December 27, 2010

I wish they're really 7 faces alike like those people mentioned


Current obsession/entertainment in order to help decrease my depression.

p/s: I need to start find things that can decrease my depression. :)

When i'm sick like this, i always think IT'S ABOUT TIME

Don't you guys just hate being cuddle in the blanket while shivering and keep on sneezing for the whole time ? And oh, include the coughing every single minutes and vomitted for about 2 times a day parts too. It's way troublesome as you can ever imagine. I've been through all these for this past 5 days and i'm tired of being sick. Yes, people ! My body temperature have been detected to reach 40 degree celcius and how can i'm not telling people that i'm really sick ? Aaahh, my body can't handle the sick any longer. So, tell me, do i really look like i'm okay now ?

I've been asked to swallow so many type of pills to regain my energy and health back but the pills doesn't seems to help much. To my surprise, i've been fever for 5 days straight. Well done, Di !*sigh. The doctor told nothing about lack of vitamins or the weather but depression was the main cause of my sickness. There you go ! Depression ey ? I should've known that earlier since there're lots of thing playing in my mind. The only and simple words that gave a big impact on me by the doctor was "Try not to think much and be happy with what you do. Then, you'll be just nice and real you." So now, how to be happy when i'm not even happy with what i'm doing? The only thing that i can think for this moment to make me happy is when i'm away from Uniten and be with my favourite people. I really have to figure this out. Okay, i don't want to think now.

I am really under depression ey ? It's just OHHHH EMMMMMM GEEEEEEEE ! I mean like for god sake, i'm only 18 years-old and i'm under depression ?! Am i cool or what ?*sigh I'm not surprised either since i've been thinking a lot lately since the first day of Trimester two began.This is because i've never like Trimester two. AT ALL ! I'm having hard time most of the time. I'm even thinking to stay out of campus on the next upcoming trimester which is Trimester three, my last trimester for foundation programme. I'm going to discuss this with Papa and Mummy. I don't know why but i think papa will give me the permission. I'm really looking forward for that untill i can't wait for Trimester two to end.

I'm tired of living in depression at the age of 18 years-old. That's too young for having a depression. A 18 years old girl should have more fun and enjoy the moment to the fullest. Depression no more and be strong, please. I really want that. Ya Allah, give me strength and guide me. Amin.

December 22, 2010

May happiness be all around you, love

I've been surprised with the news given by friends that someone is getting engaged soon. It became more dramatic painful when i knew the person who's getting engaged is actually someone who i used to love. Even now, the love is still blooming. We're like too close enough. We got through those process where we fight like a married couple, we talk like bestfriends and we protect each other like brother and sister. We actually care too much about each other. Whenever i'm hurt, i don't talk and he knew too well that i'm hurt inside out. A guy who know when and where he have to act maturedly, childish and within his age, he is.

Yesterday the day where i've been stabbed by the sharp words. The situation sounded like these :

Friends: Eh, you know what happened ?
Me: No. Is there something happened that i should know ?
Friends: Serious, you tak tau apa yang terjadi ?
Me: I tak tau la. Apa dia ? Cakap je la. Your tone nak scary je bunyi.
Friends: But you have to promise to us that you will try your hardest to hold in there, ok ?
Me: Korang jangan buat i takut, boleh tak ? Serious, i rasa scary gila. Goosebump dah ni. Bagitau je la.
Friends: Fateen Dayana, can u atleast promise us first? Nanti kitaorang takde la rasa bersalah sangat.
Me: Kenapa korang ni annoying sangat hari ni ? Okay, i promise whatever happen, i'll try my hardest to hold in there. So now, shoot !
Friends: Errr, you tau N nak bertunang ?
Me: (long pause) Apa korang merepek ni ? Suruh i berjanji bagai and you come to this ? This ain't funny, guys. Dah la, i malas nak entertain you guys ni.
Friends: Eh jap jap, i cakap betul la. That's what i've heard la. N tak cakap anything kat you ?
Me: Nope. So, tak betul la kan. (My heart starts to cry)
Friends: We don't know either. You kena confirm kan dengan dia la. Please be strong, Na. You dah promise us kan, whatever happen you will try your hardest to hold in there.
Me: BTW, with who ? Who's the so called lucky fiancee to be ?
Friends: That new psycho girl tu. That's what kitaorang dengar la.
Me: Oh, okay. If it's true, say congratulations to him.

That's how it goes when i heard all those ear sickening conversations. Tell me, how should i react with this ? It's hard for me to handle or even to swallow the words. From that moment of time, i choose to live in denial by saying to myself, "it's not true !" untill i get a phone call from him and even a call from his sister. So, there it is. The confirmation where it acted as a conclusion to all my questions played all around my mind. Then, it comes to an end. I do live in reality and reality hurts most of the time. I won't spill everything that happened between us in here. It may harm myself especially my uncontrollable emotion.

To N ;

Dear love, I DO LOVE YOU with all my heart and full of devotion. At first i may not attracted to you but as a girl, it's hard for me to resist you. Atlast, here i am loving you so much with broken hearted. I will never regret anything that happened between us before because i thought it was a mistake but actually, once upon a time, u made me smile happily. I know missing you will be a big mistake but i can't avoid it. I'm sure i will miss the moment where i'm hurt by friends and u came by just to entertain me and sang me a song through the phone untill i falled asleep, your face expression when you know i'm sicked, your matured look acted childishly, your gut to teach me how to play guitar, how you endured my annoying attitude,your patience handling my uncontrollable emotion while other can't do it, how you made me cried with smiling on my lips, how proud you am to say that you love me every single day, how hard you tried to fullfill my wishes and dream even untill now, you bring me to the my favourite restaurant witout knowing that it's actually my favourites, i miss to argue with you about simple things, i miss your warm hands holding my cold hand when i'm nervous, i miss stargazing with you and talk stupid stuff with no boundaries, and the list goes on and on. The most important thing is, i miss being the real me when i'm with you and you can accept me for who i am without any single objection. i want you to remember and hold to the words that i once said it to you where it sounded like this " Love is about how you value and respect someone without expecting things from them in return. It's about unselfishly devoted and committed with that special person till the last beat of your heart". Please do hold with that. I know you're a good guy and i wish you all the happiness in your life with the loved ones. Treat your fiancee-to-be-right

P/S: Just A Dream by Nelly made me cried over and over again. It reminds me of this.

