June 29, 2008

met my sugar pie

Damn! i really really happy! i met my bestie, Nadhirah..;)
act. i jmpe die smlm..(saturday)very tired la last nite..so, thts da reason y i blog it today..
owh yeah! get back 2 da trail.. i jmpe nadhirah smlm at cyberjaya..
at her skewl la.. i miss her like hell!
rndu thp cipan dowh kat die! ;)
act. i've a lot things 2 her but ble dah b'jmpe, my mouth juz like shut up! haha!
ckp mcm met my boyfriend je..hehe..;)
padahal jmpe my bestie je..
but its true la.. my mouth tros shut up when met her..
x terkata tros..
n owh yeah..i've some pic wif her but mls mau upload skrg..
hahah!..malas je fateen ni.. what la..
owkeyh la.. mls nak blogging plak..;)

June 28, 2008

Open Day at my skewl

i've promise 2 tell about da open day at my skewl today kn??
then, i'll tell ryte now..eceh, padahal mne ade promise p0n smlm tp x pe sje ske2 nk cite jgk..
i went 2 da open day wif my papa by wearing a skewl uniform..
Damn! almost all of da students wearing bju biasa..
i je baik pakai skewl uniform n menahan kepnsn memakai uniform kurung putih n b'kain biru muda..
i went 2 my skewl around 10am camtu la..
da 1st person tht i met when i reached at skewl is mugillan..
i met him at da skewl gate..
then, i'm juz waving him n give my sweet smile..haha!;D
afta tht, i juz proceed my walk wif my beloved papa..
pastu, jmpe plak si baaljinder wif his mom nk balik..
i juz smile at him..
pastu lg didlm p'jlnn nk naik kls, jmpe plak my leng zai..
JUN!! he greet my papa 1st then we both greet each other..
then, tros bla naik kls..;)(adeih! mcm kasar btol my word..sorry)
afta tht, t'serempak ngn sir magandran..
part ni yg best ni.. kne cite in detail ni..;)
i introduce my papa 2 my beloved ever n ever sir..;DD
our conversation:
black= sir
red= me
blue= my papa
hi sir!;)
morning fateen!
sir, ni papa sy..papa dis is my sej sir..
they both shake hand..
owh..so, ni sej sir fateen.. ic..
yeah2! encik, fateen ni pandai dlm sejarah.. suma keje sy bg, die wat completely.. she is very good in my subject!
hehe..( my papa laughed only..2 la pa, ur daughter ni owkeyh jgk..not bad u noe;D)
owh..tp add maths die x bpe owkeyh..
yeke??fateen, add maths bpe??
add maths dpt 14 je sir.. trok sir..;(
owh.. x pe fateen..usaha lg.. amik tuition 4 1 subject je la..
mmg nk amik sir tp xtau mne yg bgs..
try mne2 dlu.. tp mmg encik, add maths mmg normal camtu..kalu tggi, die dpt tggi sgt.. bnde camtu normal..
tu la..sy p0n pelik jgk bile dgr ramai students now days failed in add maths..sy x pnh plak failed dlu..
(haih! papa, itu dlu..n u r genius..fateen ni x de la genius mne..biasa2 je)
owkeyh la sir, sy naik ats dulu..nk amik report card..
owkeyh fateen..
owkeyh la sir..sy g dulu..
owh ye2!
-end of conversation-
haha! ade agak kembang disitu..;)
i love u damn much la sir! ilysm!
dah abis borak2 ngn sir, i went 2 my class plak..
jmpe ngn cikgu norliza..
ble smpai sni owkeyh jgk.. not bad..
but my papa bnyk complained about my acc teacher n da data tht had been key in in da computer..
yeah la.. bnyk keslhn 2.. yg patut dpt tmpt kt ats goes down n who supposed 2 be down went up..
its not even fair ryte??
haih! pnt2 jwb exam mid year last2 len yg dpt..mcm ape je..
but i dont blame my teacher..
i blaming da data n da PPD.. men tuka2 system plak..
tp x pe.. i'll survive myself afta dis in dat class..
my teacher, pn nor liza jgk memuji sy..
n yg plg mengejutkn is my teacher said tht i'm not a talktive person in da class..
haiyaa! how can it be like tht la?? weird lol..;DD
tp x pe2! it shows tht i'm a good good good girl! yay!
from now on i've 2 show 2 peeps tht i can be more good in my studies more thn my mid term..
i've 2 prove it! i can do it! fateen dayana, go go chaiyok! ;D
dah la.. tired 2 continue my blog for now.. afta dis i'll go out wif my family..
i'll continue my blogging later..taa! ;)

June 27, 2008


suddenly tonite i nk write a blog, padahal nothing 2 story about..
now dah pukul 11.10pm(Malaysia)..boring la..
fateen ni asal tulis blog je mesti ade da word of power 2 kn.. i mean 'BORING'..haha!
act. nothing 2 story.. cme all of sudden wanna write sumthing today in my blog..
so, akn bnyk merepek disni di blog ini pada hari ini n kali ini..;D
owh yeah! tommorow is my skewl open day..i mean 4 clearly is report card day..
ish! x ske x ske x ske!
can i juz avoid from being there tommorow??
mls la nk dgr ape yg akn diberitau oleh cikgu 2 my papa..
i'm not a really good student in da class either..
da brilliant student p0n bkn..
but i neva skip from my class la..
i ade sedikit baik in dat part la..;)
DuH~ dpt num p0n tr0k je..
i've got num 14 in my class wif 4A...
lawak je.. da percentage p0n around 54% sumthing la..
more further, i'll be blogging tommorow..
i should end my blog..
sudah sleepy la..
gud nyte~! ;p

