May 12, 2008


today is juz going fine wif sejarah paper 1 n 2 yet wif da bzy body PJK..da sejarah paper 1 was going fine but paper 2 was like @#*$@*$#.. but i'll still pray 2 Allah 2 gain my good gred.. n yeah.. act 2 tell da truth, i 'm not really revise my sejarah.. Damn! it is my mistake though.. eventhough i have 2 days 3 nights 4 revise da subject but i'm not used it with a correct way..da whole saturday from morning till night i'm not at home.. i'm out.. so, not holding da book.. n on sunday, only da morning i'm revise my sejarah.. then da evening, my family members came 2 my house.. so, of course la i chatting2 wif my cuzzys.. then, i locked my alarm at 4 a.m. oh god! tday i woke up at 6.45 a.m. then, i' rushed took my bath 2 get ready 2 skewl.. n yet then, i'm late 2 skewl of course.. my name had been wrote by da prefect who on duty at da gate.. act. it have 3 prefect who on duty there.. the fellow are my friends.. vikraman n baljinder n other girl who unknown 2 me.. but prefect who wook my name is da girl.. Damn it!

Now da exam time.. sejarah paper 2 time was owkeyh.. nothing to talk about juz da paper was preety hard!.. then, after recess come 2 sejarah paper 1..4 me it was owkeyh la.. i'm doing fine n quitely.. then, i heared somebody was like calling me.. it was JUN.. i asked him what he want.. he answered me tht he wants da answer..
Oh JUN! u ni mmg la.. i was like kesian tgk JuN.. then, i telled him da answer thn he want.. OH GoD! i' really soorrY.. please forgive me.. i juz cant stand wif his pity face..after i gave him da answers tht he asked me, he said "I love u fateen! n Thnk U!" n i was like " oh Jun! u ni mmg ske wat org simpati 2 u la..Haih!
after finished our sejarah, another exam came.. it is PJK.. i never read or should i say i never touched da book?? ..when i get da paper, i'm juz doing da paper like i noe all da answer but act. i noe nothing.. hahaha! after 10 minutes doing, i'm done..completely done! without any worries.. i 'm juz like " its juz PJK la, no need 2 think much la." hehehe..X) very jahat la ryte??
after 10 minutes, done da paper i feel bored.. it was like i've 2 wait another 50 minutes..oh no! i juz cant wait any more longer without doing nothing..
then, i'm started 2 chatting wif Jun again.. we were like sembang2 kosong.. but we're having fun eventhough many time kne tegur ngn teacher.. we're soorry teacher.. ur student juz feel, what can we do is chatting wif friends lor.. XP
..owkeyh2! enought of blogging.. i'm tired.. wanna study my account.. X)

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