December 5, 2010

So CALLED Bestfriend

Hello so called bestfriend,

Yes, this post is especially written for you. Yes, YOU ! How sweet am i, ey ? Willingly, spare some of my precious time just for you eventhough i don't see what's the benefit of me doing this. By the way, i've been asked to read your blog by some of the friends where they claimed that it comes sincerely from you to me. Oh my, you're being so sweet. I'm so touched but seriously, why i don't feel the same way as what those people said ? I mean the sincerity part. I don't feel any of the sincerity from your writing. I thought you wrote that to gain an apology but it doesn't sounds like one. Instead, it's more to blame others and back up session. Your words are full of sarcasm, young lady. SARCASM and it's not good, you know especially when the sarcasm came from a girl. A girl should act, talk and use word politely. I'm sorry if i say this may hurt you but you need to change. Atleast change the way you talk to others. You may not notice it but some of the people around you get hurt with the way you make a conversation with them. Specifically, your word. Maybe you dah biasa with harsh words but you're not gonna use it to me. NEVER AGAIN ! Ayat nak pedas-pedas pulak and i'm not the right person for you to throw those words.

A piece of advice to you, next time please walk the talk. I mean you always cakap tak serupa bikin which is i dislike the most besides of your attitude yang suka bercakap kasar where by agak susah diterima oleh pendengaran i ni. Oh yeah ! One more thing, if you have problem with me, tolong jangan drag others even you tried to back up your friend. I totally hate that. Bila dah babitkan orang ketiga which is kawan baik i jugak, then nak guna ayat menyakitkan hati kawan i tu jugak. Kesian lah kat dia. Before you write or say something, do you ever consider other people's feelings or you just consider yours ? I bet yours is only that matter. I rasa you sendiri pon ada mentioned about jangan babitkan orang ketiga and bla bla bla kan. So, please walk the talk ok miss. Then, I don't like when u kept on assumed about me and you didn't even ask straight away to me. Don't you think it's kinda stupid action to make? Because i think it is. Kerja asyik nak assume perkara negatif je. Don't you have any other work to do ?

Actually, i can write more than this even more than you wrote in your blog but i decided not to humilate you just like you did to me in your blog. It's enough with the humilation that you made. You memalukan i dan dalam masa yang sama you memalukan diri you sendiri. You don't know how to act professionally. Semua pon main hentam je. I'm sorry but i think cara you agak kampung. I'm so sorry but that's the truth. Trust me, the things are getting worst and i'm sure you know it too. So, i will back off. Don't worry.

Farewell, used to be bestfriend. Live a happy life. Thank you.

November 21, 2010

Pakwe Baru

Let's meet my new boyfriend

The name given is Xander.
Thanks a lot Papa sebab melayan kerenah mengada-ngada melampau your daughter ni.
Disebabkan Papa, maka terlahirnya boyfriend kesayangan baru di alam kehidupan realiti i.
Boyfriend baru kesayangan, Xander ♥
(Oh, i memang suka bagi nama pada benda-benda di sekeliling i ni. So, jangan pelik please.)

p/s : Susah betul nak berenggang dengan boyfriend baru kesayangan ni. Serious, tak tipu. :)

November 19, 2010

Dedicated to most of the UITM-ers


p/s: Terpaksa guna gambar lama disebabkan sudah lama tidak menggedik bergambar bersama kesayangan-kesayangan di atas. :(

November 17, 2010

Random Thoughts #2

Hello darlings,

I decided to just make a random thoughts today since i'm all covered with lazyness much. Well, that's so sounds like Fateen Dayana, no ?

1. I'm back at home for 5 days due to so called cuti Raya Haji. Obviously, i'm so happy. I'm like "Oh, joy ! How wonderful my life would be in these 5 days of holidays." I surely can imagine how it can be since i'm good in imagination with a little drama in it will sounds much better.

2. Somehow, i'll miss my friends or should i call it sisterhood and brotherhood ? To be honest, they are already been considered a family to me. How sweet am i, ey ? Ok. Ignore that ! I seriously do miss them already. Hidup sisterhood and brotherhood !

3. I miss the old time. I miss the old him. I MISS HIM.

4. Trimester 2 sangat membosan kan dan membuatkan i naik menyampah dengan suasana dan certain subject nya.

5. I'm back to KPOP craziness. Thanks to Nadhirah Rahim, Nur Idayu Idrus dan Siti Fatimah to bring me back to my world. I'm officially a die hard fan of KPOP once again. So, be patient with it.

6. I miss my bestfriend a lot untill i can cry. Najwa Fathia, i miss u a lot. I need to talk u. I miss talking to you from morning till night. FYI, i miss Nadhirah Rahim, Nor Dhaniah and Edlina Zulfaika, Yong Sofea and Nabilah Mohazam too. Not forgetting the others.

7. Ketagih Tutti Fruitti, J.Co yogurt ice cream dan Baskin Robin melampau.

8. Plan diet seperti tidak berjalan. Salah siapa ? Bukan salah i sebab i tak nak mengaku salah. So, salah makanan la kan. FML !

9. Blackberry, bila boleh dapat jadi girlfriend you ni ? I can't resist you any longer. So, tolong jadi boyfriend i cepat boleh ?

10. Jatuh cinta dengan lagu One In A Million by Ne-Yo. Bila dengar lagu ni, suka berangan-angan tinggi melangit. :)

11. Tiba-tiba suka buat random thoughts ni.

Ok. Bye.

p/s: Post panjang-panjang akan diupdate bila berkesempatan berkawan rapat dengan keyboard ni. :)

October 22, 2010

My Guy

I want a guy who will tell me when I'm being stupid. Who won't baby me with his words. A guy who will still give time for his friends. A guy who will tell me "NO". He will watch stupid movies with me, but makes me watch his favourites also. A guy who's willing to drop everything to be with me, but knows when to let it be. A guy who will know he's important to me, but won't mind when I change my plans to help someone out. A guy who is honest, smart and responsible. A guy who would share his problems with me, someone who I could talk with for hours. I want a guy who's charming, who's enjoyable to look at. He doesn't have to be the cutest guy in the world. A guy who will randomly bring me food, because he knows I didn't eat yet and need to eat by that time. A guy who can make jokes about me, a guy that I can laugh with. Someone who won't mind when I embarrass myself. A guy who will buy me something, something I would actually want, not just to please me. Someone who doesn't do everything I ask, but when it comes to something important I can count on him to be there. Someone who I don't feel threatened by. A guy who has other friends that are girls, but I can trust him with them. A guy who I can just sit with. I just want to feel comfortable, and safe.

I don't go for a perfect guy. Afterall, there's no such thing of a 'perfect' guy. Girls really can dream big and the best part is, it's not wrong at all for a girl like me.

October 17, 2010

End of 1st Trimester

2 weeks of Trimester break are here
Automatically, it ends my 1st Trimester.