June 26, 2008

as usual

well, today was just a normal day..
n agak kebosanan..itu normal in my life..
when i'm happy, i'll be so like hyper!
but it will be totally turn aside when i'm bored..
i'll juz be like mayat hidup.. dunno what 2 do like org gyler..wuahaha!
as usual afta 2 days of hols..act. not hols but ponteng..hehe! i went 2 skewl back..
met up all my girls n boys..OMG! i juz can say tht i miss them a lot!
bley diktakan rndu thp gaban la!
eventhough bru 2 days i neva made up myself 2 skewl 4 2 days, rsenye seperti 2thn x ke skola..
eceh! 2 years?? like hell! mne ade 2 years but feeled like juz 2 minutes been given 2 me..
boring je..
enough of it! kalu x, till ever i'll neva stop my crappy shit..;)
oh yeah! today ade acc clss at skewl.. last period plak 2..dah last period, have 2 mse plak..
i'm like so called fed up wif tht clss..
why i juz can get myself understand da concept of account??
DuH! tired je nk pikir hal 2.. mcm da techer dunno how 2 teach la wei..
i'll hope 2 find 1 of da superb 1 tht can make me fall fast in love wif acc subject..
if da teacher can make it, i'll kiss da teacher like i'll neva let him/her go..
haha! is it 2 much??
yeah la.. kinda 2 much ryte?? juz give a hug la..
ade hormat skit..teacher 2.. haih fateen dayana fateen dayana! like a kiddo! ;DD
owkie dokie! till then! taa! ;p

June 25, 2008

kinda lovelife surveys

1) Single, Taken, or Crushing?

single but ryte now i've crush on sumone..;)

2) Are you happy with where you are?

yeah! happy n i'm lovin it..;D

3) When you meet the right person, do you fall fast?

nope! but fast in admiring people..lalalala~

4) Have you ever had your heart broken?

yeah! n realise tht it is juz a normal feeling 4 teens..

5) Do you believe that there are certain circumstances where cheating is ok?

What?!?! no!! tell da truth is da gud choice 4 everything..

6) Would you ever take someone back if they cheated on you?

neva! i'm not an animal tht can accept people cheated on me without any feelings..

7) Have you talked about marriage with another person?

yeah2! wif my girls.. teens now days love 2 talk about marriage u noe.. ;)

8) Do you want children?


9) How many?

depends 2 almighty allah 2 give me,i'll accept it..haha! ;) hey! its true men! its all depends 2 ALLAH..

10) Would you consider adoption?

dunno.. dont have da answer..;DD

11) If somebody liked you right now, what do you think is a cool way to let you know?

pull me 2 his hug, kiss my neck n say it softly tht he love me..i mean SOFTLY..eh, wait a min! did u said like?? oh god! if like, juz face 2 face wif me n say it out loud.. ;)

12) Do you enjoy playing hard to get?

nope! i dont like tht..

13) Be honest, do you play the "game" when you are dating?

OMG! what da game?? i'll neva do tht! Damn! virginity please! ;DD

14) Do you believe love at first sight exists?

of course i do.. it will be da sweetest thing ever..;)

15) Are you romantic?

i cant anwser it..

16) Do you believe that you can change someone?

yeah2! girl can make a big change 2 guy..i mean BIG! but what should i do tht.. its better 2 be ur own..

17) If you could get married anywhere, money not an object where would it be?

..............??? i'm not into it yet..

18) Do you have feelings for someone right now?

a PROUD of yes!! ;DD

19) Have you ever wished you could've had someone but you couldn't?

yeah! what can i do?? ;)

20) Have you ever broken a heart?

Yup! but it is juz a puppy love la 4 age..

21) Would you ever fight somebody over your significant other?


22)What would you say about your last ex?

our relationship r sucks!! a sympathetic of u r damn good u noe! u should take a course tht related wif sumthing called sympathy..

June 24, 2008

a girl ;)

June 8, 2008


yesterday i went 2 perak 4 celebrating my cuzin wedding..
it was fantastic!
i juz da miss moment yesterday damn much! wif met a new peeps..
oh yeah! not forgetten, i met 2 photographer also known as my cuzin's friends..
i admire 1 of da photographer..
Mr. RAFAEL also known as RAPH..
He is freakin HaWT!
1st tyme i met him was at Terengganu..
yesterday was my 3rd tyme meeting him..
OMG! he is damn cute!
my 1st impression when meeting him was " oh my, dis guy juz can make me melt like da ice under da sun"
me so gatal kan..
but i juz adore him la wei..
not more thn tht..
juz like a fan admire da artist..
i tought he is a malay n muslim guy but he isn't
he is mix but dunno from where..
oh yeah! i snapped his picture senyap2..
but not really clear la..
biasa la..kta p0n curi2..
dis is 4 now.. i hope i can meet him again..;p

June 2, 2008


I'm back!!
hurray! i miss my home so muchie like hell! ;)
oh yeah, forget 2 tell tht i'm juz came back from my vacation..
juz came back from t'ganu n kuantan..
it was a long journey n i was so called tired wif tht..
but in da same time i 'm happy..
i feeled fabulous babe!
thanx 2 almighty allah 2 give a safety journey..
act. da reason y i go 2 t'ganu is b'coz my big bro a.k.a my cuzin married
i'm happy for him..
Congrats abg man n kak kyra!
since i were in t'ganu, i snapped a lot of photos..
but not in kuantan..;(
i juz spend 2 days 1 nyte in kuatan..
so, i'm kinda mals 2 snapping photos.
my lazyness is coming in da ryte way..
so, till then...
feel expression wif da photos!

photos at Terengganu