May 16, 2008

Teachers day

-Pictures of da Day-

today i came 2 skewl but not for taking my exam but celebrating teachers day..
i thought it will be fun..
unfortunately it was damn bored!
DuH! juz wasting my time..
thank god! i've sumthing fun 2 do wif..
it is sumthing got 2 do wif my camera...
snapped pictures guys!
it was super duper fun!
n oh yeah! i also thought da celebrating of teachers day4 morning session is separated wif afternoon session..
but it's not..
they combined it together..
morning session + afternoon session= mornoon session
y i were thinking like tht b'coz there were juz a few peeps who attended dis morning..
My bestie(najwa fathia) be da MC yaw!
she's rock man!
caya la najwa..
" najwa, ade style la!"

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