Goodbye 1st Trimester !
I'm surely going to miss all of the moments where i classified it the sweet ones eventhough i got through lots of thing that need me to be strong in any situations.
Somehow, university really taught me how to face with the real life.
Friends. Studies. Social life. Enviroment. Love life. Time.
This is only the beginning of your life, Fateen Dayana.
Please remind yourself of that. Always.
There are more to come and i pray to always stay strong.

p/s : I've start to miss those people i call friends. :(

October 13, 2010

It makes me smile

It's so cute when 'Just The Way You Are' by Bruno Mars been remixed into Malay version by this one particular fella.
Kudos to Nik Irfan and Caprice.
BTW, dengar lagu ni teringat dekat Si Jejaka A yang annoying dalam masa yang sama TERsayang tu.
Pelik sungguh hati ni dan kadang-kadang rasa annoying dengan diri sendiri pun ada sebab TERada perasaan dekat SI Jejaka A ni.

p/s: Fateen Dayana ni, sekarang nak update semua pasal Si Jejaka A tu je. Bosan kan ?

October 12, 2010

Apabila hati dah suka dan sayang

The tittle might sound or look cliche, ey ? Albeit the fact that i'm acted so happy go lucky with the smile and laugh at the outside, the inside might not seem to be the same as outside look. Much complicated, kan ? Ok. Fateen Dayana memang macam tu. Semua yang berlaku nak dijadikan complicated. So, normal la tu.

Now, back to the main track. 'Apabila hati dah suka dan sayang' , what will happen ? The answer should be CRITICAL . Lagi-lagi dalam kes i, where by, bila hati dah TERsuka dan TERsayang kat si jejaka A ni dalam diam. Ok, please take note the TER yang telah di CAPS LOCK kan kerana itu sangat penting. Bila diCAPS LOCK kan, itu bermaksud i tak perasan bila the feeling pada si jejaka A ni ada dalam hati sendiri. Weird kan? Kenapa i bercerita seolah-olah hati i ni terpisah daripada badan sendiri? Ok. Ignore as it is not that important at all.

I'm not the type of girl yang pandai meluahkan apa yang i rasa pada orang lain lebih-lebih lagi if i baru kenal that person. So, obviously memang i tak ceritakan perasaan sayang i kat si jejaka A ni kat orang lain. Cuma 3 orang sahaja yang tau apa yang berlaku sebab i bermurah hati untuk berkongsi dengan 3 orang pilihan yang berkenaan. Motif? Sebab perasaan tu menyakitkan and it turned out to be more hurt when i get to feel all jealous when the guy start to tell stories about other girls. Ish, Fateen Dayana ni apesal nak obvious sangat ni? Macam mengada betul. Cemburu tak tentu pasal padahal salah sendiri sebab pegi suka dekat si jejaka A yang memang berperangai macam tu.

The worst part among all is when i sanggup back up dia depan my friends which is i sendiri tak sangka i will do that but of course not backing him up while infront of him. I'm not that insane to do those insane work infront of him. To be honest, i love him more each day that comes but i know the outcomes of it. So, i always compute in mind to not expect anything from him or otherwise i'll be much more suffer that i ever imagine. What i can do right now is, let him be happy, i'll be happy for him too and if by seeing him with other girl that he love makes him happy, then i'll be more pleasure to see his smile every single day. Even it hurts, at least i try to be nice.

Haih, susah betul macam ni. Tiap hari, makin sayang. It's ok. Fateen Dayana, tolong lupakan si jejaka A tu boleh? Nampak tak masalah yang datang bila i suka orang tu dalam diam ? Sangat teruk kan? Apa yang orang lain nampak tak elok dekat dia, semua pon i nampak elok. Mungkin orang lain akan cakap " Fateen Dayana ni rabun kot. Kena bagi pakai cermin mata baru nampak jelas" tapi i tak rasa macam tu. I rasa kalau i dibagi kanta pembesar sebesar alam sekali pon memang i tetap nampak suma yang baik je kat dia. Tu orang cakap, kalau dah sayang dan suka memang macam tu. Semua pon jalan elok je. Memang masalah. So, i tak nak kawan-kawan yang i sayang pon menghadapi situasi seperti apa yang i alami sekarang. I will do whatever it takes to avoid this thing happen to my beloved friends. Kalau kawan yang i tak sayang, takpe. I tak kisah apa nak jadi dekat diorang. Ok. I dah mula kejam. Conclusion, i want to live in denial this time by saying that i DON'T LOVE him tapi dalam hati ......

Si Jejaka A, tolong berbahagia dengan hidup anda
Sesungguhnya, saya akan happy melihat anda senyum.
I'll do whatever it takes to just see u happy even by far.

p/s: Setiap kali rasa macam berperang dengan diri sendiri dan itu sangat meletihkan.

October 2, 2010

Wedding dream

Saya nak jugakkkk !
Mummy ! Nak kahwin sekarang boleh ?

Fateen Dayana, tolong jangan bermimpi melampau sangat di siang hari, please.
Awak ni, calon punya batang hidung pon tiada lagi tapi berangan-angan dah sampai langit ke-tujuh dah.
Sila kesiankan saya dan membiarkan saya berangan sendiri kerana sememangnya angan-angan saya ini tidak akan pernah menjejaskan kehidupan anda-anda sekalian.
Terima kasih.

September 26, 2010

Bila Excited Terlampau

Tiba-tiba excited bila pakai inner syria. So, mula lah menggedik depan webcam. Konon nak snap gambar je. Rupa-rupanya, siap bervideo bagai. Rasa nya, webcam pon macam naik menyampah tengok muka i tergedik-gedik depan dia. Tolong bersabar ye webcam.

p/s: Jika anda mempunyai perasaan ingin lempang laju-laju, sila segera memberhentikan video ini. Terima kasih. :)

September 24, 2010

Random Thoughts


Let see what's up with me,

1. I'm back at UNITEN as everyone know that. So, bermula lah satu perasaan yang i sendiri tak tau which is i describe sangat complicated. Selalunya, i balik UNITEN for the people in it. Obviously i memang rindu kat orang-orang yang ada kat UNITEN tu je. What i mean for is the friends.

2. I beli lotion Garnier dengan harapan yang membuak-buak nak memutihkan kulit badan especially tangan yang dah macam belang -belang zebra ni. Atleast, belang-belang zebra itu hot, tak macam i ni. Langsung jauh betul daripada hot tu. So, tolong lah berkesan wahai lotion pemutih Garnier. Kalau tak putih, i nak saman iklan Garnier yang berlambak-lambak menyemak kat TV tu.

