drawing subject that make it a must for me to draw and tag along a big drawing block, a box of pencils that come with different shades of tones everywhere i go. Sometimes, i doubt myself that am i majoring in Graphics and Multimedia or Architecture. Why i doubt that ? This is because i've to draw every building in Uniten into the drawing block. I can't imagine myself by then. Could i still manage to catch a breath ? *gasp. Insyaallah.

I've once heard about people saying, "When there's a happy, there's still something that remain unsaid." I don't know how much true that is but in my case, i'm not quite sure whether it's appropriate to apply this or not. Who cares, no ? To be honest, i'm missing the previous classmates when i'm still in Foundation program. The joyous and active classmates. Time really flies. I really do miss them. The class and enviroment are not the same like before. Majority of my friends take different course from me. That's what makes us hard to mingle around and tease each other like before but we still try our best to catch up with each other whenever we got free time.

I'm gonna stop for now and continue later on the next post. Wait for me, people !