May 16, 2008

Teachers day

-Pictures of da Day-

today i came 2 skewl but not for taking my exam but celebrating teachers day..
i thought it will be fun..
unfortunately it was damn bored!
DuH! juz wasting my time..
thank god! i've sumthing fun 2 do wif..
it is sumthing got 2 do wif my camera...
snapped pictures guys!
it was super duper fun!
n oh yeah! i also thought da celebrating of teachers day4 morning session is separated wif afternoon session..
but it's not..
they combined it together..
morning session + afternoon session= mornoon session
y i were thinking like tht b'coz there were juz a few peeps who attended dis morning..
My bestie(najwa fathia) be da MC yaw!
she's rock man!
caya la najwa..
" najwa, ade style la!"

May 15, 2008


acc exam paper 2 juz like @#$*#@$..
its damn hard!
i dont think i can make it a good one..
it was really make me down..
n my friends keep talking about " ala, my acc x seimbang!" many times..
n i was like can u guys give a damn quiet for awhile..
i'm in depression ryte now!
i juz dont want 2 face a failed 4 dis exam..
the time given really unlimited 4 me 2 do well in da acc thingy..
somehow, 2 tell honestly my acc all no seimbang one..
then, what i do after that is jus keep my mouth shut from talking about acc..

May 14, 2008


today like what i said yesterday, i skipped from skewl..
coz i dont take any exam today..
so, better iprepare myself for tomorrow exa(acc)..
today i went 2 my darling girlfriend's house(sophie darrell)
we're revise our account together..
n it was pretty hard 2 understand da thingy!
Oh God!
please help 4 tomorrow..
i'm quite lazy today 2 type..
so, juz put some pics when studied at sophie's house..

n these r sophie's pics..

i juz got from her back n its quite dark..;)

May 13, 2008

.ponteng sekolah.

today is juz a normal day.. nothing special.. juz i skipped from skewl
because today i've no paper to take unless people who take biology n
ekonomi asas, they have to sit for today exam..
same goes 4 tomorrow(wednesday), i'll skip from skewl also because tomorrow
geografi n pendidikan seni visual...i did not take these 2 subjects.. so,
why should i go to skewl by wasting my time doing nothing??
better stay at home n study my account for da next exam on da thursday(may 15th)
i'll try my best to revise account by my own..
i'm sure i can do it!
like what my mum always said to me " if we put more effort in doing something, we'll gain da success"
so, i've 2 be a hardworker 2 gain my success in my life..
n 2 gain what i want 2 achieve in my life..

oh yeah! Marie Digby now in malaysia!
Oh God! i really admire her.. i mean it!
she is super GORGEOUS!
today she came 2 Malaysia Hari Ini(MHI)
n i'm like "OMG! thank god, i'm skipped from my skewl today..
if not, i'll be missing my part 2 watch her in da TV..
she was really gorgeous!
she is a soft spoken n down to earth girl..
Oh God! i reaally3 love her!
She is Damn Cute!
Oh yeah, she make a acoustic concert for free at OU, new wing tomorrow(May 14th,8 p.m)
i really wanna go to watch her performance lively
but what can i do, i'm having exam n dis week is my exam week..
Damn it!
i'll be missing her great performance there..
i hope she will come 2 malaysia again n make another superb performance
i'll make sure that i'll go eventhough that time she make a pay concert..
i'll make myself pay for da ticket..
Till then.

May 12, 2008


today is juz going fine wif sejarah paper 1 n 2 yet wif da bzy body PJK..da sejarah paper 1 was going fine but paper 2 was like @#*$@*$#.. but i'll still pray 2 Allah 2 gain my good gred.. n yeah.. act 2 tell da truth, i 'm not really revise my sejarah.. Damn! it is my mistake though.. eventhough i have 2 days 3 nights 4 revise da subject but i'm not used it with a correct way..da whole saturday from morning till night i'm not at home.. i'm out.. so, not holding da book.. n on sunday, only da morning i'm revise my sejarah.. then da evening, my family members came 2 my house.. so, of course la i chatting2 wif my cuzzys.. then, i locked my alarm at 4 a.m. oh god! tday i woke up at 6.45 a.m. then, i' rushed took my bath 2 get ready 2 skewl.. n yet then, i'm late 2 skewl of course.. my name had been wrote by da prefect who on duty at da gate.. act. it have 3 prefect who on duty there.. the fellow are my friends.. vikraman n baljinder n other girl who unknown 2 me.. but prefect who wook my name is da girl.. Damn it!