3. Test PPYF baru menamatkan riwayat nya semalam. I tak berapa nak faham kenapa perlu i belajar PPYF tu. Sedangkan course yang i akan major sungguh jauh daripada PPYF ni tapi takpe, i redha. Lately, i banyak meredhakan je apa yang berlaku sampai boleh terkeluar ayat TERPAKSA redha. Kalau macam tu, itu dah menunjukkan yang i dah berada dalam keadaan yang kritikal.

4. Gossip Girl Season 4 and The Vampire Diaries Season 2 sudah kembali menyebabkan hari - hari i menjadi gila meroyan. Seperti biasa, i akan sentiasa beremosi melihat series-series ini. Teruja la katakan. Setelah GG sudah masuk season 4 dan TVD sudah masuk season 2, baru i perasan dan wonder kenapa i selalu jatuh cinta dengan watak yang bukan hero tetapi lagi hot daripada hero yang sebenar?

5. Suddenly, i've mood to shop at IKEA for my lovely I2-02-04 apartment tapi tak tau bila nak meluangkan masa pegi IKEA. I tau i memerlukan masa yang sangat banyak untuk diluangkan pada IKEA sebab i akan jadi gila excited beli tengok barang-barang comel kat sana. So, bila nak ada masa ni?

6. Kena sebut balik PPYF ni. Research tak siap-siap lagi. Bila nak siap pon, i tak tau. Research yang sangat membosankan lagi-lagi when people keep on pushing the same thing. It's never been my fault pon. Yes, i memang tak nak mengaku salah this time sebab memang bukan salah i.

7. Kena sedaya - upaya mengikat perut selepas raya ni. Diet have to control. A MUST !

8. Finals around 3 weeks from now. Badan menggeletar ketakutan tapi study pon masih macam nyawa-nyawa ikan.

9. Kadang-kadang i tak faham dengan diri i sendiri. So, macam mana lah orang lain nak faham i kan? Sebab tuan punya badan sendiri pon tak boleh nak faham dengan diri sendiri. Conclusionnya, i ni pelik dan i bahagia dengan itu. :)

10. Oh ! I memang banyak cerita yang nak dihuraikan dengan lebih lanjut tapi masa tak mengizinkan. Nanti bila ada masa, baru i try kejar balik blog kesayangan ni.


September 23, 2010


September 17, 2010

Happy Eid Mubarak

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, folk !

p/s : better late than never, no?

September 8, 2010

This is just me

Nowadays, it suits me.
So, keep bothering me with problems ?
You'll see the consequences.

August 22, 2010

One Of Those Days

I need to write something here to express things out in me. Well, there're alot in mind that keep on bothering me. So, what's wrong to spill, no? Keep quiet and read. Don't ask.

Have you ever had so much to say, but never had the chance to? Or you had that chance, but thought that some things were better left unsaid? Why, you asked me? They are happy, everyone is happy.So, why bother uttering a word?

Perhaps things are better off that way.

Someone once told me, "..a smart person knows what to say, a wise person knows whether or not to say it." I tend to put others before me at times. How they feel, what they want, what is best for them, their happiness. All of that matters to me, especially to the ones I love. If they are happy and doing good without knowing what I wanted to do or say, I would rather zip it and swallow it all down.

Love is wanting happiness and everything that is good for your loved ones. Love is not just wanting someone, I think it is also wanting what is best for them. When they are happy, I know I made the right choice. Anyone can go around and say "I love you..". But in the end, it is what you have done to prove that you love them that counts. It is about sacrifice. Selfishness will be a thing of the past.

I'm still learning, and I know I always will be. One thing I learnt for sure is that love will always adapt to the needs of other people, even if it means sacrificing your own. The worst battle is indeed between what you know, and what you feel. When you know you have sacrificed, you know you have loved.

Upper East Side

I stumbled upon some of the pictures of Gossip Girl Season 4 location shoot in Paris a few days ago. They were sooo pretty I wanted to cry! Filming in Paris made the setting even more beautiful, yes? The clothes were absolutely stunning and how I wished I could have them all. I think it was even better than last season's! Can't help myself from drooling over and over again with Serena van der Woodsen's jaw-dropping wardrobe (she's my favourite!).

Her styles that caught my eye, ALWAYS :

How can i not love her ?

I loved how she managed to pull off everything together looking effortlessly chic, simple, classy, feminine and drop-dead G! She looked good in mostly everything! These are my chosen ones because actually, that was all I could find so far. Perhaps if I found more, I would post them all? Looking forward to the premiere on September 13th!

August 14, 2010

Happy Ramadhan


Well, it's been awhile, no? I've been so busy lately with assignments, quizzes, preparing for midterm exams and not to forget my social life. I've been buzzing around here and there. Now only i realised how tired i am by holding the tittle of a university student. It's really tiring but mind control helped alot in handling all those bad and negative thoughts around me. Well, atleast that's what mummy taught me and i followed.

Time do fly without i notice how fast it was and it's already Ramadhan which is fasting month for all muslims in the world. As for me, i'm welcoming fasting month for the 1st time without the family. It feels awkward somehow with handphone is the one which act as my alarm for sahur not mummy or papa as previous years and i'm the one who looked for the food for breaking fast and no more mummy's dishes except for weekends. Seriously, i'm still learning to adapt my life here really well as i'm not get use to it just yet. A bit spoiled brat i must say but insyaallah everything's going to run smoothly as i hope it to be that way.

Next week, my schedule gonna be full with exams and by thinking of that, my mind partially burst out. I NEED TO STUDY. I really need to do that. I'm not a genius student who can answer all exam questions with a blink of eyes without study. I'm not born from that type of student. I'm the type where i need to study really hard to achieve what i want and if i won't, i can say goodbye to what i aim for. As simple as that, ey? Well, that's me.

So yeah, once again i want to take this opportunity to say Happy Ramadhan to all muslims in the world. :)

Till we meet again,

p/s; Raya please come fast. I want u.

August 6, 2010

Farah Sakinah


Happy 18th Birthday, pretty !
I'm glad that u had fun with our so called suprised party.
I bet u'r so gonna miss the tepung part.
Lastly, i love u BIG time.

p/s : Waiting for Leona Bass to upload the pictures after her calculus test and BTW, i'm sorry Mya for cropping ur picture. :)

July 24, 2010


His smile is just so attractive and it succeed to always made my day whenever i bumped into his sweetest smile. :)

p/s : Yes, saya melihat senyuman 'dia' dari jauh sahaja sebab saya jarang nampak/jumpa 'dia' .

