May 9, 2008


Duh! i' m really2 tired.. but wait a minute! not only today..Everyday p0n tired gyler nak mampus.. 0f course la kan.. i am so called student.. lg2 dis week i'm fulled with something call EXAM... so, study study study.. thats only i can do.. yela dis is what LAST MINUTE study 4 la..
And coz of tht, i'm not posting anything 2 my blog.. poor my blog..
today i had my maths paper.. its quite ssh la.. dah la x cukup mse.. same goes 2 my chemistry paper 4 yesterday.. not enought of time.. i'm asking myself where do da precious time go??
where can it be?? n why when exam time, da time tht we need is running fast??
i really sad about da 2 paper.. but what can i do.. dah terjadi dah p0n.. bak kata pepatah, Nasi Sudah Menjadi Bubur.. so, what can i do.. juz eat da bubur je la..huhuhu.. Hurm.. about other papers like BM, BI, n Agama Islam owkeyh la..
x ssh like maths n chem.. Oh yeah! when exams begin, of course la PENIRUAN ade ryte.. my class p0n ade.. But my class peeps is so called GENIUS.. they cheated by using cellphone.. like sms-ing.. And I am like "hey! its not fair!".. it just Sucks!..Heylow! dis is exam owkeyh! do u guyz know what is da meaning by EXAM?? Exam is to TEST us.. i feel like wanna report about it 2 da teacher.. But what can i do, they r my classmate n they also known as my friends.. i juz love them.. so, i cant do tht.. so, what can i do ryte now is juz forget it..owkeyh la.. juz end da story owkeyh.. i cant stand wif dis any more..

my DARRELLS now have new person.. she is my lovely darling, sophie darrell a.k.a yong sofea mohd wazir.. and now i think THE DARRELLS will be mine soon.. hahaha! soorry AJ.. but i think u should let me take over dis thingy..X)

u kan going 2 japan soon.. so, juz give it 2 me la.. Eddy p0n give me da permission.. Oh God! i Miss Eddy so much! it seems like i never talk 2 him about 1 week.. yeah! me busy wif my exam n he is busy wif his college thingy n preparation 2 UK.. Eddy, u juz dont know how much am i gonna miss u like damn! u'r sweetest friend ever! n of course my others called girlfriends..hahaha..
owkeyh.. juz enought of it.. i'm starting feel bored 2 type.. i'm gonna post others later..

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