April 2, 2010

The moment of my life on becoming 18

I know it might be late for me to write something here about this but hey ! Better late than never, no? I mean it's about my EIGHT-TEEN birthday bash. I'm so excited to write but i know all these can't be written by words. All these can't be compared by my words. I promise i'll try my best to make it short but meaningful in here.

Let's start !
On the late night of 31st March 2010, Najwa called me saying that she will pick me up from my house to no where but it's not her who picked me up instead it was Yong and Nadhirah. Suddenly, Nadhirah tutup my eyes with kain and i was like " Eh, ape korang buat ni?" but then, i ikut kan je la kan. In the car, they kept on laughing like hysterical people. I'm so nervous dengan gelak-tawa them.

They brought me to this one place with my eyes yang tertutup ni. At that time, i've no idea where they bring me to and for what purpose they did all these crazy things. Yela. Tutup mata segala bagai kan. Ok. When dah sampai at that konon secret place tu, rupa-rupanya, bukan i sorang je kena kidnaped but there's one more girl iaitu Faizah pon kena the same thing as i am. Then, we dah bising-bising kan, diorang pon like "Ok ok, nak ready dah ni." Tiba-tiba, POOF ! SURPRISE !


Honestly, i'm beyond touched and happy with the surprise birthday party that they did to me. They really are sweet girlfriends to me. Too sweet ! They managed to make it surprise and i'm really SURPRISED with it. They tried to make my 18th birthday so meaningful and perfect. Guys, u really made it real ! When i really can't wait to hit 18, they really busy with making plan to make sure it's perfect. They did well in making it true.


I'm now officially 18 and i'm so excited. Seriously, i'm happy that i've reached 18 now and i don't have any idea why is it so. I don't called it old instead i called it sweet but matured. That is what i am now. I've to make myself more matured in everything and everyday doing yet stay sweet as always. EIGHT-TEEN to me is so much fun. Let's hit 18 and deal with it !


Girlfriends, thank u so much for everything. I love u guys for being so thoughtful and too sweet. Believe it or not, you guys are part of me and u guys are like family to me. Honestly, i don't called u guys friends anymore but sisters instead. Again, I LOVE U, DOLLS ! ♥

p/s : Thank u dolls for the Secret Recipe cake. I love it. :)

p/ss: For more pictures, kindly visit my facebook. Thank u. :)

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