April 3, 2010

Friday Night at T.G.I FRIDAY'S

When to T.G.I FRIDAY'S dengan Mummy, Papa, Fariq and Fadin yesterday dekat One Utama. My baby sister yang sorang tu je takde kan. Pity her. Don't worry Elin, next time we go TGIF again ok. Actually, the main reason pergi One Utama was mummy wanted to buy me a present for my konon 18th birthday. Mummy so cute kan. I asked mummy a watch for my birthday, AGAIN ! Yes, i love watches. Got problem? Mummy pon was like "Ok, i'll buy u a watch for your 18th birthday." Happy much i tell u. Then, lepas dah masuk so many kedai jam at OU tu, i'm interested at this one watch yang sangat sangat cute tapi nmpk very childish sebab very colourful. I don't care because i like it like so much. So, don't bother. After dah paid it and all, papa suddenly became very sweet kan and cakap " Birthday girl, nak dinner apa for today?" and i was like " Pa, my birthday was yesterday." Papa said " Ala, takpe. U'r 18 now. So, u choose what to eat for dinner tonight." I macam happy la kan of course. Dengan lajunya cakap " Let's TGI Friday's, pa ! Everyone ok?" Then, mummy and brothers yang comel tu pon semua ok and suka kan. So, dinner last night di T.G.I Friday's yang super delicious tu. Oh, sangat heaven.

My EIGHT-TEEN birthday was awesome with family and girlfriends around me who willing to celebrate it for me. Again, i'm happy being 18 and this year's birthday was the bomb ! Such a sweet memory that i won't literally forget. NEVER. Insyaallah.

Lastly, Thank u Mummy, Papa and siblings for everything u guys had done to me for all these while. The most important are Mummy and Papa who always provide me what i want. Mummy and Papa are the greatest parents in the whole world wide and no one can ever replace u in my heart. They always tried their best to not disapoint me and my siblings in everything and they never had. I love u pa and mum.

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