February 23, 2009


Here comes again my writting. I want to write sumthing but i'm lack of idea.
So, how? Any suggestion that would consider by me due to my boredom.
Ok. I know it sounds stupid when asking like this while i'm the one who eager
to do some crap here.
So, just forget the question. haha.
Starts back with today, i've to be at Najwa's house by now
but then, i purposely canceled it.
The reason is i malas gila nak keluar rumah today.
I feel like wanna get some rest instead of going out.
Home Sweet Home, baby!
So, sorry girlfriend.
Now i'm not at Najwa's house but at my house in specific way, in my bedroom and boredom
strikes out. Ergh!
Ok. i've to exhale and inhale properly now. So that i would turn to be cool and away
from boredom.
Uh Oh, did i mention that suddenly i feel like to go for a shop?
Hurm. I guess not. So yeah, since lately i mcm kempunan gila nak shop for a bunch of clothes.
Yes! I admit it. Semua i nak in a time. DSLR and shop for clothes. *berlagak kalahkan orang kaya padahal tidak* Haha.
Seriously, like an age i tak went out shop for my wadrobe. I'm just starts to miss my shop activity. Haha. betul la weih. No lies.
*Hish, ape ke pelik sangat pompuan ni nak? Macam x sedar-sedar pula yang SPM dah nak menjelang* Hehe.
Thats it for now. Later i'll find some freshie instead of this oldie crap.
I'm off to my Account revision books.
Suddenly, jadi minat gila kat Accounts form 5 syllabus. Fun!
So, toodles fork!

February 20, 2009

Where's the brain?!

hell-O! Its been awhile i x update my blog. So yeah, i feel like to update it
today and nak write in malay + english or should i say 'rojak'! haha.
Ok. i want to start with these whole week punye cerita la kan.
Trust me! This week is horrible week ever. i hope so.
This week i've been quite busy with school's stuff.
Pertandingan yang dianjurkan sempena bulan bahasa, photoshoot for
sidang redaksi's members, and so on.
So, i slalu balik lmbt la jugak lately ni.
Speaking of Sidang Redaksi's photoshoot, i'm soooo dissapointed with the
so called members. Act, we (me & najwa) had told them a week before the
day of the photoshoot so that they can be prepared.
Unfortunately, when the day had comes, batang hidung pun tak nmpk.
And i was like "where the hell is everybody?!"
Dah la i dare to take the risk bwk my own camera.
then, diorg takde. Sumpah annoying giler!
dah la i've skipped from my physics class semata-mata for those 'good team members'.
but diorg did not showed up. FCUK!
sumpah selfish giler diorg ni!
And 1 more thing, i dah la bgtau sorang perempuan ni yg after this ade photoshoot.
die kata ok. nnt dia turun because she have something going on at bilik bahasa tak silap.
tapi! she did not showed up! and yang paling sakit hati when the next day tu, she did not even bother to ask about the photoshoot tu. bangang! kalau dah tau mcm tu, tak payah la kau terhegeh-hegeh kat cikgu nak mntk tukar jbtn. like f**k je.
"like hello! ingat kau tu VIP ke huh?! smpai aku nak kena pggl kau bnyk kali! kau igt aku dah takde keje lain selain nak habiskan energy aku dgn pggl kau je!"
tolong la. please! dont u have a brain? jgn la pentingkan diri sendiri.
i know u smarter than me but please tunjukkan kebijaksanaan anda tu.
tonjolkan sedikit.
sedih betul with other members of sidang redaksi.
i think i better make a stop about this thingy now before i tambah lagi annoying kan.
so yeah, cukup la meluahkan perasaan tentang ini.

uh oh, that day i ade pergi OU. then pegi survey-survey DSLR.
Craving giler tgk DSLR . Tengok-tengok la Nikon D60, D80 and D90, Sony A350,A300,A200, Canon EUS 40D and bnyk lagi la.
But my eyes tertarik sangat with Nikon D80, D60 and Sony A350.
This one shop, if i'm not mistaken 'Foto Shangri-la', gave me Rm3k for D80 kit (tripod, bag, 8gb memory)
So yeah, that was it. i'm still thinking which one i want to buy. Either D80 or A350.

till then-

p/s: whoever yg terasa about my words, tak dpt i nak tolong sbb dah mmg u make me annoyed
of u. and for those yg tau who the'heaven' yg i mksdkan ni, senyap-senyap sudeh. ;) and and and, i'm so sorry from the bottom of my heart due to my harsh words.