Now da exam time.. sejarah paper 2 time was owkeyh.. nothing to talk about juz da paper was preety hard!.. then, after recess come 2 sejarah paper 1..4 me it was owkeyh la.. i'm doing fine n quitely.. then, i heared somebody was like calling me.. it was JUN.. i asked him what he want.. he answered me tht he wants da answer..
Oh JUN! u ni mmg la.. i was like kesian tgk JuN.. then, i telled him da answer thn he want.. OH GoD! i' really soorrY.. please forgive me.. i juz cant stand wif his pity face..after i gave him da answers tht he asked me, he said "I love u fateen! n Thnk U!" n i was like " oh Jun! u ni mmg ske wat org simpati 2 u la..Haih!
after finished our sejarah, another exam came.. it is PJK.. i never read or should i say i never touched da book?? ..when i get da paper, i'm juz doing da paper like i noe all da answer but act. i noe nothing.. hahaha! after 10 minutes doing, i'm done..completely done! without any worries.. i 'm juz like " its juz PJK la, no need 2 think much la." hehehe..X) very jahat la ryte??
after 10 minutes, done da paper i feel bored.. it was like i've 2 wait another 50 minutes..oh no! i juz cant wait any more longer without doing nothing..
then, i'm started 2 chatting wif Jun again.. we were like sembang2 kosong.. but we're having fun eventhough many time kne tegur ngn teacher.. we're soorry teacher.. ur student juz feel, what can we do is chatting wif friends lor.. XP
..owkeyh2! enought of blogging.. i'm tired.. wanna study my account.. X)

May 9, 2008


Duh! i' m really2 tired.. but wait a minute! not only today..Everyday p0n tired gyler nak mampus.. 0f course la kan.. i am so called student.. lg2 dis week i'm fulled with something call EXAM... so, study study study.. thats only i can do.. yela dis is what LAST MINUTE study 4 la..
And coz of tht, i'm not posting anything 2 my blog.. poor my blog..
today i had my maths paper.. its quite ssh la.. dah la x cukup mse.. same goes 2 my chemistry paper 4 yesterday.. not enought of time.. i'm asking myself where do da precious time go??
where can it be?? n why when exam time, da time tht we need is running fast??
i really sad about da 2 paper.. but what can i do.. dah terjadi dah p0n.. bak kata pepatah, Nasi Sudah Menjadi Bubur.. so, what can i do.. juz eat da bubur je la..huhuhu.. Hurm.. about other papers like BM, BI, n Agama Islam owkeyh la..
x ssh like maths n chem.. Oh yeah! when exams begin, of course la PENIRUAN ade ryte.. my class p0n ade.. But my class peeps is so called GENIUS.. they cheated by using cellphone.. like sms-ing.. And I am like "hey! its not fair!".. it just Sucks!..Heylow! dis is exam owkeyh! do u guyz know what is da meaning by EXAM?? Exam is to TEST us.. i feel like wanna report about it 2 da teacher.. But what can i do, they r my classmate n they also known as my friends.. i juz love them.. so, i cant do tht.. so, what can i do ryte now is juz forget it..owkeyh la.. juz end da story owkeyh.. i cant stand wif dis any more..

my DARRELLS now have new person.. she is my lovely darling, sophie darrell a.k.a yong sofea mohd wazir.. and now i think THE DARRELLS will be mine soon.. hahaha! soorry AJ.. but i think u should let me take over dis thingy..X)

u kan going 2 japan soon.. so, juz give it 2 me la.. Eddy p0n give me da permission.. Oh God! i Miss Eddy so much! it seems like i never talk 2 him about 1 week.. yeah! me busy wif my exam n he is busy wif his college thingy n preparation 2 UK.. Eddy, u juz dont know how much am i gonna miss u like damn! u'r sweetest friend ever! n of course my others called girlfriends..hahaha..
owkeyh.. juz enought of it.. i'm starting feel bored 2 type.. i'm gonna post others later..