May 13, 2008

.ponteng sekolah.

today is juz a normal day.. nothing special.. juz i skipped from skewl
because today i've no paper to take unless people who take biology n
ekonomi asas, they have to sit for today exam..
same goes 4 tomorrow(wednesday), i'll skip from skewl also because tomorrow
geografi n pendidikan seni visual...i did not take these 2 subjects.. so,
why should i go to skewl by wasting my time doing nothing??
better stay at home n study my account for da next exam on da thursday(may 15th)
i'll try my best to revise account by my own..
i'm sure i can do it!
like what my mum always said to me " if we put more effort in doing something, we'll gain da success"
so, i've 2 be a hardworker 2 gain my success in my life..
n 2 gain what i want 2 achieve in my life..

oh yeah! Marie Digby now in malaysia!
Oh God! i really admire her.. i mean it!
she is super GORGEOUS!
today she came 2 Malaysia Hari Ini(MHI)
n i'm like "OMG! thank god, i'm skipped from my skewl today..
if not, i'll be missing my part 2 watch her in da TV..
she was really gorgeous!
she is a soft spoken n down to earth girl..
Oh God! i reaally3 love her!
She is Damn Cute!
Oh yeah, she make a acoustic concert for free at OU, new wing tomorrow(May 14th,8 p.m)
i really wanna go to watch her performance lively
but what can i do, i'm having exam n dis week is my exam week..
Damn it!
i'll be missing her great performance there..
i hope she will come 2 malaysia again n make another superb performance
i'll make sure that i'll go eventhough that time she make a pay concert..
i'll make myself pay for da ticket..
Till then.

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