February 14, 2009


Valentine? So not for me. I mean its nothing important
to be proud of this day
and nothing to be remembered of. I'm even felt weird with
people in surrounding where there are too obsessed with
this so called Valentine. For Malays especially,
its not our culture to celebrate this day as a
Valentines Day but! there's come a but here,
we can celebrate it as an anniversary
with ur lovers or u can consider as a Lover's Day.
I know people might say ' this girl ni jealous la tu
sbb takde partner nak celebrate with her.thats why dia kecoh nak mampus!'

Trust me! i've never ever felt jealous for those who had a stupid brain to think like that.
Yes! i DO received some presents for this day like flowers,
chocolates, candies and even a teddy but i've never felt proud like
' wow! i get something for valentine'.
I just considered it as a gift from friend to a friend.
Like Appriciating Day or something. Haha.
So yeah, these are some babbling from me about this valentine thingy.

Oh yeah, again! i changed my blog's layout and this time i re-used
my previous layout back, as u can see with ur pair of eyes now.
I felt bored with my old blog skin scheme.
So, thats the reason why i changed it back to this black one back.
Blogger layouts nowadays are so outdated and lame!
Then, i've to re-used the old one back. Pfft!

Schools? argghhh! Tons of homework of course! A loads of meetings to attend.
A bunch of sidang redaksi and club's works to be done. Have tuitions to come.
And the worst part is i can't managed to do and finished all that.
How pathetic to hear that, huh? But still i've to push myself to study till faint.
i've to put a priority first. For this year, it is SPM. So, thats the battle of my life.

Till then peeps!

February 9, 2009

Justin Timberlake

Just now i watched Grammy's and my eyes were caught on this one performance from this one hot male singer. It was JT, Justin Timberlake.
His performance was really fantastic. He did it. He really good even sang live.
That is what we called a singer and a performer.
Despite he is so HOT-TO-THE-TOP, still he can manage sang live in Grammy's and end up his performance with a blast. Thumbs up for JT!
WOOHOO! i just love it!
Uh oh yeah, just he sang Dead and Gone. He played the piano too. Good pianist though.
Bravo Mr. JT.
Frankly, i'm a fan of him. So, no doubt of being over the board here.
Looked at JT, reminds me of Abg Syazri. He looks alike.
So, that was it. Its all about JT for today. Suddenly, jadi addicted to him.
thats all for now. burbye!

February 6, 2009

Start the task.

Again! i'm freakin exhausted due to my school life and filled with tuitions in it.
That is a student has to feel is it? whatever!
I'm just cant resist with tons of task that i have to complete with a bundle of form 4 subjects must be revise. Will i have the time to do all that? i do not know myself about that but just do what i have to do as a student. So yeah, fateen stop complaining. Otherwise, it will turn to worst.

Act. i've got nothing to tell about. It just get boring day by day to fill this blog with something fresh.
But no worries. Everything will be back as soon as my brain start functioning again to write.
So, thats all for now i guess. toodles!

p/s: please ignore my grammatical error. it was so so embrassing. i'll try to fix it up soon. ;)

February 1, 2009

The day is back again.

Well, after a week of holidays due to CNY break, the day is coming back which is school days.
Ergh! How horrible to be back with low confident level in my studies. I've got the spirits for study but my confident level is getting low. I dont even know the cause of it. Oh boy, its very dangerous.
I'm afraid that i might be lost my confident. The form 4 syllabus are frigthening me a lot. Especially account. It does not mean that others are ok. No, its not, totally NOT! Semua pon macam afraid la.
This CNY holidays i just revised a few subjects like chemistry, physics, addmaths and acc. As ussual, account still the same condition as before. No improvement for now and i do really hope that it will improve day by day. Amin. Chemistry pon. Adeih! Saya tidak faham! I can understand but when comes to equation, i'll be totally fainted. pfft! Ni baru bab satu form 5 ni. Form 4 syllabus belum buka lagi. Oh God! please! please give me the strength to face all this challenge of studies as a student. I believe i can do it.
Uh oh, and Physics. I'm starting to fall in love with the subjects. So do Add Maths. Fun gila buat and if tak dapat jawapan pon still struggle gila nak buat untill get the answer. Cuma tu la. I've still to revise back form 4 syllabus as my form 4 results were so not that good. That time i'm not serious in my studies. How pathetic to hear that kan?
Ok. Seems tomorrow i'll be back to school and meet my girlfriend, i've to settle all my school works.
Duh! Funny je wei! Esok nak sekola but homework tak siap lagi.
Karangan Bahasa Melayu je tak siap lagi. I feel so malas nak buat. Wtf?
So, i'll stop now for take care of school stuff.