January 31, 2011

Cette fille est l'amour

Do you see the picture up here ? Do you happen to see a pretty young lady in it ? Yes, i'm sure you do. Aww man ! I miss this girl like so much. I've lots of thing to talk and tell her. I'm all excited whenever i bumped into her at faculty or i know that we're going to meet each other. I'll jump into joy. I'll be so extremely eager to tell stories to her. I feel like i know her for a long time ago despite actually we've been knowing each other for like 7 months and the half only but she's the best. She knows how to fit in herself in any situations. I can trust her, i can rely on her whenever i need someone or even when i'm sick. Thanks to you sayang for brought me to the dispensary last time when i'm sick. She's a good listener and a good adviser too. Overall, she's an awesomely good friend to me.Always have and always will. Insyaallah. I do love her. 

When can we meet again, Aqeela Ismadi ? I miss you already. I really do and i've a lot of things to share with you. Let's Tutti Frutti when we meet since Tutti Frutti has open a new branch at Bangi. I'm a happy girl when i know that. Lets love !

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