June 26, 2008

as usual

well, today was just a normal day..
n agak kebosanan..itu normal in my life..
when i'm happy, i'll be so like hyper!
but it will be totally turn aside when i'm bored..
i'll juz be like mayat hidup.. dunno what 2 do like org gyler..wuahaha!
as usual afta 2 days of hols..act. not hols but ponteng..hehe! i went 2 skewl back..
met up all my girls n boys..OMG! i juz can say tht i miss them a lot!
bley diktakan rndu thp gaban la!
eventhough bru 2 days i neva made up myself 2 skewl 4 2 days, rsenye seperti 2thn x ke skola..
eceh! 2 years?? like hell! mne ade 2 years but feeled like juz 2 minutes been given 2 me..
boring je..
enough of it! kalu x, till ever i'll neva stop my crappy shit..;)
oh yeah! today ade acc clss at skewl.. last period plak 2..dah last period, have 2 mse plak..
i'm like so called fed up wif tht clss..
why i juz can get myself understand da concept of account??
DuH! tired je nk pikir hal 2.. mcm da techer dunno how 2 teach la wei..
i'll hope 2 find 1 of da superb 1 tht can make me fall fast in love wif acc subject..
if da teacher can make it, i'll kiss da teacher like i'll neva let him/her go..
haha! is it 2 much??
yeah la.. kinda 2 much ryte?? juz give a hug la..
ade hormat skit..teacher 2.. haih fateen dayana fateen dayana! like a kiddo! ;DD
owkie dokie! till then! taa! ;p

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