July 17, 2010

I can't be matured yet

As i grow older, my realization about life becomes deeper.
Situation becomes more complicated.
I wish i can go back to the time when the only man in my life was my papa.
My only bestfriend was my mummy.
And any wounds can be healed by just a band aid and a cotton candy.
Like i'm always said, i'm an adult but never reach the maturity just yet.
Just be patient and wait for that.
Never push it !

p/s: That's the result when i got through a lot in a week or even worse in a day.

July 4, 2010


COIT (taken by Qeela)

Orientation week was very tiring but fun. Friends are good too. Same goes to all the facilitators. I hope to adapt well in UNITEN.

June 22, 2010



This time i won't bragging. I don't want to brag or have any intention to do so. I just want to say a few words here. NO ! I mean i want to type a few words here and it's absolutely came deeply from the bottom of my heart. I don't really claim it pure but this second, i will. I'm starting to brag, did i ?

Straight to the point, i'm missing SOMETHING and they are my SIX ROCKSTARS :-

#1 i miss having my girls a.k.a my SIX ROCKSTARS around me eventhough we're not always 24/7 together but still the feeling is there.

#2 I miss laughing with them with no reason.

#3 I miss gossiping with them about other people.

#4 I miss to see their smile.

#5 I miss to see their annoying attitude that entertained me.

#6 I miss to be a show off person just because i'm proud to show to the world that i've goddess friends with genuine hearts.

#7 I miss to merajuk with them and having them to pujuk me back.

#8 I miss the way they always concerned about me.

#9 I miss to be worried about them when they have problems or they are not in a good shape.

#10 I miss to be their listener and to tell them my stories, my problem and everything that happened around me.

#11 I miss chill around with them.

#12 I miss to talk nonsense with them.

#13 I miss to laugh out loud in the train like there're nobody around us.

#14 I miss camwhoring with them.

#15 I miss having them around to help me in my homeworks.

#16 I miss having them to talk non-stop like bertih jagung

#17 I miss to watch movies at the cinema with the girls.

#18 I miss their suprised invaded to my house.

#19 I miss having them at my backyard while do the BBQ.

#20 I miss THEM for being themselves for all these while.

I can list more than all these but i rather not to. It's hard to spill. I just want to cry. Before i end this post, i want to tell one more thing that is very important to me whereby I MISS TO BE SEEN AS TRIPLET. Really !

I miss this the most, A LOT.


p/s : I'm really hoping to take lots of photo with the girls before we leave for uni especially triplet. :(

June 20, 2010

Tears will come over on the cheek


I'm working on something starting today(Sunday) and it's hard for me to do this. Guess what it is? Hurm, i'm counting my days left for me to fill at my own house. That's what i'm working on with and it's really hard for me to do so. It's not that someone asked me to do that but it comes naturally when the time is coming nearer. I didn't know that time can really bothering me now.

Now, i've about 5 days left for me to spend my time wisely before leave for UNITEN. It's really saddening, though. Honestly, this is my first time to be apart from mummy and papa in my whole 18 years life. So, what do u expect me to feel, no? Furthermore, sometimes i claimed myself as a spoiled brat eventhough i'm the eldest in the family. SOMETIMES. Sometimes people out there thought that my younger sister is the eldest one and vice versa. It's because my younger sister looked more matured in her character wise than i am even the way she talked looked more matured than the way i talked. If not, why my younger brother which is 13 years old called me 'baby' and he always said " Kak Fateen ni macam baby la " That showed a lot, huh ? Atuk said the same thing too. He said that i'm the type who very manja with parents. I've been living in the same roof with my parents since 18 years ago and now, i'm going to feel how my younger sister and brother felt by stayed away from parents. Must be very tiring, ey?

From now on, i've to prepare my mental, physical and emotion to get through all these with ease. Insyaallah. So, will be welcoming UNITEN in my life less than a week from now.


June 18, 2010

Daisy smells really good

Thank u, mummy. :)

June 17, 2010

No more favourite

Can u see what happened?
Yes, people ! The layout had changed but i'm not satisfied. AT ALL !
So, please mind to share with me any webbie that have a lots of beautiful layout for my blog.
Currently, this black layout is just for temporary usage

It's not Kung Fu Kid


Before that, hari ini punya entry nak fully melayu ok. Nak bagitau je dahulu before baca ni kan. Eh, jap. Ayat-ayat atas tu macam bukan fully melayu kan ? Ok, senang cerita bukan fully melayu tetapi fully rojak. I ni bukan A. Samad Said yang memang superb punya teror dalam dua-dua bahasa iaiu English dan Bahasa Melayu. Jadi, entry kali ni nak rojak sedikit. Ish ! Apa benda yang i merepek sampai A. Samad Said ni kan. Serious macam buang tabiat pagi-pagi yang tak berapa nak buta dah ni. Straight to the main tittle please, Fateen Dayana (!) Karang kalau start nak layan A. Samad Said punya feeling ni, 3 hari 2 malam pon belum tentu habis ni.

So, semalam pergi melepas rindu dekat KLCC kesayangan. Sejak bila jadi kesayangan pun tak tau la. Tiba-tiba KLCC yang besar lagi gah tu dapat tempat kat hati yang tak berapa nak besar ni. Salah satu sebab nya mungkin i suka makan dekat KLCC. Haih. Makanan jugak boleh jadi alasan tapi memang betul. Makanan kat KLCC merupakan salah satu sebab i sayang KLCC tu. Fateen Dayana, tolong sedar diri sikit boleh tak yang badan ni dah mengalahkan anak gajah afrika tu. Haih. Sedih betul. Ehem, macam dah jauh tersasar daripada cerita yang hendak disampaikan. Ok. Back on the track. Main reason i pergi KLCC semalam adalah untuk melepaskan gian tengok wayang yang dah bertepu-tepu tebalnya dalam hati ni ok. Bukan gian alcohol jauh sekali dadah ye anak-anak. Cuba teka i pergi tengok movie apa (?) I pergi tengok The Karate Kid. Ala, yang ada budak lelaki 12 tahun yang sangat amat comel tu. Tak tau ke (?) Senang cerita, anak lelaki Will Smith. Nama Jaden Smith. Tak kenal jugak (?) Ok. Sekarang sila kenalkan diri anda pada Google and pergi search sendiri. Kalau tak kenal jugak Google, sila terjun dari bangunan tingkat 10 yang ada berdekatan anda.

Tadaa ! I pergi tengok movie ni la.

