January 25, 2011

Heart to heart session


It feels so nice to have a heart to heart conversation with the girls. Nur Idayu Idrus, Siti Fatimah and NurFadhilah Zainudin. Finally, I got to release all the thoughts that keep on running in my mind for all these time. I feel so relieved after lay out about everything to the girls. The girls seems to be so understanding about it and surprisingly, they felt the same as what i felt. I love you guys for being such an understanding friend. Each of you are just worth to treasure for. 

This is only the life in university and it happened to be a lot of drama. It shows me the reality of life. I'm so glad to have friends who i can trust and depend for when i'm in need. There're also friends who have many kinds of attitude that u can't seem to figure what he/she really is. Life's always like puzzles that you have to figure out yourself how to aarrange them nicely to make a perfect picture. Well, that's how life's work. THAT'S HOW MY LIFE WORK ! I need to be strong from now onwards. Thanks again, babygirls for the session. We need to do this often. 


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