January 31, 2011

Cette fille est l'amour

Do you see the picture up here ? Do you happen to see a pretty young lady in it ? Yes, i'm sure you do. Aww man ! I miss this girl like so much. I've lots of thing to talk and tell her. I'm all excited whenever i bumped into her at faculty or i know that we're going to meet each other. I'll jump into joy. I'll be so extremely eager to tell stories to her. I feel like i know her for a long time ago despite actually we've been knowing each other for like 7 months and the half only but she's the best. She knows how to fit in herself in any situations. I can trust her, i can rely on her whenever i need someone or even when i'm sick. Thanks to you sayang for brought me to the dispensary last time when i'm sick. She's a good listener and a good adviser too. Overall, she's an awesomely good friend to me.Always have and always will. Insyaallah. I do love her. 

When can we meet again, Aqeela Ismadi ? I miss you already. I really do and i've a lot of things to share with you. Let's Tutti Frutti when we meet since Tutti Frutti has open a new branch at Bangi. I'm a happy girl when i know that. Lets love !

It's 31st, people !

Let's celebrate it with Baskin Robbins with 31% off !
Lately, i've been craving for sweet things.
Oh yes ! I'm more to the dessert type of person.
I mean, i'm a sweet tooth person.
I'm so going to drag the mother and beloved sibling to the nearest Baskin Robbins.
Pralines 'n Cream is the favourite.

p/s: That explains why i love Tutti Frutti that much. How i wish Tutti Frutti have the same deal like BR.

Study week

It's my study week before finals coming right up on 8th and 9th of February.
I really need to actually start studying.
Wish me best of luck !

January 25, 2011

Heart to heart session


It feels so nice to have a heart to heart conversation with the girls. Nur Idayu Idrus, Siti Fatimah and NurFadhilah Zainudin. Finally, I got to release all the thoughts that keep on running in my mind for all these time. I feel so relieved after lay out about everything to the girls. The girls seems to be so understanding about it and surprisingly, they felt the same as what i felt. I love you guys for being such an understanding friend. Each of you are just worth to treasure for. 

This is only the life in university and it happened to be a lot of drama. It shows me the reality of life. I'm so glad to have friends who i can trust and depend for when i'm in need. There're also friends who have many kinds of attitude that u can't seem to figure what he/she really is. Life's always like puzzles that you have to figure out yourself how to aarrange them nicely to make a perfect picture. Well, that's how life's work. THAT'S HOW MY LIFE WORK ! I need to be strong from now onwards. Thanks again, babygirls for the session. We need to do this often. 


January 24, 2011

Dream High

Whenever i'm stress, it helps. ♥
I keep on replay it over and over again.
It seems to cheer me up.

Random Thoughts #3

1. Finally, I've official ended my Malaysian Territorial Army's camp yesterday at 3pm sharp. Like A'an said, i'm the happiest person alive in the world when the camp is officially put a fullstop on it. Seriously, i do. By the way, to be honest, I've learned a lot from this 2 days 1 night camp. A LOT, i tell you and i'll surely treasure it.

2. The event for Malaysian Territorial Army, Malam Silaturahim Budaya that we organized also been done so well. Thumbs up for the committee members ! Personally, I enjoyed seeing everyone dolled up their selves.

3. Loads of assigment are in the waiting list to be done and the best part is, I've a week to settle all of these. That will be tiring. Procrastination much eyy ?

4. February is coming right up. That means 2 weeks of holidays is near and the most important and scariest thing is final exams is around the corner. Aigoo, it makes me shiver all over.

5. Lately, I'm always sick. I mean real sick. Knowing that, it's getting sicker. Pills here and there. Erghh !

6. I need a real vacation. My mind's messed up. I can't really think which is which anymore. Some of the people here seems to be a bit pushy sometimes. Not everyone, ofcourse. Meditation is nice.

7. I miss hanging around with my girls doing stupid stuff together. I want to do Tutti Frutti session with you guys. Seriously, i do.

8. I need my therapy which is shopping. Let me think, when was the last time i do shopping ? Oh yeah, it was last year.

9. I need to be independent from today onwards. Don't depend on people too much, Di !


January 2, 2011

It's New Year and things will change

Happy New Year !

I'm welcoming 2011 with a bliss
end my 2010 with a good way.