Movie ini sangat lah best sebab ada Xiao Dre a.k.a Jaden Smith dan jugak Mr. Han a.k.a Jakie Chan. I suka tengok budak 12 tahun yang comel ni berlatih Kung Fu. Nampak comel je. Movie ni pon i rasa agak funny sebab kalau tak, tak kan la i boleh tergelak-gelak dalam cinema macam i yang beli hall cinema tu untuk i sorang je. Sebenarnya, i ni tengah musykil daripada semalam dalam cinema lagi. I tertanya-tanya kenapa The Karate Kid tapi bukan The Kung Fu Kid (?) Ade sesiapa boleh bagi jawapan (?) Takpe lah lupakan.

Ok. Baru 12 tahun dah bercium dengan perempuan sebaya eh. Asian lagi. I rasa perempuan tu iaitu Mei Ling boleh tahan comel dia tapi lagi comel i kot. Ya Allah , Fateen Dayana (!) Sila jangan perasan melampau sangat. Cover sikit. Mei Ling ni lagi tinggi daripada Xiao Dre dan tiba-tiba membuatkan i ingat masa zaman i sekolah rendah dulu. Dating masa sekolah rendah tuu (!) Nak compare masa sekolah menengah tak boleh sebab bekas cinta monyet masa sekolah menengah semua tinggi-tinggi belaka daripada i, sampai nak tengok pon kena dongak macam nak tengok Menara Kuala Lumpur tu. Ehem, tolong jangan tanya berapa ramai bekas cinta monyet i masa sekolah menengah ok. Nama je sekolah rendah that time tapi tinggi nya macam kalahkan pokok manggis. Ok, itu macam melampau sangat la kan tapi betul, ingat balik time dating yang i lagi tinggi daripada si bekas cinta monyet tu membuatkan i senyum je sentiasa bila tengok part Xiao Dre dengan Mei Ling. Eh, i tak bercium macam diorang ok. OHMEEGEE, Fateen Dayana (!) Kenapa tiba-tiba jadi gedik and gatal melampau cerita pasal cinta-cinta monyet ni (?) Boleh buat bahan nak muntah tau tak. Sila tampar laju-laju muka mengada ni. Ape-ape pon, movie ni sangat menarik tapi i tak berniat nak paksa sesiapa tengok.


p/s: Dulu zaman Jahilliyah.

June 15, 2010

Prepaid vs. Postpaid


Ok. I'm a happy girl now. I went to Maxis center at TTDI with papa and mummy last saturday to change our internet service and change my number from prepaid to postpaid. I'm really a happy girl now. I don't know why but it's a relieved when papa changed my plan to postpaid. I'm so grateful. Prepaid is just hell to live with. I can't stand with prepaid much longer. So, now i'm officially using postpaid. I'm not bragging this out.

I'd prepared most of my uni stuff. I'd done with X-Ray, passport photos, and most of the important ones. So, basically i have to buy my toiletries, do the medical check-up, get through all the documents given, and some clothes shopping. Not much left for me to be fully prepared. Time really flies that fast. It's only about a week and the half more for me to be a student back. A university student this time. It makes me shiver just to think of that. Haih.

I want to watch movies so badly nowadays. There're a lots of movie that i want to watch before i leave for uni. A LOTS i tell u. So, can someone please come infront and bring me to any cinema for me to watch all the movies that i want to watch? I'll be pleasure by then. KLCC ke, Wangsa Walk ke, OU ke, Cineleisure ke, Pavi ke or anywhere.


p/s: Rindu SIX ROCKSTARS melampau sangat dah ni.

June 8, 2010

Balik kampung

Currently: In Terengganu at grandma's house.
Weather in Terengganu is super hot. I really can't stand with the weather.

p/s: Video-video dalam Ipod Touch kesayangan penuh dengan MV yang ada ramai model jejaka hot pulak. Lagi tambah hot sampai berpeluh-peluh penuh 5 baldi. :)

June 6, 2010

I'm a freak

Taecyeon, Nickchun and Chansung, I LOVE YOU SARANGHAE !☺
(boleh tergugat iman tengok lama-lama 3 jejaka dalam MV ni. Ish, kenapa perlu jadi sebegitu hot dan dalam masa yang sama cute? Macam mana tu?)

p/s: Donghae's my all time favourite. Still

KILLERS killed me


I tau dah agak berzaman i tak memblog ni kan tapi sekarang mood untuk menulis telah datang kembali secara halus dalam hati. Seperti post-post yang lain juga, sebenarnya tiada apa sangat yang mahu dicerita kan mahupun disebar-sebarkan tapi tak peduli, tetap nak membuat post pada kali ini. Layan je la, please.

Ok. Semalam pergi KLCC dengan menaiki LRT dari Kelana Jaya. Seriously, memang dah agak lama tidak menggunakan perkhidmatan LRT tu. So, dari perhentian Kelana Jaya pergi dengan adik, Fadzleen tapi bila tiba di KLCC, kami membawa haluan masing-masing. Seorang pergi ke arah Timur, seorang lagi ke arah Barat. Ok. I tau bunyi sangat dramatik tapi i macam suka. So, tak payah kisah ok.

Bila dah masing-masing buat hal masing-masing, i pon jalankan lah aktiviti yang memang sangat digemari. All time favourite aktiviti la katakan iaitu tak lain tak bukan Shopping ! Semua yang mengenali i dengan sangat rapat pasti tau tentang hobi i yang satu ini. Kalau tak tau tu, memang tak rapat la tu kan. I tak nak mengaku kawan dah. Eh, melampau sangat dah bunyi nya tu tapi takpe sekali sekala ber-melodramatic. Tolong lah faham, i dah lama tak mem-blog ni. So, gian nya melampau sikit. Berbalik pada aktiviti all time favourite i yang memang hot tu, dah la sekarang sale melampau, mata pun macam nak naik gila tengok semua kedai yang ada di depan mata. Tengok Topshop, kaki dah macam tak nak keluar dari kedai. Tengok pulak GAP, mulut dah ternganga macam nak bagi lalat masuk. Tengok pulak ZARA, lagi tak payah cakap, mata dah pusing-pusing macam tak nak stay put je. Sale pulak tu. Time tu Allah je lah yang tau betapa penatnya nak menahan kesabaran dan nafsu yang over ni daripada membeli apa-apa yang disukai tapi macam tak berapa nak berjaya la kerana duit telah dilaburkan kepada 2 dress yang sangat cantik. Takpe Fateen, kali ni je ok. Lain kali belajar tahan lebih kuat atau cuba pakai baju kalis shopping, ade?

Selepas menamatkan sesi mencari kedai-kedai baju, pergi pulak jalan-jalan di kedai-kedai lain walaupun tetap jugak akan melalui kedai yang menjual baju dan dress yang cantik-cantik tapi try menahan mata untuk memandang kedai-kedai tersebut. Nak tau macam mana rasa bila kena tahan mata daripada melihat kedai-kedai baju? Rasa nya seperti dibakar oleh api yang sangat marak dan kedai-kedai baju yang menarik itu ialah air yang boleh memadamkan api tersebut serta memberikan kesejukan semula. Tak ke macam parah tu? Hmm. Ok. Sambung semula, dah berjalan-jalan kononnya dalam hati kata jangan keluarkan duit untuk beli apa-apa lagi. Tiba-tiba, kaki yang sangat nakal ni berjalan di hadapan kedai favourite jugak tapi kali ni bukan kedai baju. Kali ini kaki yang memang sangat nakal ni lalu depan kedai The Body Shop. Lagi la jadi macam OMG! OMG! OMG! kan. Yes, i ni memang banyak sangat favourites ni. All time favourite la, favourite la. Macam-macam kan tapi tu memang i. Semua ade all time favourite dan favourite. Actors la, singers la, shops la, boutiques la, foods and drinks la, dan banyak lagi la untuk disenaraikan. Bila da lalu depan The Body Shop, hati jadi happy kembali. Berbunga-bunga jadinya. Suka sangat. So, mula la kaki ni menjejakkan diri dalam kedai tu. Mata pun mula melilau cari barang-barang favourite. See! Favourtie lagi kan. Memang la Fateen Dayana ni. Apabila mata mula melilau, tangan pula mula bergerak untuk mencapai barang-barang tersebut. Akhirnya, i berada jugak di kaunter The Body Shop untuk membayar shower gel dan body scrub. Haih, kesian duit-duit dalam purse. Tak dapat nak bertahan lama sangat dengan tuan kesayangan dia ni. Cepat je dah bertukar tuan.

Lepas je bayar kat kaunter The Body Shop, terus lari keluar sebab tak nak bagi mata tengok benda-benda yang menggodakan lagi. Ok, sebenarnya takde la lari. Terlebih explain je tu. Nak bagi bunyi lebih menarik. Dresses dah beli, barang-barang kat The Body Shop pun dah beli. Otak pun mula ligat memikirkan apa yang nak dibuat seterusnya. Tiba-tiba teringat iklan di TV tentang movie KILLERS. I minat Ashton Kutcher yang i rasa bole menggoda hati perempuan i ni. Ramai sungguh pelakon lelaki Hollywood yang i minat kan. Ala, who cares? I punya suka la kan. So, terus pergi beratur panjang dekat cinema untuk beli tiket wayang KILLERS. Yes, i pergi tengok wayang movie KILLERS ni seorang je sampai lelaki kat kaunter tiket tu macam tak percaya i pergi tengok seorang. Macam lifeless sungguh dah kan but i tak kisah pun sebab i happy masa tu. So, masuk la i sorang-sorang dalam panggung wayang tu. Gelak sorang-sorang, sengih sorang-sorang tapi semua tu seronok sebab cerita tu memang sangat best ok. I memang suka sangat la cerita tu. Kenapa lah Ashton Kutcher tu perlu jadi sangat handsome dan hot dalam cerita KILLERS tu?

Ok. Cerita ni sangat la menarik bagi i dengan ada lelaki se-handsome dan se-hot Ashton Kutcher ni dan juga jalan cerita yang best. Lagi menarik cerita ni bagi i bila, watak utama, Spencer ni sentiasa memanggil isterinya, Jen dengan panggilan macam, baby, honey and babe like most of the time in the story walaupun dalam saat yang sangat genting dan sangat bahaya. I sangat suka. Macam sangat mesra. Happy sungguh hati kalau dapat suami sebegitu rupa yang sentiasa memanggil i dengan panggilan-panggilan seperti itu. Ok ok, i dah tersasar jauh pulak bercerita. I mean u know a girl can dream big. So, why not kan? Jangan lupa tonton movie ini ok, kawan -kawan. Banyak betul cerita best-best this month and next month tapi sayang, masa dah tak banyak untuk i luangkan pergi tengok movie-movie best ni. Yela, Uniten in three weeks more je kan. Sedih sungguh hati ni tapi takpe i ambil ni sebagai satu benda yang positif dan tidak lupa juga, i akan menggunakan masa yang ada untuk cuba pergi tengok movie-movie best di cinema. Tak kira.


May 12, 2010

When i'm in a blurr mode


Well, i can't think for a better tittle for my post now. Like it stated up there, i'm in a blurr mode. So, do understand it. Today, i feel like to write something here where by i didn't know myself what to write but whatever it is lets start with anything that cross in my mind.

Girlfriends had made their decisions by going to UITM taking Diploma rather than Matriks. I'm always there to be happy for whatever they did but still it's the same for me if they choose Matriks. Najwa will be going to UITM Machang, Kelantan for Business Admin, Nabilah going to UITM Dungun, Terengganu for Accountacy, Yong and Edlina going to UITM Segamat for Accountacy too, Johor and last but not very least, Nadhirah going to UITM Shah Alam, Selangor for Pre-Law. Oh and Dhaniah will be going to Nottingham University at Semenyih for Foundation in Engineering. Good Luck sweetest girlfriends for future undertaking.

Can someone atleast tell me what to buy before i'm going to uni soon? Seriously, i've no idea what to prepare. Beside my personal belonging, what else i need? Eventhough it takes about 45 minutes to one hour from UNITEN to my home, i don't want to be a troublesome to my parents by going back and forth just to complete up my stuff. I want it to be complete at least a week before i leave for uni. So, i'll figure it out and make a list what to buy. A little help from others is much aprriciated.

Can i like change the topic? I guess i can do that. I've heard that Super Junior had released a new song. After i heard that, i went to Youtube to find the new song and KABOOM ! I found them. Yay me ! Their new song and MV is just OMG ! I love their new song and their MV is like so much of hotness overload. Donghae, my favourite acting hot as always and just so u know, i'm starting to like Kyuhyun. I just can't keep myself from Aww-ing when i watched the MV. So, just let me be. Don't care to bother. I'm happy with what i'm doing. I KNOW RIGHT ! I'm back to KPOP since one of my favourite boyband beside SHINee of course is going to make their comeback like so soon. Can't wait !


April 28, 2010

Sometimes an ugly eyes can turn to be beautiful

Oh my, i've been away from this - not really tiny- little blog for quite some time. I miss u, little diary. How have u been without my presence of writing here? Ok. I know i'm being weird by talking with my blog.

Trust me, there're a lot that had happened to me or should i say my life but i'm kinda malas la nak story-story here right now. If i got plenty of time, sure will write here ok. For this time being, i'll make it short for everything first.

MY GOD ! I'm going to start college in less than 2 months from now. This whole college things kinda freak me out and i don't have any idea why is it so. I'll always pray and hope for the best. Amin. I've to make a list for this one so that i won't miss or left anything behind. Lots to buy, though.

Most of my friends got offer from matriks and i'm not really happy after knew where the place they have been offered to. Most of my gang la i mean. Most of them got Changlun, Kedah ! OMG ! Sempadan Perlis there u know. Seriously, i'm not that happy. Yong, Najwa, Ed, Razi got Kedah. Nabilah got Perak, Dhaniah got Malacca but she's not going. She will be going to Nottingham Uni at Semenyih. Good luck in uni life onwards, babygirl. As for Nadhirah, she got Selangor. At least Nadhirah tak jauh sangat but ramai jugak my schoolmates got Selangor.

My long lost (not really lost actually, exaggerating i can tell it here) friend is coming back from Thailand to here, Malaysia for good. I'm so happy to know that. Oh wait, i just received sms from him stated that he's in Malaysia now. HAPPY ! Honestly, before this i'm not that close to him even we used to be schoolmates before because i used to think that he's so sombong but actually he's not. He's a nice guy, though. Shazmeel Azeman, welcome back to Malaysia.

Just bought contact lenses for 7 months. I'm wearing it now. Contact lenses all the way for these 7 months onwards. What i can say now is, i'm comfortable with my contact lens. It makes my life so much easier. Take note for myself, i've to be more hygiene than ussual. Cleanliness is so important. With or without contact lens is still the same. Take not for readers, my tittle up there got to do with these contact lenses story but i'm not really referring to my eyes when i stated there that 'Sometimes an ugly eyes can turn to be beautiful'. It can be anyone else too. Afterall, it's just a tittle ok.

Did i mention about Tumblr? I guess not yet. So yeah, right now i'm kinda more active at my very own Tumblr than this blogger. Since Tumblr is like thousand much more easier than blogger, so i decided to be active at Tumblr. Well, if i've got no time, i can just reblog and reblog from Tumblr while blogger can't and i've to write long like an essay but still, i'm still with blogger too. Just to inform that i'm active in tumblr right now.

Good bye for now.

April 14, 2010

Faker much

I'm making this short. I'm getting tired with this issue. From my insight, it's getting worsen day by day but honestly, it can't be seen by rough eyes but using heart instead. I'm getting sick entire. Sorry for the harsh word but i'm hurt in the inside.


p/s : Wonder why people can be so desperate like this? I guess i really living in a reality world. Hmm.

April 3, 2010

Friday Night at T.G.I FRIDAY'S

When to T.G.I FRIDAY'S dengan Mummy, Papa, Fariq and Fadin yesterday dekat One Utama. My baby sister yang sorang tu je takde kan. Pity her. Don't worry Elin, next time we go TGIF again ok. Actually, the main reason pergi One Utama was mummy wanted to buy me a present for my konon 18th birthday. Mummy so cute kan. I asked mummy a watch for my birthday, AGAIN ! Yes, i love watches. Got problem? Mummy pon was like "Ok, i'll buy u a watch for your 18th birthday." Happy much i tell u. Then, lepas dah masuk so many kedai jam at OU tu, i'm interested at this one watch yang sangat sangat cute tapi nmpk very childish sebab very colourful. I don't care because i like it like so much. So, don't bother. After dah paid it and all, papa suddenly became very sweet kan and cakap " Birthday girl, nak dinner apa for today?" and i was like " Pa, my birthday was yesterday." Papa said " Ala, takpe. U'r 18 now. So, u choose what to eat for dinner tonight." I macam happy la kan of course. Dengan lajunya cakap " Let's TGI Friday's, pa ! Everyone ok?" Then, mummy and brothers yang comel tu pon semua ok and suka kan. So, dinner last night di T.G.I Friday's yang super delicious tu. Oh, sangat heaven.

My EIGHT-TEEN birthday was awesome with family and girlfriends around me who willing to celebrate it for me. Again, i'm happy being 18 and this year's birthday was the bomb ! Such a sweet memory that i won't literally forget. NEVER. Insyaallah.

Lastly, Thank u Mummy, Papa and siblings for everything u guys had done to me for all these while. The most important are Mummy and Papa who always provide me what i want. Mummy and Papa are the greatest parents in the whole world wide and no one can ever replace u in my heart. They always tried their best to not disapoint me and my siblings in everything and they never had. I love u pa and mum.

April 2, 2010

The moment of my life on becoming 18

I know it might be late for me to write something here about this but hey ! Better late than never, no? I mean it's about my EIGHT-TEEN birthday bash. I'm so excited to write but i know all these can't be written by words. All these can't be compared by my words. I promise i'll try my best to make it short but meaningful in here.

Let's start !
On the late night of 31st March 2010, Najwa called me saying that she will pick me up from my house to no where but it's not her who picked me up instead it was Yong and Nadhirah. Suddenly, Nadhirah tutup my eyes with kain and i was like " Eh, ape korang buat ni?" but then, i ikut kan je la kan. In the car, they kept on laughing like hysterical people. I'm so nervous dengan gelak-tawa them.

They brought me to this one place with my eyes yang tertutup ni. At that time, i've no idea where they bring me to and for what purpose they did all these crazy things. Yela. Tutup mata segala bagai kan. Ok. When dah sampai at that konon secret place tu, rupa-rupanya, bukan i sorang je kena kidnaped but there's one more girl iaitu Faizah pon kena the same thing as i am. Then, we dah bising-bising kan, diorang pon like "Ok ok, nak ready dah ni." Tiba-tiba, POOF ! SURPRISE !


Honestly, i'm beyond touched and happy with the surprise birthday party that they did to me. They really are sweet girlfriends to me. Too sweet ! They managed to make it surprise and i'm really SURPRISED with it. They tried to make my 18th birthday so meaningful and perfect. Guys, u really made it real ! When i really can't wait to hit 18, they really busy with making plan to make sure it's perfect. They did well in making it true.


I'm now officially 18 and i'm so excited. Seriously, i'm happy that i've reached 18 now and i don't have any idea why is it so. I don't called it old instead i called it sweet but matured. That is what i am now. I've to make myself more matured in everything and everyday doing yet stay sweet as always. EIGHT-TEEN to me is so much fun. Let's hit 18 and deal with it !


Girlfriends, thank u so much for everything. I love u guys for being so thoughtful and too sweet. Believe it or not, you guys are part of me and u guys are like family to me. Honestly, i don't called u guys friends anymore but sisters instead. Again, I LOVE U, DOLLS ! ♥

p/s : Thank u dolls for the Secret Recipe cake. I love it. :)

p/ss: For more pictures, kindly visit my facebook. Thank u. :)